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  1. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Fundamentally incorrect. Your views suffer the same shortsightedness IT execs at my company suffer from - the notion that somehow there is no overhead cost to running a VM. It can run anything and scales 1:1. 8 CPU cores means DOUBLE the performance, right? And none of the other VMs on that cluster suffer any performance hit, right? It's a VM! It's all virtual! We are GODS of IT!

    No. No you're not.

    In fact, the more performance you try to extract from a VM, the less it scales. By the time you pump a VM up to 20 cores your performance scaling (in Windows) is more like 20:1. That's not to say you couldn't improve that, but VMs do not currently offer the kind of performance throughput you purport.

    Running apps as close to the metal as possible yield the best results from a performance standpoint. VMs are a wishy-washy, pie-in-the-sky convenience option that grants economy of scale because one admin can oversee thousands of machines from one console. This does not translate to superior performance over a conventional server.
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  2. Tucoh Augur

    I know Hogwild didn't mean this, but it's funny to see the statement "VM's can run better than physical servers". Like, what do VMs run on, internet magic? There's a physical server somewhere serving that virtual machine.
  3. Metanis Bad Company

    He is correct for the "use case" where you need to constrain buggy software and also where you need to scale performance quickly and perhaps via automation. But you are also correct because convenience always comes at a cost.
  4. Hogwilld Lorekeeper

    I’m not wrong. You’re right if you think of a physical machine versus a virtual machine sized to take up all of the resources of the lower physical machine.

    No one should do that. You would be better to have multiple physical servers clustered to get with even more virtual machines on top of it to expand and migrate depending on the demands of the other servers on the physical machines. VMWARE calls it DRS.

    I’ve been using VMware for 16 years. Definitely an improvement in performance and stability over physical machines.
  5. blurpppa New Member

    I dont understand why people keep talking about this per game. Sure, maybe procs and stuff is an issue. But its a company wide problem. How is reducing procs in EQ1 gonna help when PS2 and EQ2 have the exact same issues during peak hours? In my mind its obvious has something to do with their infrastructure since its company wide and not reduced to a single title.

    Now I dont know exactly how long its been happening in EQ1, but in EQ2 and PS2 its been happening for almost a year. Kander (EQ2 producer) promised us this would be sorted or atleast be better by April 2020. Its as bad as ever.

    I also dont understand how a company can let it happen for this long without sorting it.
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  6. dwish Augur

    Hard to say when it exactly started in EQ,, but as far as when I started really noticing it was some time in late fall 2020. It started with some lag at times during prime hours and has now morphed into basically some type of lag most of the time, and it can be crippling lag often as well. This is on FV, I can't speak for the other servers.

    To me, the fact that it has been allowed to go on this long without really much of a response from daybreak is troubling. In the past, major lag issues were always there, but were dealt with pretty swiftly. It have been impacting the game for far too long now.
  7. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Its far more of an issue in cov than it ever was in tov.
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  8. Metanis Bad Company

    Even Forrest Gump knows that you can buy more cpu cycles and bits per second to keep your customers happy.
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  9. Tucoh Augur

    It's a multi-faceted problem.

    1. DBG spends as little as possible on their server infrastructure.
    2. EQ has accumulated numerous features that increase server demand.

    Both are a problem.
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  10. Riou EQResource

    It's been happening in EQ since basically CotF raids then been mostly downhill since, so like 7 years now :p
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  11. Kumudil Journeyman

    Tyvm, will try that. What will be the impact, deleting them?
  12. phattoni Augur

    face it the company doesnt care, this is also a problem with everquest 2, there is crippling lag in that game, literally takes 2 seconds to cast an instant spell.

    they spend as little as possible on the everquest franchise, but its the most profitable games they have.

    they recently downgraded their infrastructure to save money, and we are paying for it.

    vote with your wallet folks, company wont care unless they lose a large portion of subs.

    BUT most people wont do this because everquest is the best mmorpg on the market at the moment, it might not have the population of other games, but they only have population because they are easy mode and loot is just handed to you.

    people need to solidify and stick together, we will never get anything out of this company if we just keep handing them money for the service they provide.

    and the only reason they are getting away with this is because there is no game on the market at the moment that compares to everquest.

    once ashes of creation or pantheon(lol???) releases, they will start losing large sub counts.
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  13. phattoni Augur

    they dont care, people keep handing them money left right and center, why would they care? they income hasnt changed regardless of how poor the services are, they are still making cash, and they will continue making cash while ignoring the problem, because stupid people are so attached to everquest.

    i mean what you going to do, cancel and sub to wow? lol good luck that game is boring as hell, you will be back within 3 months handing them cash again, and guess what? the problem will still persist.

    they dont care, they havent cared for sometime, the games get worse and worse every patch.

    lag is unplayable in raids, lag in a solo setting is also almost unplayable.

    vote with your wallets folks, the company will not pay attention to the lag because they have no need to, you keep handing them money.

    the company has no reason to care because there is no threat of lost income, one person cancelling over the lag is nothing, when there are people paying for 50+ accounts at a time.
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  14. Vizier Augur

    The quality and amount of content in CoV is poor. There is no reason to farm named mobs for loot in any zone besides hunter achieves. It's much more productive to mass farm yard trash in WW and outfit your entire group / guild with full Velium Threaded. The entire expansion essentiall amounts to farming yard trash in the bottom tier zone.

    And what is there to do once we all have full Velium Threaded? There's no massive time sink like the evolving items from TBL. The people who play the game to cap off their toons then move on to other games are already moving on barely 1 month after expansion release. No epic long earring quest etc.

    If you want people to play your game you have to give them something to do. It only takes a few days of farming to fully outfit ANY toon, and you get to cap off their AAs while you are at it. There's not much left to do after that.
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  15. Svann2 The Magnificent

    If they'd even give us a heads up on where it stands it would at least let us know they know. I half expect them to come back to us 3 months from now and say "what lag? no one told me."
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  16. dwish Augur

    When a subscription based service starts selling lifetime subs like EQ has done starting in like 2018, you have to stop and think what is really going on here. I remember wondering at the time if that was a foreboding sign going forward. I just don't see how it makes business sense if you plan on running the game well and keep it running for years to come. The longer you keep the service running, the more all those lifetime subs start hurting your bottom line. I would be curious to see what chunk of the current player base currently has a lifetime sub.
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  17. smash Augur

    You filers in advanced loot wil reset, you will not have any setting anymore.
    I did that, because lots of the loots from old zones, where I never go.
  18. Stepps New Member

    IIRC, this has been one-time offer so far and was limited to something like 300 subs.
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  19. Aegir Augur

    I think they eventually increased it to 500 subs due to high demand. But yeah, the ones who bought it back then, including myself, are now saving money from the investment. We still have to buy expansion packs though.

    No doubt that only the most loyal players, whom doesn't think of themselves leaving this franchise any time soon, picked up this on time offer - and I really doubt that any of the money gained from it, if any, has been re-invested back into developing/maintaining the game :-(
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  20. Kobra Augur

    Of course they didn't reinvest it in the game. It was all about mining some quick cash out of a game they were about to sell to another investor.
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