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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Sirene_Fippy, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. Sliders Journeyman

    I don't want to overhype the ability to say this, but I would say that you have underestimated the pet proc heal that we already have. I've gotten a lot out of it, and it was definitely worthwhile. I've found the pet proc heal to help when heals are in short supply. It needs to be strong to matter if it's a pet proc heal for the group, but it can still matter if used appropriately. The idea of the pet taking say 50%'ish dmg for the group to get a 70k or so heal to me seems like it would be more accepted than a proc heal given the attitude presented, but whatever happens happens I guess.
  2. Kobrah Augur

    We can become our pets likeness well make BP turn it into us lmao.. I like dps so id be down for it being a weaker version of us doing our spells abilities etc to a weaker extent like the doppelganger mobs in that one Neriak HA ... It be fun .. I like fun stuff.
  3. Duhbeast Augur

    The pet rune proc sounds neat, I wonder how weak it would be though.
  4. Sliders Journeyman

    If it's going to be a rune type thing, make it absorb 2 hits flat out on the target's target, and maybe have 15 charges?

    Or maybe the pet could proc a group cure that cures disease, poison, corruption, and curse? Rangers seem ahead of us in the curing game by a fair margin so far.
  5. Zipon New Member

    First off please keep it DPS. If you would like to make a combo DPS and some kind of mana back or heal fine even a deaggro would be cool combo but keep the dps on BL BP.

    For clicky maybe we can do a combo pet proc/ BL proc. Maybe a twincast for pet and BL of some kind. Some kind of cool dps for the BL not just pet.

    For focus we do not have an aura. Make BP have an aura for everyone in group and all pets. Some dps boost for all but Zerkers they have to much dps already lol ok for all lol.

    Have fun.
  6. Puzzling New Member

    Please do NOT do anything like ^^^^...

    How about for a click, you give us the ability to crit our dots for their original DMG values again. Since that "nerf" took us from a good place, back to basic stagnation.
    Click = Double base dot dmg for 60s (including the nuke!)

    As far as focus goes, just make sure you allow it to stack with the eyes. By this point even slackers have them, and the super slackers are getting close.

    When EoK was launching we had already asked for 2 different versions of the BP, so it could be swapped for those with eyes to a slightly bigger fury of the beast click. That was ignored all together.

    As a side note, since it was mentioned here anyway. Vindication timer vs counters = bad math, it should really be looked into.

    for craps sake, the UF (iirc) BP click was the most common sense version of how the devs see the class, BL + pet combine and do dmg. I would not be opposed to a version of that coming back if they actually took the time to make it worth using.

    I would still love to see that Focused Paragon w/o a target & or hateful target benefit the BL, but I get that isn't likely to happen without recreating the wheel & forcing a new AA/Spell.
    If that is the actual response, and not just more smoke... then there is a very simple fix.... Consumption of Spirit reuse timer lowered. I get that it's not ideal to waste that cast time during combat, but we all do anyway so make it give more, or make it available more often.

    Still think that since you took away 52% of the base dmg of the dots, you should have adjusted the mana costs as well. Sadly, I know better than to hope for that this late in the game.

    ***EDIT: Since someone brought up mending warder, why bother making it last almost 2 hours when it has such a trivial amount of counters on it (16). I don't know anyone who would bother keeping it on the spell bar to recast it every 2-3 mins when it fades. It is by no means a game changer, but it would be an amazing spell for an aDPS class if the counters were removed. I think people would actually use it, or maybe begin to see its value vs writing off as another spell not worth casting.

    My 2cp
  7. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I'm not seeing anything really clear here, but ideas I can work on.
    Would you want a change from extra damage to one of these for the focus?:
    Al`ele's Vindication buff duration extension or reuse reduction
    Consumption of Spirit reuse reduction
    Maul reuse reduction

    I might have a reasonable way to do something with the damage focus that "stacks" (more works with than stacks) that increases the damage the spell(s) do. It would be different, but I would do math based on your crit amount (not rate... it would assume a crit) and the highest level of the spell and add a scalar damage (With Group focused on Rk2s damage and Raid focused on Rk3s damage)

    I agree that the bash thing is odd and would be happy to get rid of it. It will continue to do a set amount of something. Be it healing, damage, or some combo.
    I like the sacrificial self-damage to heal idea, but I have to see if the team think's it's too "necro."
    An equivalent of Hand of Holy Wrath (some damage with a group heal) sounds cool.
    The cleric epic thing is hard coded for group members and not pets :/
    I'm not so much a fan of a rune as that's not very Beastlord.

    The clicks are always going to be "low" if you consider them "DPS/HPS/etc" as they will continue to have a long recast, which makes the "S" part of that formula large. They are meant for a short burst of something, ONLY periodically. Not a constant add to DPS.
  8. Brohg Augur

    I like both of these very much, I would be happy with either (but might still keep wearing +85regen Fungi? damnit...)
  9. Puzzling New Member

    ---- Maul: It triggers BL synergy, if you made us able to proc it more often then you would start a war with every other class. Additionally to that point, the more aDPS you make us, the more our DPS seems to get destroyed in the process.

    ---- Al'ele's: This disc in general is a slap in the face to begin with, our dots used to be able to crit the DD and actually generated some DPS (& some agro). We lost that ability, but gained the ability to add another DD that attempting to actually use the counters on either ran you OOM, or required that you used a version of the dot, that had a base so weak that you wondered if you were actually gaining anything by the combo.

    ---- Consumption of spirit: I cant see this being lowered to a reasonable timer, that would lead us to a point where we are not out of mana constantly anyway. But I'm all for whatever mana we can get.

    ---- Make the BP focus a "moderate" % chance to reduce the cost of our dots???
    ---- Make the BP click a DD triggered by feral swipe

    At this point, making the eyes stack/work with the bp focus seems trivial, since most people just chain dot anyway. why cast a minor dd, when you can cast a dot that has a chance to crit for 100k, maybe swap the focus to maelstrom instead? since some people actually still cast that.
  10. Lifeshriek Elder

    For the Focus: reuse reduction on Al'ele's Vindication (hopefully by 90 seconds or more) I could definitely appreciate. Consumption of Spirit reuse reduction would be nice too. Maybe if you can get that scalar crit mod to work you could make a focus for Polybiad Blood, Ekron's Chill, and Beramos' Maelstrom as suggestions.
    For a Clicky: maybe it could work like the Rain of Fear bst bps, it triggered a proc buff on the player and had a hit limit. Basically just a scaled up version of those. An example from Rain of Fear tier 4 is Dreadweave Dragonbrood Tunic which has Frozen Fury as a clicky. Different versions increased the hit limit and/or the proc amount as the item went up in group/raid tiers. I guess I just prefer the damage to come from the player rather than the pet when possible. Thanks :)
  11. Zunar Augur

    What about a clicky that gives us some watered down buff version of Bloodlust AA? (chance for more procs)
    Or Twincast buff with very limited uses?
    I think those would be much more exciting than a standard damage proc buff.
    For focus I'd prefer Maul timer reduction.
    If that's no go, then Al'Ele's Vindication timer extension/reduction.
    While it'd be nice to have a consumption of spirit timer reduction, it'd likely be a small one.
  12. Waldagar Elder

    BST Focus:
    Savage Rancor Increase duration 100%
    Ruabri's Fury Increase duration 100%

    Fury of the Beasts
    Target: Pet, Recourse to Pet owner with same effect
    Max Hits: 16 Offensive Proc Casts
    2: Cast: Unleashed Fury on Skill Use (32000)
    3: Limit Skill: All Melee skills
    You and your pet unleashes their inner fury, striking their target for 15000 damage, up to a maximum of 16 strikes.

    How is that? Covers the ADPS and personal DPS boost.
  13. Brehm New Member

    I have a few ideas! I personally would love to see something unique.

    1. Perhaps maybe a weapon that we could give to our pets or an item slot that mages do not summon and pets can use (like range slot?). Call it "Sharpened Fangs" or something to that effect. It could have various mods on it to slightly boost pet ( would love it to boost pet's taunt skill).

    2. A click effect i could cast on a mob, called "Feast for the Famine" that puts a buff on the mob and when either you do a certain amount of dmg to the mob or the mob dies it gives you a consumable click item that had a Heal over time and/or damage component to it for you and your pet.

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