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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Avalon, May 26, 2018.

  1. Avalon New Member

    I played EQ when if first came out, was a member of the United Kingdoms Guild on AB.

    After a fairly long gap I have started playing again, either with my Grandson or 2 boxing.

    My question is what armour upgrades should I be looking at after lvl 85 if I cant raid?

    Could some one please set out what is best for lvl 85, lvl 90 etc. That will give us an objective to play for even if we are not getting involved in the high end content.

    PS. We have a lvl 85 paladin, 85 cleric & 85 Shaman + lvl 70 SK & Necro Duo which we play quite a lot of the time letting us see the zones that have been created after I stopped playing.

    Stay safe one and all

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  2. Jumbur Augur

    I would try to complete the different expansions in order, from level 85 and onwards. House of thule, veil of alaris, rain of fear, call of the forsaken, etc... This will not be the fastest route to max level, but it will be the most entertaining way. :) and you will get upgrades along the way.

    Not sure how active United kingdoms is nowadays, but getting into an active guild can also improve the enjoyment of the game. Many of the big guilds are kinda "top-heavy" with max level characters, but look around for active casual guilds.

    List of group armor-upgrades across the expansions
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  3. CatsPaws Augur

    I don't raid and found it easy to get good armor. The only time raid armor is needed is if your in a raid guild. Other than that the casual player has access to nice armor even if your f2p. I would look up the HOT armor guide - good for 80s' - (just google) and while a lot to put together it is doable at those levels and once the base armor is done the upgrade from the next level in the "Grounds" is easy. I then went to Tainted Karana and did Marla missions and gribbles getting and using marks of valor to buy some augs and cool stuff. Then move on to fear touched which drops in Shards Landing. Don't forget to check baz prices as some stuff will come up super cheap. Don't forget augs which can be quested, dropped or bought and improve your stats. Nice hot zone augs continue to drop even if the zone is not "hot" for that rotation.
  4. Rickate Augur

    This weekend the Ring of Scale expansion is US $26.24 for All Access Accounts which most importantly for your level gets you The Broken Mirror expansion.

    Easily complete these two quests:

    And then one Heroic Adventure that requires killing stuff, if killing the stuff is too hard at your current gear then try: ;general returning player and grandson looking for help with Into the Temple (b)

    Now go absolutely anywhere in any expansion and loot stuff that is tagged "This item can be used in tradeskills." and sell those items by /barter, /auc in Baz/Lobby/PoK or if you are All Access by /trader. You want to purchase a few Extraplanar Trade Satchel to make it easier to loot those tradeskill items and then buy Remnant of Tranquility or if you prefer and are able can do Heroic Adventures in TBM and earn them yourself, if you do this still loot and sell all tradeskill items.

    Then you purchase the base items from:

    Then you use these augments, lowest level augs are 75 and then another set every 5 levels:

    Depending on what content you do you might come across upgrades and obviously use something if it's better but there is no better gearing path for your level if you have The Broken Mirror expansion, the focus effects are excellent, you can indirectly purchase the gear by doing any content in the game, you can prioritize whatever character and slot is most important and if you are Silver or think you might be in the future you can easily avoid any prestige items.

    I'm guessing the 85s are Heroic Characters so especially for the Paladin you might want to do House of Thule progression for the Heroic ac augs which aren't prestige, other than getting 2 of each Mage summoned (but permanent) Tavon aug you don't have many other non-prestige ac aug options and ac augs for the tank are really important, even if you are and remain All Access the augs from House of Thule progression will only slowly be upgraded by doing other content.

    And if you are All Access and haven't done it yet:
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  5. Avalon New Member

    thanks for the responses.

    The accounts are all access but ROS is not on sale in UK.

    The paladin ("Erendis") main has been around many years but was only lvl 60 when I left, so upgraded to heroic and he has most of the Veteran rewards. Grandson has Heroic Shaman )"Cergael"), although he wants to buy another heroic out of his pocket money. Any recommendations for duoing with Pally?

    We have J5 mercs, but 2 healers at present as grandson not to quick on heals. Will swap one for either Tank or Wizard dps merc as we get into a routine.

    Started HoT progression, plus the other kill quests to get us going, but Tae Ritualists are causing problems and there are no others in zone, Have done a few Kill quests in the grounds to earn faction for our Rank 2 spells.

    Do you need to do the group missions in the progression?



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  6. Jumbur Augur

    Very surprised to read this, I suspect that support will be able to help you with that.
    Try a petition.
  7. CatsPaws Augur

    The discount doesn't show on main page - you will see it when you get to checkout. One of the devs made a post about it showing a screen shot.
  8. Sagarmatha Augur

    Bard is lovely with a Paladin.
  9. Rickate Augur

    If you don't have TBM then converting tradeskill items into gear is still the best path.

    Search for level 85 to 85 in /baz and you want the 1300ish gear from Tier 1 Veil of Alaris, Rustic creates Rustic Armor or planning ahead search for level 92 to 92 in /baz and you want the 2000ish gear from Tier 1 in Rain of Fear. Fear Touched creates Boreal Armor or search 90 to 90 for visible slots and you will find 1900ish gear.

    Unless you have a specific plan to remain Level 85 for an extended period of time you probably want to focus on the Level 92 gear, it's a pretty narrow range of content that upgrading your 85 gear will make much difference, you can get extra stats by grabbing some buffs in the Lobby pretty easily, unless for some reason Argath is still really popular on AB you're not likely to have an easy time finding the 1300ish gear and Rustic.

    The Level 92 bazaar gear won't be easier to get than the Level 85 gear but you have lead time to find the gear and it will most likely last a lot longer, no matter what group content you do you won't get much better than the Level 92 baz gear until Level 100.

    Because your gear won't improve much after Level 92, it becomes the best level to do Call of the Forsaken Heroic Adventures and it's probably the level where you can reliably complete Underfoot and House of Thule content. Reliable can also be a bad thing, some prefer playing where death lurks around every corner.
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  10. Leex Augur

    Well a Shaman is the perfect dou with a Paladin. I would suggest possibly getting a Wizard for some firepower, or a Mage to backup the Paladin and support in case of adds, plus they've got a ton of fire power in their own right ;).

    A Bard is also amazing as you can pretty much do everything with them these days, and their easy to box due to /melody.
  11. Yimin Augur

    If your never going to be a raider id transfer to FV that way you can get about 90 percent of raid content ....This way you can enjoy group content and get fully decked out , if you have the items you earned it no matter how you got them ...

  12. bigpapa Augur

    and permanent 50% xp bonus . I helped many in FV with some plats / armors / weapons ect,, if you decide to play there , give tell us your toon name and I would be glad to help.
  13. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Transferring to FV has just as many negatives as positives. No common language, extremely prices are extemely high compared to other servers, and there is no feeling of accomplishment as everything was bought not earned. On top of that you can likely still find some people you used to know on AB to catch up with.

    As for the original question I would suggest looking for groups in Valley (a zone in Veil of Alaris) that is killing named in the upper half. Those names drop T1 gear for that expansion and it is usable by level 86. And then level through VoA and then RoF once you hit 92 and get gear from those zones and move up an expansion once you can use the first tier of gear from it. That will let you be able to do the progression for the expansions.

    I would ask around on AB to see if anyone recognizes your name (assuming you have the same character) or ask after guilds you were in.
  14. Rickate Augur

    Tunare Conflag prices in thousands:

    Ear: 2 at 125, 8 at 175
    Finger: 3 at 120, 2 at 125
    Neck: 1 at 124, 9 at 125
    Back: 2 at 119, 1 at 129
    Shoulders: 10 at 70, 2 at 150
    Waist: 7 at 185, 1 at 250
    Charm: 1 at 33 (Vigor, buy now), 2 at 85
    Face: 5 at 110, 1 at 120
    Range: 6 at 70, 2 at 90

    FV Conflag prices in thousands:

    Ear: 1 at 27, 9 at 29
    Finger: 12 at 35, 13 at 39
    Neck: 3 at 30, 6 at 35
    Back: 3 at 110, 2 at 115
    Shoulders: 6 at 125, 2 at 130
    Waist: 13 at 130, 1 at 140
    Charm: 1 at 10, 2 at 12
    Face: 1 at 9, 5 at 9.5
    Range: 1 at 8.5, 4 at 9

    Compared to other servers the prices are generally much lower. The issue with FV is that there are 10? 15? 20? players that are a server transfer away for every player on FV. Especially if you raid, mathematically speaking it's extremely likely your best fit is on any other server and then when your hours change at work it's mathematically far more likely you find a new fit if you're not on FV.

    It's often stated FV has high prices, but it only has high prices in the same way the Mercedes dealership has higher prices than the Honda dealership and the Mercedes dealership in this case sells Hondas at a steep discount.
  15. Kolani Augur

    Rickate is correct. People claim FV's prices are high because they're often distracted by the high prices on current raid gear and twink loot. Current group non-visibles can often be acquired for next to nothing.
  16. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Depends on which day you look at them it seems. Today when I looked needed to either double (on the higher prices listed) or add a zero to all of the FV prices which you gave. The Tunare prices are about the same or less from what you have listed. The FV component prices were equally as volatile; some were at bargain basement pricing, while others that are actually more common drops were priced considerably higher than their Tunare equivalents. That said, on Tunare, there are quite a few people who don't make anything themselves, but they do go through and buy the inventory of others and resell it at 2, 3, or sometimes even 8 times what the actual going rate for the pieces are; so there are a few sellers who have ridiculously high prices several of the same item. Also, if you compare what people on /barter are willing to buy items for to what people are selling them for in the /bazaar then you will find that they are typically a lot closer to each other on Tunare when compared with /barter price being a percentage of /bazaar price.
  17. moogs Augur

    The House of Thule tier 2 remnant gear from The Grounds and The Well and other T2 zones (The Library?) is a fair upgrade, but the tier 1 Veil of Alaris gear is also usable at 85 and the main pieces are tradeable. Here is the Paladin version:

    If you do that and then upgrade later, keep that around just to click from your hotbar.

    As Rickate says, TBM gear is probably a logical choice and can carry you through 105. You can farm or buy as much currency as you need to upgrade the pieces every few levels.
  18. smash Augur

    Hot/voa armor does not hold long when thinking of levels these days. So for that rof would be better investment. The t1 is usuable from level 92.
  19. Avalon New Member

    I have picked up some VoA armour in the bazaar. The problem is the templates, I don't have skill lvl anywhere near what is needed.
    Think we will try HA's and get valor tokens.
  20. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    level85, the Hot Armot (requires player-made templates and dropped globes) is equivalent to the heroic gear.
    Level 90/92, gear from VoA/RoF (random drops for visibles, i never bothered much about "progression gear")
    Level98/100, gear from CotF and castaway+upgrades if you are subscribed
    Level105, either TBM self-farmed gear+bought augments as a base or straight to EoK T1/T2 rot gear as your account status allows.

    You can of course also go to TBM at level 75 and buy the level-appropriate augments every 5levels, but i would think that will become rather tired of farming the currency for each upgrade rather soon, so i do not recommend it.

    At level106, RoS tradeskill gear for a base.

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