Carnival of Tears 2018: Help Everquest and Win Krono

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    What is the Carnival of Tears?

    The Carnival of Tears is an annual Everquest event where the community comes together to promote fun and games on the Test server. The first Carnival was held a few years back when the server was struggling to maintain a population after suffering months of crashing issues. Through the dedication of the remaining population, these issues were eventually identified and fixed, eventually leading to a (mostly) smooth transition of significant back-end upgrades to Live servers.

    It's an entire day of events put on by the Everquest community intended to raise awareness about Test, bring the community together, and ensure everyone has a good time.

    This year's Carnival will take place on Saturday, September 8th. We've added a few new events, including a huge, 10+ Krono giveaway finale. The details for this event can be found later on in this post.

    Aw, crap, so this is about the Test server? I'm out.

    While this is an event held on the Test server, this year we'll be giving out Krono prizes that can be used on Live servers.

    More importantly, the Carnival of Tears encourages people to actively participate in the Test Server community. This is integral to Everquest's continued operation. Having a stable population on Test ensures that major bugs, glitches, and game-breaking patches don't reach the Live servers without first being fixed. In the past the Test server has prevented everything from item dupe bugs to game-ending crashes from hitting Live.

    The more players who actively play on the Test server, the more stable the eventual Live patches will be.

    Why is it “The Carnival of Tears?”

    No matter how much stuff we give away, someone will inevitably complain with sweet, salty tears.

    What kind of stuff are you giving away?

    • Krono
    • LoNPrize Illusions
    • LoNPrize Mounts
    • Conflagrant everything
    • Tradeable, four hour, 50% XP pots (100 of them in total!)
    • EOKRares
    • Consumables of all kinds
    • Platinum
    • Much more!

    A full list of prizes, as well as the associated donator, can be found by viewing this Google Spreadsheet. This will be updated as we receive more prizes to give away!

    This year's Carnival will be bigger than ever before. Here's a schedule of the events and their associated grand prizes:

    Every participant in an event will win some kind of prize, to be handed out at the end of the event by a Salty Carnival Elf (TM). Salty Carnival Elves / Event Staff will also be handing out items, prizes, and platinum throughout the day in various locations across the Test server.

    • Trivia Contest, Sept 8th at 10 AM Eastern. Grand Prize: 1 Krono
      • ~30 Trivia questions. Points will be tallied for each correct answer. The Player with the most correct answers wins!
    • Level 1 Naked Race Across the Karanas, Sept 8th at 12 PM Eastern. Grand Prize: 2 Krono | Runner-up: 1 Krono
      • Players will roll a level 1 character of any race and be teleported to the starting point at the base of the ramp leading to Highpass Hold. The finish line will be the zoneline to Qeynos Hills in West Karana. See below for official rules.
    • Level 60 Player Pinata, Sept 8th at 3 PM Eastern. Grand Prize: 1 Krono
      • Players will roll a level 1 character of any race or class and meet in the Arena. Players will attack a naked level 60 warrior until it is slain. The player with the killshot wins!
    • Scavenger Hunt, Sept 8th running from 12 PM Eastern until the Scavenger hunt is completed. Grand Prize: 3 Krono
      • A multi-stage scavenger hunt. Participants will be given a clue to locate the next player holding a clue. This will be a multi-zone event running throughout the day. The first person to solve the entire quest-line wins!
    • Death Race, Sept 8th at 5 PM Eastern. Grand Prize: 1 Krono
      • Players will be given a dangerous zone to travel from Point A to Point B. The first player to successfully reach the finish line wins!

    The Main Event (Grand Prize: 10+ Krono!), Sept 8th at 8 PM Eastern:

    This year, we wanted to do something really special for our finale.

    The final event will be a two-stage theatre performance held at the Freeport theatre and judged by a panel. Troupe's and the gathered spectators will be given a passworded channel to join. Each troupe will be given voice access so they can participate, while spectators will only be able to see what is being said.

    The first stage will be an improv event. Each troupe will be given an improv prompt to act out on stage. An example would be, “While traveling through the dark forest of Nektulos, your group comes across a naked Gnome with a distinct air of holiness. With his head held high he looks you each in the eye and says, 'Have you heard the good word of our lord assured, The Great Spurred Bird?' What happens next?”

    After being given a prompt each troupe will have 2 minutes to come up with a performance based on the scenario. Performances will be timed, with a limit set based on the number of troupe's participating. There will be three sets in total. A set is completed when all troupes have given their prompt a performance.

    0-3 points will be awarded for each set to each troupe based on creativity, humor, and story coherence. There are a total of 9 potential points in the improv stage.

    For the second stage, each troupe will put on a play. The time limit for each play will be based on the number of participating troupes, but will be no less than 15 minutes. You can use any in-game elements you'd like to tell your story – illusions, familiars, nimbus's, etc. We highly encourage writing scripts, practicing your play, and using the copy/paste function in the Everquest client to tell great stories!

    Your play must be related in some way to Everquest, though it doesn't need to be “in-character.” Due to the large range of potential story lines and means of expression, entries will be judged on a variety of non-specific criteria.

    The troupe with the best performance will be awarded 9 points.

    In the unlikely event of a tie, each Troupe will pick a single representative to compete in a battle of wits. Each representative will take turns hurling fantasy or Everquest themed insults at one another. A successful insult earns 1 point. These insults do not have to be “in-character.” After 10 insults have been exchanged, the troupe with the most points wins. If more than one team is present in the tie-breaker, this format will remain, and each representative will still take turns earning points for their insults.

    If the battle of wits ends in a tie, the Krono prize will be split evenly between the winning teams.

    If your troupe needs any special props, items, etc, please contact Gotwar directly on the official Everquest forums if you are unable to obtain them yourself. Please make every effort to obtain them on your own. If you send us a list of 30 illusions you need for your play, we're going to tell you to try harder. If you send a request for that one crucial thing your play absolutely cannot function without, that you've searched everywhere for and are unable to find, we'll do what we can to obtain it for you.

    The total Krono prize for this event will vary based on the number of total participants, but will be no less than 10.

    You must sign-up and register your troupe to participate in this event. You can find the registration form below. Registration ends on the first of September!

    How do I get to the Test server?

    Follow this link for more information on the Test server and detailed instructions on copying to the server (it takes less than 3 minutes!). Scroll down to the “How do I get started on the Test server” section.

    This sounds amazing, how can I participate? Do you need event staff?

    To participate, just show up! Everyone is allowed to participate, with the following two exclusions:

    Primal Brood Leadership is ineligible to participate or win prizes in any event. Event staff are unable to participate in any event they are helping to moderate.

    If you'd like to volunteer to staff an event, please contact Gotwar via PM on the Everquest forums. Please include the event(s) you'd be willing to help moderate, along with your main character's name, server, and guild affiliation(s).

    Select events will be streamed on If you'd like to come hang out and stream the event, contact Gotwar on the official Everquest Forums. Please include your Twitch account name in your message!

    How can I donate to the event? What kind of items are you looking for?

    If you'd like to donate items to the Carnival of Tears, simply send them via parcel to one of the following characters on the Test Server:


    The best items to donate are usually cosmetics, in particular, LoN illusions and LoN mounts. Most of these can be test copied (/testcopy on the character you'd like to copy) and then sent via in-game mail to one of the characters listed above.

    We are happy to take any item you may have, but please keep lore conflicts in mind. If you have a large number of potential lore conflicts you'd like to donate, please contact Gotwar on the Everquest forums so we can facilitate your donation.

    We are not accepting Krono at this time.

    Event Specific Rules

    Trivia Contest - Each correct answer will be worth 1 point. The first person to answer is awarded this point. Questions will be Everquest themed and not easily answered by a Google search. The player with the most accrued points will win the grand prize

    Level 1 Naked Race Across the Karanas – Players will be transported to the base of the ramp leading to Highpass Hold in East Karana. Players must race from the starting point to the finish line at the entrance to Qeynos Hills in West Karana. No outside help, buffs, or intervention is allowed.

    Level 60 player pinata – Players must be fresh, level 1 characters with no additional equipment or buffs. The player to land the killing blow on the pinata wins.

    Scavenger Hunt – The scavenger hunt will run from Noon Eastern until a winner has been declared.

    Death Race – Players may not receive outside help during the death race.

    Theatre Event Registration Form
    Please complete and submit this form via Private Message on the official Everquest forums to Gotwar by Saturday, September 1st.

    Troupe Name:

    Home Server(s):

    Name/Server/Forum Handle of Troupe Lead/Primary Contact:

    Troupe Members (Minimum 3, including Lead/Primary contact):

    Will all of your members be available to participate on Saturday, September 8th at 8 PM Eastern:

    Having less than three members present will disqualify your troupe from participating.
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    Sounds fun!
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  3. Sheex Augur

    I feel like this should be the Forum Quest/TLP motto :).

    Good luck with the event sir!
  4. Hludwolf Developer

    Sounds like my kind of carnival.
  5. Sokki Augur

    Sounds fun!!

    I have a couple illusions and mounts I can copy over to donate. I also have a bag full of Hero's Forge Suits (mostly Chain and Plate) if you want to use those as well to give out.
  6. Kalynea New Member

    I'm really looking forward to this! This promises to be the best Carnival of Tears yet!
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  7. mmats Augur

  8. gotwar Augur

    Big thanks to everyone who's shown interest and offered their support!

    These make great donation items! Just send them to one of the characters on the list in the "How can I donate?" section. Be sure to add your name in the "Delivery Note" parcel field so we can credit your donation later on in this thread!
  9. gotwar Augur

    Still looking for Theatre event signups!

    If you're new to the game this is a great way to earn some easy Krono! Just get a couple friends and throw together a storyline!

    Some storyline ideas I just threw together in 30 seconds, feel free to use these or create your own!

    - Balance meeting between Daybreak Developers
    - Ring of Scale debrief following the RoS expansion between Phara Dar, Talendor, and Gorenaire.
    - A family dinner at the Sathir household
  10. Rendz New Member

    Wish I could participate, but I work all day on Saturdays :/ Will try to make the grande finale should be fun!

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