Character missing ten days - fifth time AWOL; no ticket response

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by cadres, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. cadres Augur

    Can anyone shed any light at all on what I should do about this? I'm pretty much at my wits' end here.
    This is a fully paid for account.
    My toon when missing (ie just poufed from char select screen) for the first time in August. It was missing almost a month before it was restored. Then missing in the same way another few times. Now, this time, again, for ten days and counting.
    Not heard anything from DB - not response to ticket
    And no explanation as to why this keeps happening.
  2. Ghostinthemachine Elder

    Back in the day characters could be restored after being deleted for awhile why that was removed is beyond me. Id say give it whats a reasonable amount of time to you to get the issue resolved and if it isn't cut your loses and find another game.

    I have 2 account with afew weeks left and if all these issues don't get fixed I'm not paying anymore.....much less for an expansion....

    Good luck whatever happens
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  3. Astley Augur

    Perhaps send a message to JChan on the boards... they may be able to resolve your concerns with repeatedly losing character.