Could I still find low level groups on Aradune?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by MightyUnclean, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. Ruination Lorekeeper

    People don't invite Wizards and/or Druids because a lot of people simply toss out their mana and /afk.

    I'll echo what has been stated, start your own groups, join a guild and use your rain spell every pull, sit down/stand when you get agro stand up then sit again. rinse/repeat get your name out there

    Use Greater conc pot, ask for clarity and buy clarity potions if you can get em, or gather the rare along your lvling path and ask an alchemist to make you some. Even the lower lvl clarity pots will help a ton till 60
  2. Tinthalas Tigris New Member

    Yeah, if you do the math, you will find much better value in clarity IIIpots and Concpots all the way to is a needless waste of money to shell out the money for anything above that, or you will waste Plat or grab too much agro during an XP group.
  3. nodontcarekkthxbye Augur

    Wiz is an awesome class. They are very fun to play, and super convenient. Have had much more fun playing my wiz then I ever did my ranger, mage, war, monk.

    They are very fun to play in groups. Something so satisfying about the rain spells.

    Dont know what earlier people are talking about saying that their dps drops around 50. I can do some pretty damn good dps in groups in velks OC/IC. Yeah, if you dont have bard or enchanter, but you almost always do, and you can get mana regen before you head up, and bind at velks, and port yourself to pok then back. Same goes for other zones.

    You can also get easy into aoe groups, which will give you a ton of exp, and AAs very fast.

    You can also solo easily to 30 by just getting buffs from pok, and heading into the nexus linked zones. After 30 seems like soloing is terrible, but you can still do it while waiting for a group.

    EDIT: Ok, forgot you were talking about Aradune, but same thing likely applies to earlier expansions.
  4. nodontcarekkthxbye Augur

    People dont go out of mana that fast unless they are using the wrong spells, and/or not getting mana regen before they leave for a group, which every caster class should be doing if there isnt a bard, or chanter in group.

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