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  1. menown Augur

    I'm fine with HP locks, but you need to add something to this mechanic to make it more fair. During the HP lock, all non-DoT damage receives an 80% reduction; heals cannot crit, and receive a 50% spell slow; and All incoming damage receives 0 mitigation. Yep, that sounds about how I feel as a necro when there is an HP lock.
  2. Bigstomp Augur

    I love prince. I have time to go make dinner before he can be damaged again.
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  3. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

  4. IblisTheMage Augur

    Omg that is funny :). Which show is it from?
  5. Yinla Augur

    Thoughts on timed adds.

    The lower tier guilds cannot get the adds down and the named at the same time, how about helping them out, while not interfering with the higher guilds who burn their way through them.

    Most events are 20 - 30 minutes, after that time adds stop spawing and the event can be beatten or less adds spawn and their frequency is reduced, after all there has to be a point where the boss runs out of allies!

    This would allow the top guilds to steamroll the events as they do now, but it would also allow the guilds with less DPS to run an endurance raid and beat it by being stuborn and not giving up.

    I think it would be nice once again to have more than 1 way to beat a raid.
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  6. Ssdar Augur

    Silicon Valley. Great show!
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  7. Sheex Augur

    Forum Quest Champion Sancus is literally Gavin Belson level elitism irl. It is known.
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  8. Windance Elder

    Would be nice but I don't see the Dev's giving the smaller guilds a break on the timed adds. Pretty much everything since TBM has solid DPS checks or go home. Only a couple raids don't have some form of timed DPS.

    Again - coming from a smaller guild we've got a solid 30-40 people who log in every night and we're all getting older. Hell we've got a few members who are in upper 60's / low 70's and have been guild members for 10+ years. Kind of hard to just say "get good" or there is the door. Too bad. So sad.

    So my plea to any devs who may read this. Please make at least 1-2 of the early raids in each expansion for us.

    As it is every expansion for the last 5 years has caused one of the raiding guilds on bert to give up.
  9. DaciksBB Augur

    In regards to posts discussing "unoptimal" group setups of 2 tanks, 2 healers, 2 whatever (I think one of the examples had a bard there), I think some people are severely under-valuing 2 handers, especially with a bard in group, and especially when using heavy mitigation discs/fortitude (I've tanked Skyfire's last wave+boss with a group geared warrior using a 2 hander-Fortitude and the CoA BP/Dicho are fun, especially with a real cleric)

    Just a few nights ago I helped a few RoV casuals flag through smoke trials (a warrior, a zerker, and later a paladin) with healer mercs filling the open slots. We did all but cyclone and wending ways with the paladin acting as dps/healer due to gear. The zerker could have been a bit better but I could tell when he was burning at least and the warrior died a few times but for the most part we had little trouble outside of the warrior running out of discs at parts-there I would just glyph and start tanking. I'm sure Cyclone would have a been a nightmare just due to the lack of ranged dps though.

    General-those frogs take so long to spawn that they should hardly be a problem to deal with

    Prince-same thing as the frogs. those spiders are also the least threatening thing in the expansion, even weaker than the summoned pets some mobs use. do they even hit through Pain Doesn't Hurt? they were much worse when they actually summoned. In the groups I've done it with, the warrior would use rampage when they spawned

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