Can't Log into EQ on Laptop since last Windows Update

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Uzpredator, Aug 16, 2020.

  1. Uzpredator New Member

    Has anyone else had this problem. Have tried doing a bug report on Eq. Tried deleting EQ then reinstalling. Nothing seems to work any suggestions please?
  2. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Are you getting any error messages?
  3. Uzpredator New Member

    No it brings up the login screen then option to log in account then gives you the agree to terms of service black screen and gone
  4. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    Little more info please?

    Ever log into this laptop with EQ before? How long ago? What is the windows program? Are you on a TLP server?
    Oh and are you using steam
  5. svann Augur

    In your everquest/logs folder there is a file called dbg.txt that records certain events including errors. Try looking in there.
  6. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Run as administrator.
  7. Uzpredator New Member

    Run as Administrator doesn't work get same results
  8. Benito EQ Player since 2001.

    Did you update all of your drivers (and Directx)?

    Did you create exceptions for EQ in your antivirus/firewall program(s)?

    I doubt you are doing this but are you running a instance/e-m-u of Windows or another third party program to directly affect EQ? This is not permitted. (I believe Boot Camp on Mac is fine).

    If you've tried it all, you'll probably get appropriate help with a petition.
  9. Xerzist Augur

    I'd check for newest net framework and download directX. EQ should download directX if you do the repair, but I don't know for certain, it's been a minute.
  10. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Hi Uzpredator, for right now I am going to me moving this to the support subsection.

    Just wanted you to be aware.
  11. TheMaxium New Member

    Open device manager and expand sound, video and game controllers. Find your headset/soundcard and double click and click the driver tab. Select Roll Back Driver, provide a reason and let it do its thing. Once that is done reboot and try EQ again.
  12. Uzpredator New Member

    Got it fixed had to go click the icon for eq, go to Properties then compatibility then check disable full screen optimizations hit apply then run as administrator the first time you log in. bam it works again and yes its a lap top I play on daily .
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  13. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    Ah I remember someone mentioning this a while back. Glad it worked and thank you for posting your resolution so we have it for future reference!
  14. Nindi New Member

    Thank you for this! It was the fix for my black screen issue.
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  15. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Have you checked your anti virus software to see if it blocked it? Occasionally on a patch I get this happening.

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