Blatant botting is completely out of hand

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by JeffHanson, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. JeffHanson Elder

    Right now, on Emarr, one of the well-known botting guilds is running FIVE groups in Frontier Mountains as well as multiple groups in Overthere and Scorched Woods.

    Attempting to camp named mobs in Overthere is impossible, because these bot groups will immediately warp to and kill any named mob that spawns.

    Get your damn game under control. This is pathetic.

    I understand that the situation on TLP servers is even worse.
  2. Bottle Journeyman

    Oh you have the AB botter virus? Nice. Our AB botter is still active too.
    While others - who only park their boxing crew in a zone to avoid relogin times or login server issues - get visited and observed by GMs, the botters are still alive and kicking.

    So either people are petitioning and the petitioner is fully incompetent to distinguish between botter, boxer and parked boxing crew and complains more because his Ego has a scratch. and/or GMs checking seriously for automatic playing every time they get a complaint.

    As far as I have seen, the AB botter meanwhile does not KS or warp around anymore.After some checks he got more careful but still has his crews in FM running.I don't have heard that a GMs has been seen at his playground but who knows. If GMs observe parked crews then they surely have checked these botting crews and find no 100% prove for automation or at least a difference to normal play.

    So DGB seems to care a bit more than everybody pretends but they try to be precise and exact.

    I recommend using the same strategy then we did on AB. Gather people, make a raid, out DPS them and let their macros run into nirvana. We had one case in GMM where the rezzing routine rezzed the bot-crew exactly at the spot of some nasty mobs - was a bit funny - every rezz a Dong downwards.... ;)
  3. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    People park their toons in exp zones to avoid logging back in? I mean you mean for 20 minutes here or there right?

    Being friendly and rezzing botters in dangerous areas never did much one way or another. Some other day their 24/7 bots regained any lost exp.

    From what I have been told they can afk play and get tell notices sent to their phone. Dunno if their phone lets them answer tells. But if that is the case how do they get caught afk?

    I miss the days when RMT people had to be at the keyboard farming their loot to sell for RL cash.
  4. Bottle Journeyman

    Nope. I have 24/7 working systems in the business. If I am at work I park them all the time somewhere where they don't get aggro. Mostly in the GH, but if I am in the middle of the quests (e.g. in zones where you need to run a lot and travel around) then they are parked in exp zones somewhere in a corner where they don't get aggro. Mostly permanent invis. But it seems there are some stupid guys who cannot distinguish between people who park temporarily and botters.

    I know some who do that too. I do it since last year when the login servers where so bad and had so many issues that really gets on the nerves trying to get into the game. Because the system runs anyways in the company 24/7, there is no difference to let them stay somewhere in EQ or logout. But it is less hazzle, being able to play a bit during breaktimes and working some hours again. This makes shift hours less boring and short breaks interesting. Else setting up the box crew for 10 minutes or a bit more is sometimes simply useless - like playing with others who are pissed if you play for a bit and leave fast.

    Having a GM observing the crew as I came back reminds me exactly on that. And nothing happened btw. because the crew only standing around invis and has done nothing.

    So petitioners should activate their brain before complaining stupidily.A botter is easy to spot. But some have a big problem with their ego sometimes. Nevertheless botters who really warp around and KS like the wellknown AB botter has been successfully driven from the main camping spots of GMM and TBL - so it works - at least in our cases!
  5. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Interesting never thought anyone would stay logged when in exp zones but what you said makes sense.

    Well I think its fair to say excess reporting shouldn't be a problem. If they find a bunch of toons invissed doing nothing I can't imagine they would ban the accounts. Might get dicey if all the mobs in the area are down I guess but as long as no fighting occurs while a gm is 'there I doubt they would do anything. Though I know botters can have their toons stop what they are doing when other players come around. No idea if they can auto invis when that happens or hide from GMs.

    The scary thing is the warpers and such seem to get away with things.
  6. Kleitus_Xegony Augur

    I think it's more commonplace than you realize. I did exactly that with my paladin and mage this past weekend. Was working on the merc tasks for Aalishai. Killed 1 set of mobs to get the drops and then went AFK for a few hours. A bunch of the mobs right around me would have been dead or waiting on respawn right when I went AFK. I even left my mercs up and on reactive a few times - little bastages were stealing money from me without doing any work.

    Nothing around me saw through invis, so why bother going through the hassle of logging in, reforming the group, etc...
  7. Smokezz Augur

    I do sometimes, I'm not KoS in some areas. No one is going to think I'm killing things while afk when... ummmm... well nothing is dying while I'm afk. LOL. Sure, botters *CAN* stop killing when someone comes around but there are those funky things when mobs die. Corpses. You'd also come across them while they're killing something at times no matter what.
  8. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I would think you would have to look for missing mobs. Couldn't they auto loot everything so no corpses? I don't really spend any time around bot groups as you can probably tell :)
  9. Smokezz Augur

    You've never stopped to watch them? They don't usually stop killing. They usually have piles of corpses around them, and they're usually very obvious that they're automated. Nothing is smooth about their movements. Characters running back to the same spot every time, much like the NPC's pathing, not in a straight line. Things like that. Anyone that confuses someone playing 3-6 chars themselves with an automated group really isn't paying much attention (or doesn't care about the difference)
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  10. Goburs Augur

    The thing that really drives me nuts, is that you can send them tells, or ask for CC's in ooc, and they completely ignore you. The reason being, is that they are not on their screen(s) but have the excuse (I dont pay attention to chat, sorry about that).

    You know damn well it's because they are botting. It's always a ton of melee's that run all awkward towards every mob, and almost look like a confused person, trying to stick to the back of an npc....then as someone stated previously, they run back to the designated camp spot. The casters will sit/stand faster than a normal character, and sometimes stand multiple times before even casting a's like watching a group of 6-12 derps that know nothing about EQ trying to learn the game....or for those of us that came from Zek, it's like watching people use the "stick" command from on mobs....absolutely ridiculous that GM's haven't figured out a way to combat this more effectively....
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  11. Goburs Augur

    That *** is supposed to be a third party program name...I'm sure most can guess which it is...
  12. Jhenna_BB Augur

    I mean, just playing devil's advocate here - people can't be distracted controlling multiple accounts? Also, this is not a social game to some. They play it like a single player game - it's why they are boxing haha

    I'm not taking away from the OP's main points - it's valid. There are however false accusations thrown around all the time. This happened to a member of RA the other day. He runs 5 accounts on three screens He was focusing on what he was doing, so he wasn't responding to the accuser. Then the accuser decides to train said RA member and received an express suspension for his troubles.
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  13. Goburs Augur

    I'm not talking about sending one player a tell, and asking them if they prefer their steaks medium or rare, I'm sending multiple "active" characters tells asking if they mind if I share a certain area, or how long they might be there, etc etc...Social game or not, Im asking simple questions that 99% of people would answer, to multiple toons, that I am actively watching move around, attack, disc, cast spells, etc....

    Only someone with half a brain wouldn't know (not a dig at you at all) that said person is a botter.
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  14. Sorox New Member

    Tank usually autofaces closest mob, runs to pull, runs back with mob(s) in tow.
    Multiple melee run from position X to behind mob instantly attacking and staying directly behind mob as it moves. As soon as mob dies, multiple melee run back to camp site X, sit as needed or stand, not even facing tank. Repeat this cycle for 24+ hours non-stop and you guys actually come here with "what about" and "what if"? I've watched these groups countless times, reported them countless times, no one seems to care... I've even run my toon in and danced in the middle of the pack, made myself an ogre to be big, they are not there... It's full on and no one gives a $hit about it anymore.
  15. Sorox New Member

    funny that M and Q get replaced with **. How freaking ridiculous...
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  16. Tappin Augur

    I don’t respond to tells from people I don’t know. I got hit with a name violation when I responded to a tell (yes, I’m that dumb). I had that name for almost 4 years.

    Also, if you use chat tabs, it’s easy to forget to check a specific tab if your paying attention to another tab or perhaps combat. I don’t think a response to a tell is a valid test for afk bots.
  17. Ewwq New Member

    You are entitled to your own fantasy after all. Cya all in game.
  18. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Just use Unyielding Attention on one of the mobs and kite it around. Watch what the Melee characters in the group do as you drag their mob around for a few seconds.
  19. Bottle Journeyman

    Fantasy, really? What? (if you are really Ewwq and post here openly)

    That you stop KS and warp? You still do it? You have your toons meanwhile in some bigger guilds and talked your guild leaders down to redeem yourself. I expected that you uphold at least the simple rules of respect on AB!

    Or that we prevented you from botting in GMM and Mearatas? After your toons got regularly killed from three different guilds you disappeared from that places!

    Or that you are still botting in FM and selling countless items like ultrarare and the Ancient Cloaks you botted in Nagafen for 2M and pretend your are not botting while your crew was automated nearly 24/7 in these zones?

    Or that the threads here got deleted regularly after your behavior got discussed here?

    I personally don't care so much except I get jumped on and on while I am on a camp. That is something I remember for a while. Nagafen's spot have been permacamped by your botting crew and all players I met were happy to create somehow a /pick to be able to get some items in the small time frame of the seasonal stuff. As long as your 40-50+ toons don't KS again I couldn't care less. If the new expansion is out and you do the same again then I can only say...... dangerzone, my friend, dangerzone...

    Are you doing that on Emaar or other servers too?
  20. Jhenna_BB Augur

    You don't have to convince me. The trouble I promise you will have though is the same kind of nosey, looking for trouble tattletale with a hair across their bum like I mentioned above. People don't understand the legality of certain 3rd party software we can't mention here because this censors it's name. There is a difference between being at the keyboard using it to multi-box versus automating. One is a allowed and the other is not. These EQ social justice warriors don't know the difference and think it makes them the police in lieu of a GM being in the zone.

    Again, I sympathize with the situation the OP mentioned above. That's clear disruption of a zone. Just like name your own real life issue these days, the people seeking out justice don't know how things work and believe themselves to be high and mighty on the topic because "THEY ARE RIGHT ALL CAPS!!"
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