Can I re-subscribe using a pre-paid Visa gift card?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by SleezerGeezer, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. SleezerGeezer Journeyman

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but I'd like to re-up using a gift card I have (in US), and I'm wondering if that's possible? To be clear, this isn't a game card. I'm not even sure if those are still sold or not.

    Thank you.
  2. CatsPaws Augur

    Sure its possible to use a gift card. Some people say to use the thing printed on the card (often something like GIFT CARD RECIPIENT in caps) as the name. Others just plug it in.

    Don't forget you can play free for many levels.

    No, game cards are no longer sold. But many players still have a few laying around. I have like 3. They still work.
  3. SleezerGeezer Journeyman

    I already have an account in my name, but I've been playing free, but I need to sell in bazaar. I'm tired of being perpetually broke. It's a real drag.
  4. CatsPaws Augur

    What I meant was the gift card - when you enter it into payment options in the EQ subscription area there is a place to put the cardholders name. Try it with your name.

    If it doesn't work then you may need to enter "GIFT CARD RECIPIENT" or what ever shows on the gift card in the lower left corner.

    I use gift cards frequently and they go thru fine when I use my name.

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