Boxing Is The Plague Of EQ

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  1. MileyVyrus Augur

    If we are playing money math right now, one boxer who isn't even in this thread is paying DPG more money a month then every squeaky wheel the last 3 days.

    Thats fun!
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  2. Metanis Bad Company

    For at least a decade the profit motive hasn't been the most compelling goal for many public companies.
  3. code-zero Augur

    Back in the mid aughts there were EQ Devs who genuinely hated EQ and wanted to sunset it so that they could focus on the projects that were being funded by the profit they were making on EQ. There was definitely no profit motive driving those people back then. I seem to recall that at one point there were 7 different games that could be played with an All Access Account when that subscription model was introduced and most at long gone now
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  4. Liberated New Member

    Christ bro.. learn to use paragraphs.

    Secondly, your view is atrocious.
  5. mark Augur

    so i have my 7 pcs set up for teek see you all in game.
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  6. Exmortis_MT Augur

    I have 5, let us pave the way for those with just one.
  7. Tachyon Augur

    boxing is basically the lazy route
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  8. Cicelee Augur

    It was said earlier, and cannot be stressed enough.

    If a boxer decides to not box, that does not mean they are going to group with a random Joe Schmo or Suzy Q. A lot of the anti boxing community believes that they would. And to me, that is one of the biggest... fallacies (?, not sure if I am using word correctly) or flaws of their argument. By this point, people have already formed bonds and friendships and if they cannot box, they will group with those people...

    Not you.
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  9. Zalphos Elder

    The benefits of restricting boxing are not dependent on boxers doing community service by grouping with people they don't like.
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  10. Raidyn New Member

    I usually box multiple groups, but plan on just running a truebox duo on teek. I always found it ironic there were so many box-haters out there because all I ever did was help others with my army. Especially those players who were playing a single toon. Never heard any of them complain when I brought a mini raid force in to help them complete an epic, or let them sit in a group and soak xp for a free power level.
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  11. Amadagu New Member

    Boxing is hated until you get your epic/finish your epic, a key or some other mob you greatly wanted but didn't get your "normal way". You will get your piece, finish, key, loot, say how much you appreciate it without charge and then come on the forums and talk your trash. We open our groups, you go afk, your dog, your wife, your kid, your job, is your afk excuse and you come back to getting the loot you wanted; playing the most toxic way possible you can, but we are the problem. The amount of loot given away by boxers is absolutely astronomical if there are just two more like me.

    Take you wannabe moral high ground and shove off you. I have found from when I wasn't boxing until I was, the real toxic folks weren't the boxers is was and remains those that have this pie in the sky view of the game, how its meant to be played, when they don't even have the time or gumption to play it like it was in the beginning; aka "classic" I was there. I watched the boxers (yup they existed even then) help all the time. I watched a famous SK with his six monitors and machines save raids, people, recovered corpses and made the impossible for some people possible.

    Be mad at the botters (different type of players) all you want. Be mad at the power leveling (also been around since the beginning). Hell be mad at the boxers. But when you look in the mirror realize you... yes you, spit more vitriol than all of the boxers, botters and plevelers combined. But you also better realize when you want something and they have it or they have the access to it, you are the coward, two faced, cancer that is really harming the game and the community.
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  12. Juskov Lorekeeper

    I'm surprised we're even still talking about this. Find people with similar goals and join a guild along the same lines. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. Get guild groups. I'm personally never turning general chat on again or doing PUs, too much drama...look in the mirror, it's often these folks that are toxic. Guild chat is general chat, boxing or not.
  13. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    Curious - what are these benefits, and to whom?
  14. Ddezul Augur

    There will be epic pieces locked down and farmed for krono.
    By box armies.
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  15. TeekQuest New Member

    If you can't get the loot you really want on a random loot server then you can't get it on any server and there is ZERO hope for you.
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  16. Tachyon Augur

    i stopped boxing after many years (since 2000), duo to as much as full group because i found i ended up grouping more
  17. sadre Augur

    Boxing has transformed everquest from an immersive game to a kind of speedrun enthusiasts game. Not just speed, but constant tweaking of mechanics, efficiency hacks, all the things speedrunners love to do, boxers do.

    Boxing is an example of speedrunning.

    What this means in gaming terms, Everquest is no longer a primarily immersive game. It is no longer Evercrack. It is Evertweak. Evercrack died in the 2000's really.

    No one knows how to create an immersive game at this time. Boxers, by definition, are not immersion players. They are speedrunners, game hackers. Perfectly legit!

    So we shall rehearse until the end of time a source of discontent. Everquest is now a game primarily for those who like to push themselves much as a speedrunner pushes themselves. But it began as an immersive game.

    What's the difference? In the latter kind of world, who knows what rabbit hole people will fall into. There were max tradeskill peeps before the ring war.

    Just ponder that. That's immersion. You just get lost being this character in a gameworld. The hardcore raiders originally were not speedrunners. They were way too immersed. But those days are over for Norrath. (edit: and persistent world online mmo's in general?)
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  18. Cronar Elder

    Boxing is how the studio stays in business. If everyone only paid for and played one account, we would probably see eq shut down.

    With that said, i do wish that the game would evolve to allow everyone the ability to play on a single character. The days of hardcore anything should be gone by now in gaming.

    If the studio was able to, i would rather see them change things so that you can link your multiple accounts and then turn your other characters to mercs and allow you to control a full party.
    That way they keep their income, and people can play the game to the full extent of things.
    That and private zone copies would make it an even playing field for everyone.
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  19. ExecutionDbl9 Shadow Knight / Necromancer / Druid

    Self awareness is hard.
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  20. ExecutionDbl9 Shadow Knight / Necromancer / Druid

    I agree with your point that boxing helps EverQuest stay in business. I'd rather have boxed EQ than no EQ, and we're about 23 years past the ideal EQ, which is minimal box and max immersion EQ.

    But I do disagree that "the days of hardcore anything should be gone by now in gaming"

    There is nothing wrong with hardcore. There are different audiences of gamers, and they should get different games. I do agree that the days of max immersion MMO's are probably long past us, as MMO's now are a dime a dozen, and no matter what sorts of game worlds may be created, we've seen them before and the large, sprawling, living, open and persistent worlds are no longer impressive like they were in the days of EQ and we were seeing the first ones. After 25 years, that sense of awe and the whole wow factor that Norrath gave us is gone. Even those of us nostalgia chasing on TLP's or P99 aren't going to get the same experience. We've had the first experience, and it's gone now.

    But there is still a place for hardcore in games. There is a whole style of games catering to that audience in the Soulslike games. They certainly have a place, even if they aren't my favorite style of games. I think there is a place still for "hardcore" RPG mechanics, like consequences for choices made and factions joined. I think there is still a place for limited fast travel mechanics, and stakes in your adventure in the form of consequences upon death. There is absolutely a place for those mechanics. Certainly not in every game, and in 2024, maybe not even as much in EQ anymore, but I don't agree with saying that hardcore anything should be gone in all of gaming.