Claws of Veeshan raid information.

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  1. Absor Developer

    Hello EverQuest raiders!

    I just wanted to write a quick note to let you all know the schedule for the opening of the Claws of Veeshan raids. As we did last year, we are delaying the raid openings by one month for each tier. The goal is to reduce the pressure to raid over the holidays. This also allows us to remove almost all the requirements for raid access, with one exception.

    On January 7th, 2021 the first tier of raid events will become available.
    • Tantor
    • Klandicar and the New Brood
    • Zlandicar Reborn
    Then on February 6th, 2021 the second tier of raid events become available.
    • The Crusaders
    • Sontalak
    • Aaryonar
    And on March 8th, 2021 the final tier become available.
    • Defenders of the Tomb
    • Amalgam Arbiter
    • Vulak'Aerr
    Also, to request the Amalgam Arbiter and Vulak'Aerr events, the person doing the requesting must have recently defeated the Defenders of the Tomb. In game terms, they must have the lockout for Defenders of the Tomb to get the Sleeper's Tomb dynamic zone.

    Edit: this line is no longer true. You can just waltz in and get murdered any time you like.
    Characters wishing to enter the non-instanced base version of the Sleeper's Tomb for this expansion will also have to complete the Torment of Velious task The Ice Moves to gain access.

    I hope you all have a great holiday season. Stay safe and help to keep other's safe.

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  2. Moege Augur

    Could this perhaps be change to raidlead has to have the lockout ?
  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Thanks for the info Absor, enjoy the holidays you deserve it. :)
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  4. Deillusional Augur

    Thanks for the information at what time are they unlocked on these days?
  5. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I don't think it really matters as the raid lead wouldn't be able to request the earlier raid if someone else in the raid already had that lockout. Having it be the requestor makes it easier and eliminates the need to shift leader to someone that has the lockout when the normal raid leader doesn't have it.
  6. Eyezing Lorekeeper

    I'm just wondering why we're still unlocking tiers on weekdays. Generally, it's more convenient for people to jump on the unlocks during the weekend, especially when they're being unlocked in the middle of the day. For most people, the current unlock situation requires people to take days off of work to be competitive for the expansion unlocks :(
  7. Riou EQResource

    It's likely 9 am Pacific time like it shows on Beta Calendar
  8. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    I'd like to request the initial expansion release to be at 6:38 p.m. ET. I have to take my sister to the nephrologist that day, but I should be back by 6:30, and it takes me about 7 minutes to get my hot cocoa ready.

    Now for tier 2, that day just won't work at all. I'm hosting my famous 8 days before Valentine's Day chili potluck that evening, so I'll be very busy the entire day. I'd like to request moving tier 2 to Thursday of that week, preferably at about 8:00 a.m. ET. My wife is out of town on Thursday, and it will just work great for me to have that entire day to play!

    For tier 3 I think we can all agree releasing new raids on the anniversary of Joltin' Joe Dimaggios's death is in very poor taste. Let's move that one to March 11th in celebtration of the invention of Freedom Fries. It will be better for everyone, trust me.

    Oh, and one of the tiers already does release on a weekend...
  9. Eyezing Lorekeeper

    That’s a lot of effort to miss the obvious point, lol.
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  10. Chitiwok Journeyman

    The most likely reason is that if there are bugs or other issues with the raids, the devs want to be at work already to fix the issue rather than having to be on call as it launches and the servers immediately burst into flames over the weekend.
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  11. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    T1 is a Thursday, T2 is a Saturday and T3 is a Monday which make it look like the just have a set number of days between unlocks that doesn't care about day of the week.
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  12. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    30 days.

    We Would like to change it to Saturday's, and yes, there would not be Dev support on those days.

    BUT we are in design lock, and it will function as is, so I am not making any changes. (We avoid making any changes to the game in the last week up to the expansion, especially to things that have to do with the expansion. We do change gating issues, but this is inconvenient, not gating.)

    If we change to the weekends, we will update this post, and the in game calendar will change.
    We are looking at the "next" Saturday after 30 days, and noon as the start time.
  13. Sancus Augur

    Could you clarify if this is when they're currently scheduled to unlock, as far as time of day? Right now the beta calendar indicates that they unlock at 9 AM Pacific Time, which is the same time as last year. Absor's original post in this thread does not mention the time of day that they unlock.
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  14. Cragzop Cranky Wizard


    You told us at the start of Beta that the raid unlocks would follow ToV method, which meant we all knew it would be 30 days out from launch for each tier. Friday, you posted the actual days of unlocks just to be sure everyone was on the same page. Those dates should be locked in place and not changed for CoV. I know at least one person has already asked for days off based upon these dates.

    People work/have commitments/etc on every day of the week. No day of the week for a daytime launch (US) is going to come close to perfect for any guild, much less the ones who actually raid at opening. The days of the week are decently spread this time - a Thursday, a Saturday and a Monday - so that folks with hard to work around schedules at least have a chance to make one or more.

    The lack of Dev support for a raid open day is something that needs to be considered by the community. The current schedule will at least give us a trial run for this with a T2 Saturday unlock. Something goes wrong on that day and we'll see how many people enjoy Saturday unlocks that turn into Monday/Tuesday fixes.

    A good time to have a discussion about how to handle raid unlocks for the future (assuming the same basic method) would be April/May ... after anniversary and before the next expansion crunch. If you want guilds to have input, just ask and I'm sure all the guilds that care would respond. But if you want to change things, there should be a real discussion. I feel like that you are taking very little input and deciding to make changes that affect far more folks (see the T3 delay debacle from ToV as a prime example of what not to do). EQ players and EQ devs have different view points, different concerns, and different information as to what is possible/plausible. Real back and forth conversation over days is the only way that both sides can be on the same page.

    Snap decisions should not be made based upon a few posts in this forum.
  15. Trafthek Lorekeeper

    Ditto to all of what Cragzop said. You should have decided that LONG ago! Perhaps within a month after T3 unlocked for ToV and got input from everyone. I am pretty sure this exact thread happened when you announced this same thing for ToV and you got plenty of input but apparently took none of it into account until today after the schedule for CoV was announced.

    Absor posted the unlock dates Friday. I went and asked for Jan 7th off first thing Monday morning.

    And for no dev support on a Saturday if you switched to that? 3 days out of the year you couldn't have a couple devs drinking coffee at work just making sure it worked as intended? Doesn't seem like a lot to ask. I have to work a Sat. once in awhile. That's life!

    This is all so outta whack. You changed this for ToV so people wouldn't be stuck raiding during the holidays and just set it to 30 days which could be any day of the week. I bet people lost money calling in sick to raid on the release days last year. Then with the botched attempts of unlocks, a total waste.
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  16. Thoxsel Djess' Pet Warrior

    Now I don't know what days to block as it seems like they can likely change yet again...

    Can we get a hard confirm of the dates and times please?

    As mentioned in the posts above, we can't be going back and forth asking what days to have off. There has been plenty of time to do polls, ask for additional feedback and land on a set date and time so I'm kind of disappointed this is where we are today.
  17. Detrolyn Journeyman

    The same thing for release days. Some folks have to request time off months in advance. I had next week just because of the last few years. Now it is a week earlier? Really?
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  18. Svann2 The Magnificent

    I suggest leaving it as is for this year and begin discussions on how to change it for next year.
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  19. Solanli Journeyman

    You are a Legend.
  20. Solanli Journeyman

    All of this "taking days off work" to "compete" in a 21 year old game .... LAWL.
    Guys ... it's not that serious. There is no race ... no one cares which guild completes a raid first.
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