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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Elocar, Nov 2, 2018.

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    It's officially official. Nostalgic Veterans and Path of the Damned merged in a blissful union.

    Nostalgic Path enjoys a relaxed atmosphere of fun, comradery and selflessness. If you want a more relaxed environment but that still gets down to business and gets stuff done. Look no further. We have two requirements to join our guild. You must have a pulse in RL and you must be good people.

    We have people from across the globe so we try to keep our raid times as neutral as possible. We usually start raiding about 7PM EST on weeknights but focus on small targets and clearing until about 8PM EST when our PST members start filtering in and then hit our primary raid targets. Weekends we tend to start about 4pm EST to facilitate everyone from the West Coast to Europe. Our current raid schedule is still being decided but likely will consist of 3 main progression raid nights but we are always doing unofficial raids on off nights.

    The resulting Nostalgic Path is carrying on the momentum of its predecessors and working to finish off Velious content. We've killed everything but AoW, the main four NToV dragons and Tunare but we have set sights on them and would love for you to join us in finishing off Velious. We have the numbers and the knowledge for these targets. The only reason they still live is that we haven’t gone and killed them yet.

    Come finish off this Nostalgic revisit of Velious and join us on the Path to victory.

    Elocar – 60 Cleric
    Nostalgic Path
  2. Elocar New Member

    Medic!! Avatar down!! 1 shot, 1 kill. Having fun and kickin butt. It's how we roll. Join the momentum. Revisit the Nostalgia on the Path to victory.

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