In Progress DB Marketplace preview bug and/or Lovely Brownie familiar duplicate

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    It was suggested I duplicate my Veteran's forum post here so here goes.
    In a nutshell, the Preview for the Metamorph Wand - Brownie displays a female Brownie (always has) but the wand actually creates a male Brownie skin (always has). It is exactly the same as the new Lovely Brownie familiar.
    Laziest thing to do would just fix the Preview on the Marketplace to show the male skin.
    Best thing to do would be to make one of the items display the female skin, one display the male skin :)
    I have an Erollisi Day request of the devs, accompanied with all the hugs, flowers, and love that Erollisi can muster.

    The reward at the end of the new quests is the Lovely Brownie Familiar. It is a familiar and pet illusion item (adding the pet illusion to the familiar items is awesome btw). It looks like this:

    The issue is it is the exact same look as the Daybreak Cash item Metamorph Wand - Brownie
    That item, when you click on Preview, clearly shows a female Brownie complete with feather headdress. It is supposed to look like this:
    However, it does not. It is a male Brownie. Innocent misrepresentation or blatant fraud? :)
    It actually looks like this:

    So now, the Lovely Brownie Familiar and the Metamorph Wand - Brownie are exactly the same look. This will likely plummet sales of the Metamorph Wand - Brownie since you can get the same look for free doing the Erollisi Day quests.

    May I humbly suggest you change one of them to the female model so we can have an adorable Brownie couple?

    Thanks and happy Erollisi Day!!!
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