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    Dear Daybreak

    I am an avid clicky collector for me it is a serious obsession on an OCD level, I collect them all.. Useful ones. moderately useful ones.. heck ones I'll never even click just to add to my bank collection.. seriously its laughable

    My issue is item descriptions on clickies, and my main issue isnt all clickies just the ones I spend RL money on from your market place.. let me explain my requests hoopefully this doesnt get too long and boring

    one thing is uniformity on clickies that fall under categorys.. for example I collect every useful illusion and familiar...many of them stack and have beneficial effects... however I never play in illusion I always click off the illusion and leave the buffs on or tell the familiar to go away and keep its buff on... I have a low end computer sure I could save and get a better one... however everquest is great because a gamer can enjoy it even if they are playing on a toaster.. the extra pizels for even adding a familiar following me or some illusions id rather go without, and since there is no way to /hide familiar or /hide nimbus for example (nimbus all stack, my character when using 6 of them could cause someone a seizure.. anyhow)

    so Requests
    1) make all familars dissmissable? I.E my rogues venemous raptor familiar which increase his posion proc damage has the familiar and buff all in one, so in order to use it Im forced to live witha raptor following me around.. this is not the case ith any other failiar with a buff effect I own

    2) /hide nimbus command... before anyone says "just turn the particle effects off.. I read a dev post that shows the minimum effects you need to display to show all important even or game stuff such as an effect you need to see on a raid and avoid etc... at the bare minimum needed it still shows the particle effect.. I dont use "path of frost for example to see the frost on the ground I use it to ever so slightly boost my frost spell damage.. is it a tiny boost? sure... but everquest is a game of a bunch of tiny boosts adding up to a whole

    3) Illusions .. why can I not block the illusion portion of the buff so when I click it I only get the buff portion? sure its probably only important to me, but Im also ocd in buff placement, so I have to first click them, clicking each illusion off afterwards.. until all familars and illusions are applied, then click other buffs.. it makes the buffing process tedious, sure its just a small QoL improvement for me, as I'm likely the only player who cares how their buffs land lol

    4) a little more desciptiveness in clicky benefit effects maybe? Im nott asking you to go back and change every clicky in the game, by now everyone knows lizard plated girdle is a 50% haste buff clicky, however I spend a ton of money in the marketplace, heck loook at my account history? is it smart? probably not I could have bought a better computer 2 times over atleast ... but I digress.. Im just going to give 2 examples

    Nimbus of holly: "Leaves of Holly surround you, bringing a jolly spirit. Others will think more highly of you."
    wouldn't it have been better worded as "Boosts charisma slightly" I mean sure its not lying but who isnt maxed and over capped in charisma? My first thought was its a slight faction modifier... I realize I only wasted a buck on it and could have checked a 3rd party site to see its effect. but should I have to do that?

    Party Popper Nimbus: its marketplace disciption says increases your defense slightly or something similar, should I have to buy it or check a 3rd party site rather than you just marking it as what it is Myrmidon skill IV? aagain was only 2 bucks, I wasnt expecting some amazing defensive boost, heck it could have been a .01% increases to dodge skill and I would have been happy. to find out its myrmidon skill only after purchasing was a let down.. although i guess I can shared bank it to a new alt if i ever make one so they can have it at level 1

    Anyways you get the points I'm making hopefully

    In closing I love everquest I will continue to play it no matter how much you change things either way & I do realise there are far more pressing issues for you to deal with especially right around an expansion launch.. but possibly in the future could you consider these requests?

    Thanks for a great 18 years and counting

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  3. Cavall Journeyman

    I'm certain #1 is already a thing, check the options on the Familiar Keyring tab, there should be a checkbox for exactly what you want. #3 should also be doable. Have you tried right clicking the illusion effect and adding it to the blocked buff list? After that, only the stat buff should be applied.
  4. Just_Another_SK Elder

    Hmm ill have to check the options in the keyring for familiars thanks

    As far as the illusions go I've tried, I block the illusion buff then click the illusion, the buff is not applied, I'm *assuming* the buff is coded as a recourse to the illusion landing so if the illusion doesn't land the buff isnt applied, I could be wrong but it seems like the same issue they recently fixed with beastlord AA beastial alignment, where if you blocked the form the buff wasn't applied either

    Thanks for the response

  5. Fanra Augur

    Kind of off topic, but can you show me the link to that Dev post?

    I have a guide where I put settings recommended by players here: but I don't have any Dev postings explaining it. I've asked Daybreak for this in the past but never found any reply.

    Thank you.
  6. Jumbur Augur

    Would like to hide my personal nimbus too.

    I bought that thanksgiving feather nimbus that helps metabolism, but it obstructs my view in first-person-mode with a flapping feather in my face...:oops:
  7. Just_Another_SK Elder

    Hehe sorry I got the info orginaly from your guide, I read it a long time ago it is a great guide helped me a lot. I mis-remembered that it was a player not a dev who suggested

    The following settings will allow you to see all relevant auras and things you need to see without being too overwhelming...except in certain situation where things were poorly designed (Arx Mentis raid 3):
    Near Clip: Near
    Density: Low
    On For: Me + NPC
    Opacity: 25%
    Near Clip: Near
    Density: Low
    Opacity: 25%

    Near Clip: Near
    Density: Low
    On For: Me + NPC
    Opacity: 25%

    • Fanra has found that the following settings work fine for him and recommends them:
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