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  1. rugor New Member

    Double xp rest of the week

  2. Machentoo Augur

  3. Xeris Augur

    the real compensation would be to give my guild the loot we would have gotten in potime tonight.
  4. axedat New Member

    Eh, don't think we need all that. I think a discount on the store would be mutually beneficial though. Short term discount which would increase sales for DBG. It'd be one way to make an unfortunate situation into a marketing tactic and it might pull them out of the "exp bonus for downtime" hole they've put themselves in over the years.
  5. FIsh Lips Augur

    Personally I prefer that hole, since I allowed myself to get roped in to playing on Coirnav. I don't want to use their store anymore, it seems to only drive bad behavior on their part.
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  6. axedat New Member

    The alternative is bad behavior by the playerbase. People want double exp for a week or weekends everytime theres any extended downtime whether its 2 hours or 14 hours.
  7. RandomStrategy Augur


    1) Coirnav should experience the hell that was Velious half instances.

    2) Agnarr should get to Double Time :p
  8. Gio1999 Elder

    This one was particularly bad.... Most companies give you some kind of credit for services being down for a day.
  9. FIsh Lips Augur

    Unless you can argue that we are creating that downtime, that's not bad behavior on our part. They set a precedent, and I am happy with it, it encourages them to do better, and the extra XP helps me in the way that I need it most.

    Daybreak cash is worthless, it's either pixels of 0 value to me, or XP potions that are next to worthless on Coirnav.
  10. Risiko Augur

    I spent the night playing Zelda Breath of the Wild, so I really didn't miss anything, but.... I wouldn't turn down a bonus experience weekend.
  11. Troubadurix Journeyman

  12. Donroy Elder

    +1 for double exp. Also increased rares for good measure.
  13. Delphwind Augur

    Honestly, a double XP event this weekend would be nice. My friend and I only get together a couple times per week to level up on Coirnav and yesterday was one of our days.

    I am not saying we Deserve compensation, but it would be a nice gesture to the time lost.
  14. Gremin Augur

    You will get nothing, and you will like it!
  15. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Where is my 40 krono and a mount?
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