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  1. Machen New Member

    Citizen ( is currently looking for a few additional members to help us push through the final stages of Veil of Alaris and on into Rain of Fear.

    Server: Fippy Darkpaw (progression, gold membership required)
    Expansion: Veil of Alaris.

    Citizen is the only original Fippy/Vulak guild still standing, having progressed all the way from classic up to this point. We are looking to complete the progression journey then continue on as a live guild. For most of our existence we have been the top progression guild, and we beat 9 of the last 10 expansions faster than any other guild in the history of Everquest. We are one of only six guilds to ever beat Underfoot in era. So, we take our raiding seriously and have a highly successful raid team. We also have strong guild leadership, with many of our officers having played through the entire life of the server in Citizen.

    We are currently in tier 4 of Veil of Alaris, working on Pillars of Alra. We raid four nights a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6 PM Central (4 PM Pacific, 7 PM Eastern), typically for around 3-4 hours per night.

    Currently we are most in need of bards, rangers, monks, paladins, healers and int casters. Some other classes would be workable as well. There are no transfers to Fippy, but we have often seen people level up and be ready to raid within 2-3 weeks. With bonus aaxp through 4000 aa's, and autogrant through SoF currently, getting the first 4000-5000 aa's is very fast. For those who are serious about joining us, we have a friends and family rank for while you are leveling up, and a lot of helpful members who can assist you getting caught up quickly.

    A few details about Fippy Darkpaw:

    * Voting Time-Locked Progression Server
    * Launched in February 2011, so coming up on our five year anniversary
    * Two month lock period after beating an expansion, putting minimum expansion time around 3 months. The modern expansions are lasting more like six months now that we have extensive flagging progression.
    * Currently in Veil of Alaris, expecting Rain of Fear to launch around February or March.
    * We currently have extended target, click from bags, mercenaries (but no merc aa's yet)
    * Max Level 95.
    * Max aa's around 8000-9000 depending on class
    * Not much of a bazaar currently, but guild members can supply most of what you might need.

    If you're interested, speak with Machen, Dima, Kozak, Downtoplow, Ikulas, Arakshun, Lozack, Warpower, Jeik or Taliche on Fippy.
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  2. Aurmoon Augur

    Come join us on Fippy! With the introduction of raid currency most everyone is sporting full VoA raid gear and new members have been getting fully geared fast. We have a handful of super helpful guild mates who will help with epics, clickies, progression, and more. Join the fun!
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  3. FurySoul Augur

    Come join the Citizen family. We are a great community of EverQuest players that enjoy the challenge of progressing the server towards the current end game content, as well as just hanging out with each other. A lot of us here are very helpful and will do our best to get you up to speed in order to enjoy the full raid scene and current server content. There will be moments of low population during certain times of the day, but please don't let that discourage you! Work hard and we will do our best to equally work as diligently to assist you. Looking forward to seeing you over here !!!
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  4. FurySoul Augur

    So glad to see new people coming over! Could still use more! We will do out best to make catching up as easy as possible!
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  5. Kragin Augur

    We beat pillers with 43 mains lastnight, could use a few more adventurers for the coming RoF expansion!

    Most in Need :

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  6. Downtoplow Journeyman

    Wind song and sepulcher 1 both downed last night!
  7. Strac New Member


    4 more events and the barriers to the much anticipated Rain of Fear Barrier comes down. Get your raid spot and toon ready now. Join one of the most successful guilds in EQ!
  8. Downtoplow Journeyman

    Just sep 4 and 5 now until RoF timer begins!
  9. Aurmoon Augur

    Sepulcher #4 defeated after a few attempts. Only Sepulcher #5 stands between us and unlocking Rain of Fear.

    There is a wait period before the next expansion of approximately 2-3 months, so plenty of time for a new player to catch up and get raid geared.
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  10. FurySoul Augur

    Veil of Alaris is down, barriers are weakening and Reign of Fear is quickly on it's way !!!
    The Triune God proved to be quite formidable, but Citizen prevailed and much rejoicing was had.

    Come join us as we prepare to explore and conquer the Reign of Fear expansion!

    PS: We still need more people that enjoy playing casters, Wizards, Mages, Necros, Druids, Clerics !!!
  11. Strac New Member

    The Rain of Fear expansion should open on Fippy March 7th. Come join Citizen and play this incredible expansion.
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