December Producer's Letter

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Phathom, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Bashan Journeyman

    Where does it say no new spells or aa? Did i miss this?
  2. Riou Augur

    If there were new spells or AA it would have probably been included in that block (plus new zones if any), they wouldn't make a 1 paragraph block about an update and not advertise the good stuff coming :p.

    Also Underfoot the last non level increase had 0 additional spells besides the 3-5 base ones you got (it had additional AA as well the next year around March-ish), and with RoF you didn't get new AA until April/May in Tier 3 (around when Tier 2 A should probably be released-ish).
  3. Fanra Augur

    Assuming that they invite silver people into beta (I don't recall), your account will not be upgraded to gold. However, the characters you play on beta will have access to all gold level abilities. All beta characters should have no Free / Silver limitations regardless of what account is being used.

    So, if silver is allowed, it would be a good way to not only check out the beta, but to also check out the current latest content (Rain of Fear, Call of the Forsaken) that only people who have purchased them can access, using your beta character(s).

    Never mind, it seems I'm wrong.
  4. Caudyr Augur

    This wasn't the case during the last beta, IIRC. I hope it is now, but I hit silver for a couple days during the last beta and was stuck with only the stuff I could do with silver.
  5. Daedly Augur

    I hope this is true. However I also hope they don't get released, have people spend many hours camping them, only to have them nerfed when they really weren't overpowering by any means. If its not obvious, I say this because of the nerf that happend to the blood drinkers item....
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  6. Cloudia Augur

    ah yes new spells I can just see that now.
    Druids will get 2 new spells.

    #1 a single hit damage shield doing about double the damage of our short duration ds, with a 5 minute cooldown timer.

    and ..... wait for it......

    Shared Wolf Form! (only useable in outdoor flagged zones not containing any large bodies of water).
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  7. Garanle Elder


    So the expansion isnt half done and you guys are working on Anniversary stuff ? Really the community doesn't have high hopes for the new stuff, you are still patching the first four zones (have you guys fixed pathing in the 4th gate yet or am i not suppose to talk about bugs?)

    New items we wont believe: like a full set of armor ? All weapons in a class now ? Maybe a well thought out group vendor structure?

    Realistically you are over selling your teams abilities, The expansion will be what 50% complete in January assuming that what you add works 100% (Which history says it will be about half to 75% complete). That leaves half the game, the anniversary stuff and the first part of content all in the first 3 quarters of next year as well as fixing anything broken by introducing the new content + the broken stuff already in the current expansion.

    I know you wont tell us how you plan to do this, I think you are over committing the team a bit. My fear is that now current expansions will have really bad bugs in them, we figure out the work around and that is just how it goes.
  8. Caudyr Augur

    So where are these exciting quests and missions? All I'm seeing is the old stuff. The way you worded this makes it seem like there should be new stuff to do over the new year, given that they're supposed to be 'exciting'...but...that's not exactly what I'm seeing. :(

    If there are no new New Years quests...then the way you worded this is extremely misleading. :(
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  9. CaptAmazing Augur

    Nothing new?
  10. Fanra Augur

    The way it was worded implied that there would be new stuff. Although a literal reading of it does not say so.

    It does seem that there is nothing new for New Year's. Very disappointing that there nothing new after implying there would be (but not saying there would be).

    But the real disappointment is that no one at SOE bother to correct our impression that there would be new quests and missions. Several people (including myself) posted here that we were expecting new stuff and SOE didn't say a single word to tell us that, "No, nothing new, just Phathom mentioning the old stuff".

    That said, does anyone know what quests and missions that are already in the game he is referring to? Are there actually separate "New Year's" quests that are not Frostfell quests?

    I'm really wondering why, after hyping the "exciting Quests and Missions as part of our New Years events that kickoff on December 26th and last through the middle of January", that no announcement has been made about them. Even if they are "old" quests and missions, a listing of them is the usual thing to be done.
  11. Falos Augur

    This is the quest that came out today:
  12. Tobynn Augur

  13. Sanh Elder

    Can you give any explanation on why this is the case? Epic quests are among the most iconic, enduring and memorable quests ever. I think introducing epic quest 3.0 would do wonders in injecting excitement and life into everquest.

    Sometimes the stance of developers are simply befuddling.
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  14. Songsa Augur

    Because it takes too many time and resource to do.
  15. Sanh Elder

    I've heard various reasons for this. Let's hear it straight from a developer.
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  16. strongbus Augur

    the developers have said it before. Mostly in beta threads. The amount of time and resources it takes to do a epic arc quest for each class is = to doing a full new exp. They just don't have the man power they use to.
  17. Crystilla Augur

    As Strongbus has said - Developers have posted it, SoE community players have posted it on behalf of developers a LOT over the years.
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  18. CrazyLarth Augur

    if you are level 85 and you haven’t played Call of the Forsaken yet, you will now be able to receive the tasks and quests from the quest givers.

    I hope they add some lvl 85 merc gear to buy on the npc.
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  19. Eluwenie Augur

    Nope haven't done most of the last 3 or 4 expansions, just too low a level and I die when I group, but I'm fine when I solo, not sure why that is. Been working on TBS lately on the AB server, started to recently explore that zone. Level 85 still (been that way for a while) so I'm glad to hear the newest expansion will help those who aren't uber and level 100.
  20. Yinla Augur

    Anyone found the nice set of rare items yet? or got a clue as to what they are?

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