Can we get an Update on DoT changes , please

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Rayzen, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. Rayzen Elder

    Every time I see there is a game update scheduled, I say to myself "cool, this is it...finally." I read the patch notes only to find it's news about yet another new server, or something else totally....well, you know. I'm feeling like maybe the doT changes for other classes got put on the waaaaaay back burner, or put off indefinitely. If this is true, it's sooo not 2 classes, and telling others theirs are soon behind.....then literally months go by with nothing. Here's an Idea....let's try finishing what we start.....before opening up more servers.
  2. ShadowMan Augur

    Really hoping this was just a partial patch and the July patch is to come in a few weeks with updates for dots for some. They still have to adjust bard, shaman, druid and shadow knight dots before probably adjusting necro dots. And we are getting to the point that its going to be design time for AA and spells for the next release of content. So some of those classes or just necros are going to get screwed over tuning wise with the new stuff if they don't get it together and get them in by August. Because they wont have a few months on live to see how it all works out before adding that stuff so they will be overly cautious leaving a or some classes SoL for a long time.

    To say that another way. If they revamp necro dots in October more than likely any new spells and AA will be pretty tame a month or two later as there was no time to test the new dots on their own. As a dps class first I don't want 90% of my AA based on utility again.

    TLDR its been 4 or 5 months since the necro nerfs and announced dot revamp but the only class that relies on dots full time isn't even on the radar yet for dot changes. Despite getting dangerously close to designing the next content releases AA and spells.
  3. Kravn Augur

    Its funny how the classes that use DoTs the most haven't been touched:


    We really want to see what kind of impact this is going to have on our classes so we can gauge best how to move forward into the next content expansion. I know the SKs are very tentative on pushing for anything spell related right now pending how these revamps are implemented.

    I'm sure Joe_Blow_Ranger_001 was super happy about his one DoT and all, but seriously, work with the classes that NEED this.

    On another note, why were Beastlords ramped up so high? Rather than compensate them for lack of DoT AA, why not just give them the AA lines so the DoT revamps could be handled on a consistent percentage basis across the board and make this all a lot easier.
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  4. Lonye Augur

    Yeah, what ever happened to updating DoTs?

    I've been impatiently silently waiting for months now. I really liked the changes to the enchanter dots (TLP) and would really like to see a boost to other class DoT spells.

    Just scale up the damage, don't even consolidate. Clearly they bit off more than they could chew somewhere, and it's useless to speculate.

    Please update the DoTs. If the devs need to test them first, well that's what Beta and Test are for. How about utilizing the tools you have at maximum efficiency?
    I know, it's easy to say, but at the same time:
    "if it aint broke don't fix it"
    if it is broke, fix it!
    if it is on the back burner, turn up the heat. You have 4 heating elements (at least).
  5. Ravengloome Augur

    It's more than broke it's completely wrekt.

    Edit: Kravn druids haven't use DOTS in years though, so they will obviously be next :p
  6. EnchFWO Augur

    They actually use one if it fits in the weave. It's *rare* but it's true. Of course, ... it will probably get the worst revamp and then get dropped for some other stupid DOT that makes no sense.
  7. Ruven_BB Augur

    Not all rangers think our DOT is the cat's meow.

  8. Critts Augur

    Well wizards are gonna be in the same boat as Necros soon so everyone start playing a Zerker the only nurf resistant class there is.
  9. Sindaiann Augur

    With the DoT changes recently, if they do not either

    A) increase mob debuff slot capacity or
    B) consolidate necro DoTs (have heard this is going to occur) so that they don't have to use 3 poison DoTs and they instead cast 1 and it scales for all 3, and do this for each type of DoT they cast (example not necessarily accurate)

    The DoT changes become irrelevant for some. With all the classes that have had DoT changes casting DoTs on raids now, the debuff cap is hit far too soon and most of the time results in necro DPS taking a huge hit. If you roll about 3 necros with the current DoT changes and everyone and their uncle Bobby casting DoTs + plus the relevant debuffs needed, it severely impacts not only the 3rd necro in the raid but also some of the DPS for either necro 1 or 2 (depending on how well DoTs are kept refreshed).

    I am all for the changes to DoTs for all classes involved, just something has to be done so that these changes can freely be used without hearing necros cry all the time (justifiably so) due to the mob hitting the cap in debuff slots. Also telling classes to not use something that was just changed to increase their own DPS some, really shouldn't be a forethought. It completely negates the changes and the use of them.
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  10. Ybidzian New Member

    Fix necros, they are the premiere DoT class, and are meant to be. Shaman are second on the dot heirarchy, with everyone else a mile behind. As an SK I don't really care about my dots that much, I can bash things to death. If you are a necro DoTs are your reason for playing. You have almost no other purpose except for utility (eg converging at raid wipes, summoning corpses in an emergency, rezzing in an emergency etc), but primarily necros are the intended leaders of DoT damage. It is a rare shaman that has the luxury of being able to DoT without healing, buffing, slowing etc. Everyone else's dots don't bear speaking about in comparison with necro then shaman. Fix those first.
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  11. Ravengloome Augur

    Unless they do something drastically different with DOT changes SK dots will be the highest healing, dps, and aggro tools you can put on your spellbar. You may want them sooner than later.
  12. Siddar Augur

    Option one increase raid mob debuff limit to 500
    Option two make DoT lines not stack to try and keep number of debuffs bellow existing cap.

    Only option one was a real long term solution so of course they chose to do option two instead.
  13. Draego Augur

    Personally for my Rangers I would have been far happier if they would have just left em alone...

    I mean, I utilized DoT stacking on my Rangers for agro control while tanking for groups. To make matter worse they added a de-agro (or agro reduction modifier) component to the Ranger DoT's that they "fixed".

    I never had a problem with my Ranger's DPS or ability to Tank and hold agro until this nerf happened. After this latest nerf, my Ranger's which were my 2nd most used class (despite NOT being able to maximize damage with face-to-face HS damage), have fallen to the wayside and been forgotten. The ONLY thing keeping them from being deleted is their tracking ability (SAD DARK DAYS INDEED).
  14. Xanathol Augur

    :( SK harder...
  15. Hiladdar Augur

    As a ranger, I have not had an issue with the DoT changes to the ranger class. If anything, it has made the one DoT that was used for our DPS better situationally. We still should not use it on raids, especially if there are 3 or more necros in the raid, but in the group game is does work, especially on fights that are expected to last a min or longer.

    Regarding the enchanter DoT changes. The DPS is nice, but it generates way to much agro, limiting the usability of the spells.
  16. Kravn Augur

    SK Bond spells (tap over time) have never stacked with previous versions due the heal being a recourse so I doubt this will get adjusted... this will likely have little to no impact on our healing.

    As far as damage goes it will be a welcome addition. Aggro... Not like we need a lot of help in that area. It actually may prove to be a hindrance as we will have to disable bold attacks in a lot of raid environments.
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  17. mtbryant New Member

    I understand that Raid Necros will be the focus of this thread, but as a "non Raid" Necro , i'd like to say I have very serious concerns as well about the DoT changes.,as do all of the non Raid necros i have spoken with .Basically, if we are out soloing content at present, it is possible to pull aggro off our pet as things are now.Assuming our DoT lines are ramped WAY up to eliminate the need to stack 3 poison DoTs , and 1 will theoretically tick for the same damage , I just do not see how Necros are not going to be constantly pounded on after a couple critical ticks ,the Necro pet simply can't hold aggro over that.
    Now, the problem is if they adjust necro pet to hold all the aggro all the time in the face of the ramped up DoT damage, i have concerns about that pet staying alive at all -Nec pets simply arent Mage Earth Pets and while of course Necros try to buy / beg gear for their pets , its quite possible they are with a no weapon no armor simply "as cast "pet at times .Might Necros be given the ability to summon pet gear ,or their pet be ramped up to equate Earth Pet survivability then ?

    All in all, I'm really not seeing how this is going to come off in a workable manner , it seems to be opening up a lot of "can of worms" simultaneously. ,and given the fairly recent rounds of " Here, eat a huge nerf Mr Necro" frankly I'm hesitant to even spend the time to complete going from 103 to 105 , if the end result is Necros will be even "broker" than they are now after this "DoT Revamp". ,and frankly the long delay isn't doing much to allay my suspicions.

    Are any other Necros out there concerned over just how they plan to balance all this out in regards to us , our pet and its peculiarities versus the other DoT using Classes /Pet Classes?
  18. mackal Augur

    Which is probably why, they have to be more careful with these classes :p (so takes more time)
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  19. Ravengloome Augur

    DOT changes are dot changes there's no good reason to NOT upgrade Bond. See enc Mind storm for precedence in RE the scenario you are talking about.

    I mean the boost it got in TDS was ok, but it's still meh whatever, I'll cast this I guess.

    Also in current content isn't it the only one that lands reliably?
  20. Sindaiann Augur

    Not accurate. It can be managed from an enchanter stand point and only literally 2 raids create issues due to mem wipe type mechanics where the dots still tick when the mob returns to active.

    Anashti Lady of Life when Coffin spawns and she ports up, then back down - easy, stay downstairs and don't go upstairs if you can't manage your aggro, atleast that protects against a leash and 100%

    Anashti Enslaver of Souls - 70% to 45% weird pathing mechanic where she looks like shes on the drugs - it can be managed and truth be told tanks do a very good job

    Not to mention the abilities you have to manage aggro. 2 Fades, Arcane Whisper, Silent Casting, abilities like Doppleganger, Dimensional Shield, Dimensional Instability, etc etc. Most raid enchanters have very minimal issues managing it, and in terms of the group game, most love how it performs. I would however say the following.

    It would be nice if Mind Storm didn't just have an initial hate mod on it, but rather something implemented that decreased hate per tick. But then again that's something necros have been wanting for a very long time, so realistically it is not something one should cry about.