[BUG] Reconstructed Wereorc Head - Donart Rithkin not giving tasks @L100

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Koutarou, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Koutarou Elder

    OK, so I'm a slacker and still haven't finished this achievement.

    Went and finished everything else involved, but Donart Rithkin in Loping Plains won't give me any of his tasks on a Level 100 character:
    • Evaluate Bloodmoon
    • What do the Spiders Eat?
    • What do the Worgs Eat?
    • Contact Bloodmoon Slaves
    • Contact Bloodmoon Spirits
    Hail, say the keywords, get the dialogue back but no popup task selector and no task in window. Been max ally with Fangbreakers for many years.
  2. Gragas Augur

  3. Koutarou Elder

    Actually its not a L100 thing. He's not giving tasks to anyone. My level 100 main, shrouded to 70 or even a level 77 alt.
  4. Dewbie New Member

    I just got those tasks from him probably 3 days ago on my 77 sham and 82 wiz. Working fine over here. You sure its not a level issue?
  5. Koutarou Elder

    Level 77 wizard alt had same issues as level 100 cleric main.

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