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  1. Vaeeldar Augur

    Sadly no.. So not many missions again.
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  2. Micker Elder

    Awesome, I was never a fan of locked zones/progression. Maybe one end zone that requires a fairly easy quest or something. Original EQ had everything open and I think the first zone I remember needing to quest to get into was Sebilis, with the key, which wasn't too hard. I barely played in TBL zones, because I didn't want to flag all my other toons, going through missions etc.. I just exped in RoS. If I had a lot of time, that might be fun, but I can barely find an hour or two to play.
  3. Riou EQResource

    it has 2 progression chains (Both Mercenaries) and 1 locked zone
  4. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    Beimeith confirmed Jon Hein from Howard Stern

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  5. hiolpe Journeyman

    Does T3 group gear use the TS components as ToV? Should I start gathering velium infused spider silks, ore, etc..
  6. GoneFission Augur

    Raising Cain’s is only so good because of their sauce and bread. The chicken is just ok. The sauce is great.
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  7. Borm FV New Member

    The recipes are cut and paste of ToV BUT use new “restless velious” items instead of “infused veliious”. So all the foraged and dropped items from ToV are useless. You need to get the same looking thing from CoV. I have done foraging and fishing in beta and tried all the food and drink items and it’s frustrating at how little effort 2as made to do something new, yet my stock of TS items is useless.

    You,do still need endless coarse salt and limes, the new secret hard to collect item will be medicinal herbs.
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  8. hiolpe Journeyman

    Thanks for the info. Pretty disappointing to hear that all the ToV TS items are now useless but I guess that’s been the norm with cookie cutter expansions.
  9. Fenthen Augur

    and burgers.
  10. Zynt Elder

    Medicinal Herbs are way easier to get than salt, limes, and acorns unless you've got an afk forager sitting in whichever DoN zone for weeks on end.
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  11. Vaeeldar Augur

    Sorry got a little quick Sleepers tomb is locked like VP in RoS otherwise expansion his open.

    I agree on not locking too much. I do enjoy missions though even boxing these new missions which are a pain. I did all of TBL on 3 group geared 6boxes. Would be nice if we could have some more missions.
  12. Micker Elder

    I do like missions that are boxable. They should have their own rewards, not be tied into zone unlocks. I'm good with sleepers being keyed, it was like that originally. Just make it doable.
  13. Cazmac Augur

    Have you reported all this via the /bug facility, or some other way? It looks like useful feedback.
  14. Sine_of_the_Times New Member

    [IMG]i love you baby forever poems
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  15. Tegila Augur

    They're not useless. Not everyone will buy CoV. People will buy them from you for maxing ts too. On a side note: there will not be an immediate swing to tov gear being obsolete as (unless they change it after it was JUST brought up) t1 faded is NOT tradeable, so everyone and their mother won't be buying new gear with plat that is better than tov, perhaps buying lootrights and TAs as usual, but not buying in baz then a vendor and poof, finished.
  16. Riou EQResource

    t1 Group Gear on Level Up Expansions are generally the only time in recent times that gear has been Tradeable so it should indeed still be good until next years t1 (if they continue with their every other level increase) :)
  17. Ibudin Augur

    So far I've only logged into Beta for raids, haven't looked at any group content.
    There isn't a TS quest this year? Interesting, thought everyone was working the shawl quest who hadnt done it in preparation for a new shawl quest - not the case?
  18. Metanis Bad Company

    Nobody at Daybreak had time to do anything except the absolute minimum to get the expansion out the door.
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  19. Benito EQ Player since 2001.

    I am thinking any TS quest will be part of a mid-year update.

    The offset timing would also bring players back after the initial expansion drop burnout.
  20. Salinae New Member

    I think that realistically, with all the challenges of this year, its not the year to be overly expecting a world changing expansion. the good is that EQ is going to be owned by a gaming company, instead of a financial services company, hopefully the pandemic will be less impactful and there will be more investment in the product for 2021/2022. The raids seem better and the dragons look great. Not sure about the group game as I didn't play it in beta.
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