Botting as handled by MUDs

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  1. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    My comment must have stung.

    I guess you’ve done exactly what I’ve said: Use an automated bot crew to collect full sets of Type 5 augments across all characters.

    Let me guess: you’re the guy who had Morwenna locked down 24/7 365 for her Seaglass Curio to trade in for group currency to collect all sets of Type 5s among more than 24 characters.
  2. MacDubh TABLES!!!

    You realize you can get the same type 5s with group currency, which can be gained through task adds which people hand out for free regularly (usually botters ;)). Also even though EQ is a game of inches, the type 5 upgrades are one of the least impacted upgrades in the game, especially if you are upgrading expac to expac.
  3. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    Why manually do missions and deal with lockouts when they use their automation software to get the exact same item by perma-camping a static zone named with zero effort on their part.

    Unfortunately, the monopolization of camps and mobs ruins the gaming experience for rule-abiding players. (Rule-abiding players will leave a camp once they can no longer hold it due to fatigue or real world obligations).
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  4. Overboard New Member

    Guess what, DarkPaw doesn't believe in camps. DarkPaw is perfectly happy with you, or anyone else, taking whatever mob they want. The DarkPaw system is whoever does the most damage to the mob gets the mob.

    Go kill whatever mob you want, whenever you want, DarkPaw encourages this absolutely anti-social behavior in this 'social' game!
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  5. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    While DPS race is permitted, the overwhelming majority of rule-abiding players are unwilling to hurt their clean reputation when a botter throws a tantrum in General Chat (15 minutes or so later) and names-and-shames the player for kill stealing. KSing is still frowned upon. Cheaters (botters) will highlight the KSing to obfuscate the fact that they automate.

    I have personally witnessed this and I don't expect less of those kinds of people. People who are willing to cheat will be sleazy. As we can see on the forums lately, they are willing to wage total war for their self-interest. Attacking and lying is the norm for them.
  6. Overboard New Member

    The rule abiding players are fully encouraged and permitted to take whatever mob they wish, so don't get your personal concept of "rule abiding" warped and wrong.

    Darkpaw has stated the rules and that is, there are no camps and it is a free for all. Rule abiding people, boxxed or not, are welcome to take your mob and your camp.

    I hope you encounter many rule-abiding players that take your mob and camp. Reality is fun !
  7. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    "Rules. Without them, we live with the animals." -John Wick

    Most players are full grown adults who have a sense of sportsmanship and code of honor (de facto rules). We understand that you may have been at a camp for hours and we won't interfere in that process. We also believe in karma.

    It is telling that the pro-cheat crowd now openly endorses kill stealing. Sure, kill stealing is not "against the rules" (de jure) but honoring camps shows decency (de facto). They aren't even defending their moral compass at this point. This goes to show that 'bad actors' thrive in the pro-cheat/pro-automation community. I have little faith that they are good citizens of the EverQuest community. If Daybreak ever normalizes cheat software, I expect a degeneration of the game.
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  8. Paladorfthemighty Apprentice

    John Wick had dialogue?
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  9. dizzadar Lorekeeper

    All i see here is Rule A doesnt suit me lets get rid of everyone breaking rule A. Rule B is a crock of bullpoopy lets use the pirates code and forget the rule exists and anyone who breaks the pirates code to follow rule B is also pure scum
  10. dizzadar Lorekeeper

    so basically any rule you deem bad should be changed but not the ones you deem correct. Then at the same time your condemning others for trying to get the rules changed. Your hypocrisy is unreal and honestly quite unbelievabl
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  11. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    How is behavior like honoring a verbal contract (someone's word is good) equivalent to a pirates' code?

    There is anarchy (3rd order). Then were is law (2nd order). Then there is self-governing ethical behavior (highest order).

    To be good citizens, we should disavow rule-breaking (automation and other cheats) and commit to ethical behavior (honoring camps).
  12. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Amazed how long these threads have gone without a lock.
  13. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    I am confused too. It is unprecedented.

    I suspect the company/studio has decided to "loosen" forum rules to gather feedback and/or allow people to vent. They might shut it down (in the coming days) or allow things to fizzle out.

    It is important that folks (silent majority) opposed to cheating speak up so that the vocal pro-cheat minority does not control the discourse or get their way unchecked.
  14. Lawyer Augur

    "Snowy rules, OK"

    (If you get that reference, you may just have used TinTin back in the day.)
  15. Sarrona Journeyman

    While I dont agree with the AFK aspect of his post you are also trying to push your reality of the game on him. People here need to learn to agree to disagree and see other peoples perspectives.
  16. Sarrona Journeyman

    Where are you getting your numbers from? How do you know that people who oppose automation in any form are the majority? Please lay out the facts of how you came to this hypothesis. I was unaware there were server polls done on this issue
  17. Burdi Augur

    It seems many people who usually don’t care much about those forum, make the effort to register.
    Post in a rather unfriendly environment, and tried to deliver a message i guess.

    That looks like what happened it seems....