Crush vs. Secret dawn?

Discussion in 'Melee' started by Lenivaya, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Lenivaya Journeyman

    Hi guys, I have a 110 monk, been using crush for longest time. Got my first group moob other day, been trying to figure out whether to drop it on the weapon ( for crush link

    Has anyone parsed the two? I notice that secret dawn is a bit lower damage but two less delay, bunch of hp ac etc. Does the delay make up for the damage?
    I'd just go ahead and make it but if it doesn't actually help me I'd rather get something more useful.

    Any recommendations? Thanks!
  2. DaciksBB Augur

    Ratio is king. Divide the base damage by the delay. Secret Dawn's ratio is a bit higher. Make it.
  3. Ditka Journeyman

    I don't know your capabilities, but the Telescoping Tripper (327/23) from Gnome Mountain beats both of them and is on the easier side to get.

    Then you can use that muhbis to make something else.
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  4. Warpeace Augur

    Use to check weapon ratios and any other gear upgrade wise. The better ratio the better weapon damage output.

    If raidloot does not have the item listed follow DaciksBB advice on attaining the weapon ratio. Also as Ditka said if your able to camp a better item do that and same the Muhbis for a different slot upgrade.
  5. RangerGuy Augur

    I always thought it was
    1. Ratio was king
    2. Delay then since faster gets more out of augments and flat hits
    2b. Damage, there is a tipping point sometimes when tanking for more damage and ripostes beating out ratio or delay when they are close enough.
  6. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    Is the Telescoping from GMM from a mission? or named drop?

    It seems rare-ish in either case.
  7. Thunderkiks Augur

    I got mine from the Darkness Howls mission but I suspect it's a named drop also. My group geared monk dropped Crush for that weapon.
  8. DaciksBB Augur

    the staff is pretty rare, think I saw 3 drop in the 80 or so times I killed breaker while farming type 18s