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Discussion in 'Casters' started by Jimbob/Silvarfox, Sep 13, 2015.

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    Looking for information on decent easy obtainable spell damage Aug for wizards. I solo mainly highwater/tds geared spell damage currently 728. Looking to boost it with Aug but hitting brick wall finding anything . Any suggestions?
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    Refine the search criteria for what your looking for and to negate things like cultural augs etc if thats not what your looking for.

    Some decent augs can be purchased from CotF vendors in EWK as well as group content in TDS and Caverns vendor in TDS (depending on your play level ie - grp vs raid).

    Takes some effort but have a look and do some research, depending on your class there has already been posts on these boards about SD and whats useful and what ends up being a waste (ie 1000 SD vs 1200 SD). So just be diligent and have a look.

    Another useful tool is take a look at rankings, and sort by your class and view serverwide. Get a feel for what the majority of the top 10 are doing in terms of augs, create a list with what you want, and then research where they come from and go farm them/complete collections.

    Hope that helps
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    Do yourself a favor and don't waste time on spell damage augs. Get heroic agility. It's at least mildly useful.
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    Aside from an ac aug in a shield, don't all augs do incredibly little?
    Like a full set of heroic agi augs will make you defend 5-8% better? Which isn't much considering the amount of work that entails.
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    5-8%? oh my sweet summer child…
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    If you are considering it as Avoidance then ATM if you're fighting in CotF or earlier, probably, if you're fighting in TDS, no, you will be at like 1-3% benefit max in raid gear with fully stacked augs.
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    Yes, all augs do incredibly little, but some do less than others.
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    Is acquiring a set of augs really that large an amount of work?
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