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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Feliwbro, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Feliwbro New Member

    Hello i am a complete newbie here and i am trying to get familiar with the hail commando to speak with npc
    I am in the starting kobold cave and i cannot complete the rat and bats quest because the cat lady keeps telling me about some kobold armor she want to give me but i already have it equiped and also wants to turn the spiders quest but the guard keep repeating the same and didnt let me complete it

    Hope somebody can enlightnen me because i liked the game but cannot progress like that
  2. Claudi Lorekeeper

    Did you also destroy the vermin nests? Besides killing rats and bats - you need to destroy 4 nests (just attack them). Also for the spider quest you have to hail Valhara (the cat lady). You can find all the walkthroughs on Allakhazam:
    Allakhazam also has a nice list of all the quests in different zones - e.g. Tutorial (Mines of Gloomingdeep):
  3. Feliwbro New Member

    i do hail them, the thing i find when i do is they did not change from the message before doing the quest to the one they are supposed to say after you complete the requirements
  4. Yruc Augur

    For that quest you get a pair of pants, do you already have the pants? If not check to make sure you've killed the 8 rats, 4 bats and have "destroyed" 4 vermin nests (you can attack the nests to destroy them or just target them and use the "open" button to destroy them as well)

    If you have completed all 3 steps, then when you hail her she will give you a pair of pants.

    When you first start the tutorial it tells you to go around and hail the NPCs there, when you do that she gives you armor for your arm. If you hail her again she will say the same thing but since you already have the arm armor you wont get it again.
  5. CatsPaws Augur

    Many times in the tutorial the ending npc you speak to is not the one who started the quest. So make sure your not going back to the guard who gave it to you when it is someone else you need to speak with to finish that one. Sometimes you can repeat some of the quests like the armor one and they will give you different armor. They might get stuck on the leggins or the back or whatever but if you turn in stuff over and over they will give you the other pieces. The most I had stuck was 3 in a row of the same item.

    Are you looking in your quest overlay to see if you are missing any steps before it completes? Iirc there is a lot of clicking "ok" on the other window that pops up to walk you thru. It sounds like one of those windows is not open all the way for you to see the next step?

    You gain a lot of good items - the charm and all the armor and some other goodies - but it is not necessary you complete tutorial to continue in the game. You can go up to Arias and "/say I am ready to leave" and he will port you to POK where you can do what you want. But the tutorial is just that - teaching you to play. :)
  6. Geroblue Augur

    Turning in the regular spider silk to the cat lady will get you cloth armor. Turning in the no trade quest spider silk to her, from the spider nests, will also get a reward. But its the guards that give the quests.

    Last time I did this, the guard told me to be sure and give any silk to the cat lady.
  7. Feliwbro New Member

    dont know if this helps, but i get a red message telling me they have nothing for one with my abilities
  8. Shaantara Elder

    I remember that one of the quests given by a guard at the tunnel in the starting area ends by hailing one of the guards in the tunnel that leads to the kobolds/pit area. Could it be the quest you are working on? Be sure to check the name of the guard you are supposed to hail.

    If the quest is Arachnophobia, as shown here, notice the starting guard's name is Vyrinn and the ending guard's name is Hobart.
  9. moogs Augur

    Are you making use of the in-game task tracker? It should be Alt+Q to bring it up. There is usually a pretty detailed task list for each quest and it will tell you to turn in X amount of drops to NPC Y.
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  10. Feliwbro New Member

    will start a new character in the evening and see if maybe i did something wrong with the order of the quests
  11. Feliwbro New Member

    I made a different character and skipped the tutorial, everything was good until i had to make a quest of diseased spiders i killed all of them but when i speak back to initiate dakkan or something he keeps repeating the intro text instead of rewarding me from killing the spiders
  12. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    Do this. What is the current step of your quest?
  13. Geroblue Augur

    I've had the same problem, off and on, for the past several months doing the quest Roanoak hands out in Blightfire. This didn't happen before, so it might be something new was added that messed qirth quest completions in the tutorial and Blightfire. And that quest you couldn't complete was in Crescent Reach. Two of those zones are 'next to' each other.

    I do wonder if other zones are having quest completion problems ?
  14. Feliwbro New Member

    well is nice to know there is somebody else having the same problem, i just gave up and started to just kill mobs to level up

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