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  1. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    Darkstar Alliance
    Time Zone:
    Eastern Standard

    Sunday: 8:30pm - The street lights go on
    Monday: 8:30pm - Whenever at least one druid has lost their level due to excessive sacrificing.
    Wednesday: 8:30pm - The majority of us have passed out drunk.

    Loot System:
    We run on a Basic Bidding DKP System

    In Which, DKP is earned in the Following ways;

    1. 0.75 DKP is Awarded at the Official Start of raids, this is determined as the time when the banner has been set and buffs have been called for in the raid instance.

    2. 1.00 DKP is awarded as an hourly check, and also at the end of the raiding night if the time elapsed since the previous Attendance Check exceeds 15 minutes. This does not include the time spent awarding loot if there are no further events scheduled for the night.

    3. 0.00-5.00 DKP may be awarded by the Leadership crew *at their discretion* in the event one of the following criteria are met;

    A. A first time kill has taken place.
    B. The Guild performs an exceptional run on any given event, this can be categorized by, but not limited to, the following situations...0 Tank deaths during an event, A full night (by definition 5 hours) of raiding is concluded with no failures to any event, The DPS improves to a degree higher than 15% in relation to a previous run at the same event from the same month. All the Druids die.
    C. An issue caused by myself or the others wastes a significant amount of time, ie. I overdose at the keyboard.

    DKP is Spent in the following way;

    Items will be put up for Auction for a base DKP value, and made available to a certain membership group belonging to a certain Current DKP teir, in the event nobody that fits either of the two criteria for eligibility is interested in the item, the levels of eligibility are lowered. it will looks something like this....

    Scornfire Tells the Raid, 'Dread Touched Helm Full Members, 5 DKP ~ Go

    To explain in a little more clarity;

    1. The Base DKP cost (In this case, 5) is determined by the level of raid the item has dropped from, wherein the Guilds newest/highest quality items are valued at 5 DKP, and as they become obsolete their values are lowered. As a sidenote, Weapons are the only things not capped at 5 Base DKP, they're capped at 2 DKP for the base cost.

    2. The Membership status (In this case Full Members) determines exactly whom is eligible to bid on an item. Full Members are members who exceed 50% 30 day Raid Attendance. Below them are Half Members, who do not have 50% or higher RA. Below them are Raid Approved Bots (These are toons boxed by Members who meet a certain criteria and must have been at the Raid to aye on the item, these toons earn their own separate DKP. More can be explained about this if anyone would like to inquire). Below them, Alts then Guests.
    Recap: Full Member > Half Member > Raid Bot > Alt > Guest

    What this all boils down to is if an item is up for, let's say Full Member, 5 DKP and nobody ayes on it, we'll move down the Membership eligibility to Half Member, 5 DKP. Let's say a few Half Members are interested in the item, they'll simply bid in /rs until one either bows out or is unable to bid further due to lack of DKP. You can't go negative on an item *Unless* you're the only person of the current Membership eligibility interested on an item (This does mean a Full Member with -200 DKP will get an item over a Half Member with 200 DKP).

    Please note that the only acceptable way to bid on an item is in /rs, any other channel does NOT count.


    As it stands as of this moment, we're farming T1 RoF and 3/8 T2 events (BG1/Evantil/Grelleth), If we're presented with a lack of viable farm or progression targets, we opt for some ToV dragons (of which we've killed all but Vyemm/Vulak).


    As with everyone else, we need Healers the most. But honestly, I'd rather people just play whichever toon they enjoy. We don't have any real requirements as it currently stands, if you have decent playtimes and would like to hang out with some Grade A players you might enjoy yourself here. Returnees/New Players and established players alike are more then welcome, we'll give just about anybody 1 chance. Don't worry if you suck at the moment, you can't possibly be the worst we've ever seen *Nod*, and we have enough guys with an encyclopedic knowledge of the game to get you on the right track.

    Trial Process:

    Currently, this consists of nothing more than sitting through my rants about the general Guild Rules and Expectations...I suggest you listen, because none of our Officers consider the remove button in the Guild tool a showpiece. We've carried this tag for most of our EQ careers and don't find it particularly funny when someone represents it poorly.

    Contact Information:

    ;tell Cazic.Scornfire/Dodack
    or PM us on the Website! if you register to it before talking to any of us, please create your username using the following format;
    This is so I know you're not a spam bot and I don't delete you~
  2. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    Jorlleag and Sevelak punked last week and looking to start T3 within a week or two. Getting to the point where we're considering adding another raid night, but I can't do this in good conscience without at least 2 more druids to sacrifice.

    Show you care, give us a drood to pare~
  3. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    Added Sunday to our raiding nights and punked down The King of Beasts in one shot tonight. Hopefully Wednesday ends up yielding a few new dragons aswell.

    So many mobs demanding sacrifices, so few droods
  4. Candydare Elder

    Darkstar Alliance has many genuine great players:)
  5. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    Just figured I'd bump our thread, Summer numbers aren't particularly conducive to progression
  6. crag79 Augur

    Glad to see DA around and kicking after all these years. GL

  7. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    Well, it's been just over a year since I originally posted this, so I suppose I'm somewhat due for a bit of an Update. We're currently farming T1 RoF/BG1/Evantil and Grelleth, and would like to add a few more raiders to the crew to completely rid our raids of our boxes. In particular we need another Shaman or two, a Druid, an Enchanter and a Warrior. If you're interested feel free to give me a shout, please don't be shy if you feel you're not up to par for the raiding world, we rather enjoy helping people out.