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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Elemental, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. Elemental Journeyman

    It would not allow one of my accounts to loot items from a chest that I had assigned to said player. In the scenario, I was 3 boxing Eastern Wastes group mission. With this task, I have 2 characters on each of my 3 accounts invited into the instance before I start the mission. On account 1, my magician and my shadowknight, account 2, my enchanter and my magician, and account 3, my bard and my beastlord. Logging in these toons once I complete the win so that way I can maximize my rewards. Upon opening the chest and completing the mission, I had camped out my magician on account 1, so that way I can loot Crystallized Velium Ore and Ry'Gorr Glass Gem on my shadowknight.
    I zone in my shadowknight, on account 1, with my bard on account 3 as Master Looter and check the chest on shadowknight to display the items in his Advance loot window and I assign the loot to my shadowknight with my bard. It continually gives me an error that says I can not loot these two items, even after 14 minutes. I end up looting both items on my bard with only 3 minutes left on the chest.
    Is this sometime of known bug, or did I do the procedure incorrectly?
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  2. Moege Augur

    Sounds like the shadowknight was not in the zone before chest was opened. That may be your problem
  3. Wulfhere Augur

    Do not assign loot before the character has been added to the advanced loot list (clicks on the corpse).

    I've had this (or similar) bug happen where the item gets locked into limbo in someone's personal loot list and becomes un-claimable until the loot unlocks. No amount of group manipulation will free it up and the affected loot can be hidden to all characters, including the one's whose personal loot list the item is supposed to be in.

    I've also seen items in the shared loot list become unmanageable, while still visible, due to similar group machinations.

    Also, if you change the group makeup without maintaining an online master looter (with active loot rights), you will loose all rights to the loot and have to wait for the corpse to unlock.

    I view these issues as serious QoL bugs for the past 2 years since the split raiding loot lock out nerfs have been in effect.

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