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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Mabus, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. Mabus New Member

    Hello all,I haven't played this game since 2001 and was wondering what would be a good server to start on.I would like to start at level 1 and work my way up.Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. oldandnasty Augur

    Trakanon, because it is peaceful!
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  3. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Heh heh... I would say Xegony but I am prejudiced. Check the main Everquest page during the times you will likely play and on the right side of the page it will show the relative server populations. That may help you decide.
  4. Toadwater Journeyman

    I'd highly recommend starting on the Phinigel server; it's a time-locked progression server that is currently unlocked up through the Luclin expansion with the Planes of Power expansion scheduled to open in February. It would allow you to literally pick up right where you left off! The population is consistently high on this server, and there are still lots of opportunities to actually group with other players throughout the current level range of 1-60.

    If you do decide to try it, send a tell to Vaprak and I'd be happy to give you a few pieces of some basic gear.
  5. Mabus New Member

    I appreciate the reply's all,Thanks :cool:
  6. Naonak Journeyman

    Phinigel is a great server to relive old times. I played on there for 4-6 months up until a few weeks into Luclin. Main draw back is waiting for a group some times depending on your class. Tank, Cleric and Chanter always needed. Hated the corpse runs and group falling apart when your the only one dead and unable to easily get your corpse back. Having a great server population was great. 24/7 grouping and lots of raiding guilds. Only wished xpacks wouldnt be released so fast.

    I have since returned to Drinal and started more alts. Having defiant gear really helps. Think level 10 stuff is better than old school raid gear and only gets better. But mainly focusing on old school leveling zones, but boxing and using mercs to always have a complete group. Down side to live servers I have found. Not much grouping happens under 100. More grouping has started in EoK expansion. Still have fun moloing with my mercs. But do/did enjoy having to group with others to be able to level and even do anything on a progression server

    Play on any server you like. Check guild server information on which may have for players to your time zone.
  7. Reebo New Member

    im about to try out drinal actually, just started playing as of 19:52 EST
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  8. IblisTheMage Augur

    Antonius Bayle if you are om euro time zone is an option.
  9. Karthos Augur

    A couple days before the expansion I hit origin on my bard and saw 20+ people in Crescent Reach. I zoned over to Blightfire Moors and there were 18 in zone. I think those are pretty good numbers for a newbie zone in this day and age. This was Bristlebane server.
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  10. Ryanxp Augur

    I started on my original server, Fennin To (cazic Thule), but lagged a PoK. I realized a year or so later that there's no real way around the lag, and it doesn't bother me so much, but I transferred to the PvP server.

    The game is fun wherever you go,
    But if you want to revert to a decade ago and get locked in monthly fees, Phinnigel is the way to go. You can easily find a group like old times. But the xpac is currently Luclin.

    But servers like Cazic, Xegony, Vox, and apparently Bristle, still have a big crowd, and with General Chat, you can usually find a group in your later levels. Typically early on you'll be soloing.
  11. Tucoh Augur

    Can't speak for other servers, but Bristlebane is populated and pretty much all the guilds are friendly. One of them, Ring of Valor, has two raids a week that literally anyone at level 105 can join.
  12. Cinilya New Member

    Pick a server that doesn't have many the 4 that are down after a one hour maintenance.
  13. Aurastrider Augur

    A server on a game with actual customer service. If you haven't invested into this game yet I would look other places until something changes.
  14. catcattank Elder

    Firiona Vie - this server has an xp bonus that is equal to the xp bonus they had recently, so its like bonus exp all the time.
  15. Yimin Augur

    Best two servers are Bristlebane and Xegony for live , and the two worst Drinal and E-Marr IMO , I have played on these 4 server for the past 17 years ....

    Yi Min

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