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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Nikkibadkitty, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. Nikkibadkitty New Member

    So I noticed that accounts seem to be auto-granted expansion content minus the two most recent expansions. If I decided to re-sub before the release of Claws of Veeshan, will I still be granted The Burning Lands expansion after Claws of Veeshan releases? I know that if I buy Claws of Veeshan that it unlocks all expansions up to that point, but since I'd still be working on getting my characters caught up, I'd rather spend cash on subs for auto-grant AA's than buying new content. TIA!
  2. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    The last 3 expansions are geared toward character levels 105 and up. So if you buy COV (that includes those) are you ready to play at those levels? Or maybe in a few months?

    Why not get your subscription ($15 tax included) now and then next month when we know for sure you can go back to Free on it and buy COV at $34.99

    You only have to wait a few weeks to find out as it has not been verified that you would get TBL included in the base free expansions yet. We can assume it would since it has in the past but then again we always had a 50% off sale and this year it was only 25%. So who knows?
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    Basically you can level to maximum level, then sub for a month to grab all the autogrant aa and aa you can farm in a month and still use them when you drop back down to free to play. Then grab Claws when you feel like it.
    Autogrant will grant you all of the aa up to four expansions from the current one so now it would be the Broken Mirror, when Claws goes live it will autogrant Empires of Kunark aa.
  4. Nikkibadkitty New Member

    Thanks for the reply. Hubby and I started playing just after Velious released and kept our accounts current through Seeds of Destruction. We came back for a few months and purchased missing expansions somewhere around Call of the Forsaken when Heroic Characters were first offered. Now we're just starting to be able to make time to play again and we're wanting to re-sub (we'll probably do a 1yr), but we're trying to make sure we aren't going to shoot ourselves in the foot by re-subbing before the next expansion released.
  5. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    I always run behind the newest expansion. There is so much to do that it could take you a while to catch up. But if your going to go into raiding real heavy then in addition to having the latest expansion you will need to work real hard to get to 115. It seems the preferred raiding level character is 110-115.

    Personally if I were you guys I would stay Silver and play for a while and see how you level or what your play time vs leveling time is. (Silver are old accounts that are returning to the game and can stay free as long as they want. They get a few extra perks than a F2P)

    Don't worry about having to choose between the latest expansion and subbing unless you want to of course :)
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  6. Tegila Augur

    I don't follow how it would be shooting you in the foot. A sub is a sub, the difference is whether or not you buy newest expansions. As was mentioned, maybe wait on the subs while you level up to say 100+ unless you find aas you want right away but are limited to 1k on silver. Once you're caught up more (honestly, you'll have a lit of issues trying to play in the 95+ range without more unless someone you along for levels, but it's doable if want to wait). If you're nervous about a year off the vat, you could farm plat(figure around 4.5m for 2 Kronos) while levelling, use the Kronos at like 95ish to get a boost to for further levelling, and go from there. Could buy 1month subs but gotta rememeber to cancel or upgrade once you decide, or spend extra $2 a month to but a pair of Kronos direct and not worry about recurring fees. In SoD, you should be ok with 1kaas, but not much past it, at least that was the giew at the time, but there's pretty good and cheap baz gear around 92 from RoF, and before that, HoT has easy enough gear to tie over. Remember, if you go the plat->Kronos route, can't have a trader unless gold.
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  7. Nikkibadkitty New Member

    Maybe we were just overthinking it. ;) We couldn't find direct information about how older expansion content was opened up now or how the auto-grant AA function would work if you have an active subscription at the time of the next expansion release. We thought it was possible that having the subscription might hang things up with those mechanics somehow and really just in general not being completely sure of how things were being run now with the free-to-play model. The last time we played, several years ago, we had each collected a stash of our upcoming rk2 spells. There wasn't a subscription wall to using them at the time. Now that we are back and playing, as silver accounts, we couldn't scribe any of them as we leveled.

    Re-activating our subscriptions to make use of the spells we had already put time into collecting and getting caught up with some AA's made a marked difference in our gameplay experience. We were able to dig-in and make it work before the sub, but now things run much smoother and it feels more like old-times. We have a community of people that we've enjoyed EQ and other games with through the years, and we've currently come around to enjoying EQ again. So playing isn't a lonely prospect for us. We also have the added bonus that now our kids are old enough that they've decided they want to join us on the adventure. The more the merrier. :D

    The sub cost wasn't the issue at hand. A year's subscription for both of us really is cheap entertainment, even if we needed to add in the expansion. Just wanted a little more information to work out what would be the best fit for us. :)
  8. CrazyLarth Augur
    FTP - Ring of Scale access
    need to buy a higher expansion to get all lower expansions that is why they only sell the current exp.
    Need to pay for min monthly access some way to get AA's over a max limit level the FTP has

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