Can not log into char screen

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Saleenia, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Xiss Journeyman

    I copy my install from machine I play on to an external HD. Take it to the win 10 laptop and run launcher directly from the external HD. It updated 2 files including direct x, but not anywhere near machine at the moment to check exactly what.

    I then plug external HD back into machine I want to play on and merge the folders. This means it takes 30 secs and only copies changed files instead of 30 mins copying everything.
  2. toodlem Elder

    can you look at download txt and tell me which two files? Thanksso much! I'm not seeing any file replacement on my windows 10 machine.
  3. toodlem Elder

    wow most helpful... how do you "merge" files?
  4. Tracker New Member

    Toodlem, as I recall you have 2 machines, one Windows 10 and one not. On the 10 machine sort the Sony/Everquest folder by modify date. Then do the same on the other PC. Compare the modify dates of EQGraphicsDX9 and any of the other commonly modified files from updates. My guess is that the Eqgame file is the other file that Xiss found modified. Bundle them up as you did with the last patch and drop a link here please.

    Also Xiss probably used Winmerge which you will see as a option if you right click on a folder.
  5. toodlem Elder

    Ok folks here they are... did these 4 files from the win10 and now xp working.... here is the link!NJUUTKhK!4BX0JT4Pa2coOmgDE76IIg
    please let me know if this works for you. I am very very new to doing this but so much appreciated others doing it... I want to extend the work for my fellow players with xp. Hugs to you all.
  6. toodlem Elder

    see my post below... with link to the files that worked for me
  7. toodlem Elder

    got it working today by uploading 4 files... have posted them for you to!NJUUTKhK!4BX0JT4Pa2coOmgDE76IIg
    hope it gets you in!
  8. Tracker New Member

    That worked for me, thank you Toodlem.
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  9. toodlem Elder

    see the upload in earlier post... hope it works for ya!
  10. Saleenia New Member

    that worked tykindly just ordered new win disk and video card fried mine last night having worse luck here .but ty kindly made to char screen logging in fingers crossed

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