Burn Out Keeper's Balance Achievement

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Kongfoo, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. Kongfoo Elder

    So I did Burn Out today and went for the balance achievement which was a friend's final challenger for CotF. The achievement is to not let the final 2 named get over 5% out of balance. When we did it the 2 named never went past 3% balance. When we opened the chest at the end someone in the group got Keeper's Imbalance but no Keeper's Balance. I don't understand how we got Imbalance (lose balance by 40% or more) when we never went past 3%. I'm curious how we could go about getting the balance achievement since actually balancing them doesn't seem to be the way to go. Anyone have any ideas or tips about how you got this? I personally got it shortly after this came out and it automatically gave all 3 challenger achievements on a win.
  2. Shiea Augur

    Its because they are totally broken and have been since launch. You can get the balance ach by completely killing one while leaving the other at 100%, and you can also get imbalance ach by keeping them within 3%. And sometimes you can get BOTH by doing either. Toss a coin and that's your strategy for attaining those achievements.
  3. Vlerg Augur

    shiea is pretty accurate.

    I got both achievement at the same time on argin-hiz release date by burning 1 from 100% to 0 without touching the other one ( deflection tanking).

    can provide ach with timestamp on vox =).

    it's also bugged in the raid version.

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