Bonus XP and Overseer progress

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  1. Vumad Cape Wearer

    This is not a question about the character XP rewards from completing overseer quests.

    When bonus XP is active, as it is now, does it affect overseer leveling? Will I get the 50% bonus XP to Harvesting or will my Harvesting level go up at the same rate as it would as if there was no bonus.

    Lets assume I have 12 hours between play during bonus XP.

    A) If the answer is yes, then doing a harvesting mission is worth it to level up harvesting faster.

    B) If not, I'm better off doing a 12 hour mission now for the character XP, and continue harvesting after the bonuses are over.

    So, does Overseer progress (not character/quest rewards) get the XP bonus?
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    I did see where some mentioned the Research/Crafting/Harvesting reward amounts change when a new expansion is released. The 2 prior expansions reward the most, and then the amounts scale down from there.

    Also it would depend on where you are in OS.

    Personally I am not giving up close to 10% character exp on a 12 hour run during this bonus period just to fill out those category because the super fast way to do that is to retire elites anytime. And what do you get when you fill them all? Not much, buy a fippy and get a floating board.

    Read thru this - it has some interesting stuff
  3. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I'm not sure how the bonus xp affects OS category xp...I suppose you could make a note of how much the bar moves during this period when you complete specific category tasks and compare it to how much it moves during normal xp.

    However, as was mentioned, the quickest way to max out is to retire elites and use them for category xp. You'll be able to max out everything in less time than it takes to max out one just by doing tasks.
  4. Brickhaus Augur

    Last time I checked, it did not. That includes the retire agent xp rewards as well.

    I'll test it tonight on some alt accounts and confirm.
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  5. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Thanks, let me know your findings. I'll claim XP on some alts I don't play and continue leveling those 6 hour overseer after the bonuses are over.

    For those saying to retire elites, and to not give up XP, the characters I play are maxed out on XP, but one of my accounts is newer and doesn't have a boatload of agents. It's simpler for me to just take the harvesting and the materials that are rewarded with it.