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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by bazinga, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. bazinga Elder

    i would love to see a npc in the pok, guild lobby, or even the nexus that casts buffs. Not all of us have a bot army that is available. something simple, chanter, shaman, cleric buffs just to give some of us that dont want to constantly beg or sit waiting for mgb's....just my 2cp.

    ...flame on, i'll go get some popcorn
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  2. Skalde Elder

    As much as i'd like to see that, it would be too much work because look at how bad mercs are :p
  3. Tatanka Augur

    Here's an example of the only time I've ever approved of the use of the-software-which-must-not-be-named: Somebody had set up bots in the GL which would respond with a buff when requested :)

    Now, I'm pretty sure if it could be accomplished that way, it could be accomplished by devs with not too much trouble. The question is, will this be something they'd want to do? I already know the answer to that one.... no :(
  4. shiftie Augur

    They could just script them to cast when plat has been donated. There are already npc in noob areas that do this. Barring that they could set them to mob every 10 min like a nexus scion.

    The devs have a script to cast every spell that they use on beta raids.
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  5. Slippry Augur

    Tossing out the basic rk2 buffs from clr/shm/enc for few hundred plat is something that should have been added long ago.

    I don't think that has been updated in a while. The dev who made it hasn't done raid testing in the last few years.
  6. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Will (and likely should) never happen. They do not like giving people reasons to not interact with others. This would remove a very significant reason that people have to seek out other actual players in the game. No matter how great of a plat sink it might make, the damage to the game and community would be more than the benefit.
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  7. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    No. No. No. And a resounding, No. Want buffs on demand? Roll a buff bot or beg other players.

    That is all.
  8. Tatanka Augur

    Yeah, because nobody sits in the GL afk to get buffs for their next session.

    This would be a way for those who don't want to, or can't, leave their toons logged in 24/7, to get some of the buffs everybody else is already getting. It would ruin nothing.
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  9. Aurastrider Augur

    I can see the QOL improvement with this but I think there would have to be some financial incentive for something like this considering it would eliminate a lot of actual buff bots which do provide expansion purchases at the least. I have 3 accounts designated for buff bots that I buy expansions, level, and buy spells all so I have buffs on demand when needed. Maybe if they added individual buff classes that could be placeable in a guild hall or neighborhood area and each cost 10-20 bucks for rank I spells and 15-30 for rank II spells plus what ever in game plat that would be needed to get the buffs I think this might work considering it would benefit both the bottom line and players needs at the same time. Even if they did this I would still roll with my buff bots because I can move them to camps I am at as long as there are no flagging issues and such which means I get buffs without the added hassle of zoning back and forth.
  10. Lianeb Augur

    Even if they did implement a buff npc you know as well as I would people would complain they are getting level appropriate buffs from the npc. The developers are not into PLing toons.

    Hang out in your local lag pile if you want them
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  11. Baldur Augur

    I thought this existed at one time?

    NPCs in the guild lobby that you could hail and go through dialogues and get certain buffs. It wasn't the most recent buffs I don't think.

    Or am I remembering something wrong?
  12. Khat_Nip Augur

    Nothing like this has ever existed in EQ 1.
  13. Baldur Augur

    Ahh, are you implying that it does exist in EQ2? Maybe that's what I'm remembering.
  14. shiftie Augur

    Not exactly that but
    This quest begins with Jemoz Lerkarson, a cleric guildmaster in the basement of the Temple of Marr (northwest part of West Freeport: location 1610, -1700, -195).

    Oddly enough, Jemoz is on Knights of Truth faction rather than Priests of Marr.

    You say, 'Hail, Jemoz Lerkarson'

    Jemoz Lerkarson says 'Bless you, my friend! We always welcome new converts into our Hall of Truth. The righteous army of the twin deities must assemble. The battle draws near. The blessings of the Truthbringer are passed to all who are [devoted to truth].'

    You say, 'I am devoted to truth'

    (He casts a buff on you.)
  15. Tatanka Augur

    Incorrect, there is an NPC in the tutorial (Gloomingdeep) who does this.
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  16. Tatanka Augur

    Couldn't exist in EQ2 because the game's mechanics don't work that way. There's no buffing out of group chars. You cast your buffs on yourself, and any which are group buffs will automatically take effect on anyone in your group, for as long as they are in your group.
  17. Buri Augur

    The discontinued game Star Wars Galaxies had a nice system for auto-buffing, the buffer could set up how much they wanted for the buffs, set up an announcement telling people the price/quality, and then go afk as long as they wanted, earning money for the buffs. It was part of what contributed to a very robust and healthy player economy. It would be nice to see something like this in EQ.
  18. snailish Augur

    There's a few NPC in the game that buff you (mostly classic era I think). The work you do to get the buff and quality of the buff... not necessarily worth the cost/effort.

    They could put MGB every 15 minutes from an NPC in home cities. Set the duration of the buff set slightly less than what the comparable merc buff time would be.

    Except that they put so many potions in PoK and plat is handed out to you on live, so not sure this is needed?

    They could sell some more expedient potions in the marketplace (i.e., "Lowbie Buff Buffet" casts Temp, clarity, SoW, lev, enduring breath, damage shield, regen, etc. a "Planar Buff Buffet" would step up with KEI and so on" --the buffs would be separate so you could block or click off the parts you don't want).
  19. Tatanka Augur

    The potions I've looked up have pathetic buffs compared to player buffs.

    The level 105 clarity potion adds 39/tick. The player spell at this level range adds 141 at rank 1.

    I'm not saying the potion should be as good as the spell, but less than 1/3?
  20. Schadenfreude Augur

    The ability to receive a single buff when hailing an NPC has existed since 1999.
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