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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by The Lucid One, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. The Lucid One New Member

    Im a lvl 18 bard looking for more bards to play with or other players haha im new to eq and im on Vox sever add me my name on eq is LordBard
  2. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    Greetings. FYI there is a serverwide Bard chat channel, I assume people still use it. Type:
  3. The Lucid One New Member

    You gotta be sliver member to join any other chat channels other than new players one :(
  4. karmalious Lorekeeper

    Don't worry about it too much. You likely will find that bards won't want to join your group anyways because 2 bards in a group doesn't make much sense. However, feel free to ask on these forums (since you cannot join any chat channels) and we will be happy to help anyway that we can.

    If you don't already save the google search: ZAM Bard spells
    Technically they are called songs. You can find all of your spells by pressing CTRL+F to find that "bard song vendor" in your starting city or in planes of knowledge.
  5. The Lucid One New Member

    Well I'm doing 29 per tick on my CoD and DDD combined and I'm only lvl 20 so if more bards more DPS so we can take on lots of mobs at a time, always been my strategy plus u can do 3 songs at a time if not stunned and group of bards can have CoD,DDD, and one song of their choosing
  6. karmalious Lorekeeper

    Heres the problem Lucid One,

    #1) Only 1 version of the song will stick at any one time. The highest level character casting that song will stick. Bard songs do not stack ( Someone is welcome to correct me if I forgot a song that does). This is a major mechanic of the game and this applies to almost every spell and every class of character. As an example: You also cannot have 2 shamans in a group who can each slow the mob 40% and magically they stack @ 80%. Only the highest level spell sticks and the later spell never lands.

    #2) Your AE song lists which attack all mobs within a radius is cool....But, not as cool as it used to be 10 years ago. At this point in the game you cannot be moving while singing these songs. Which as you have noticed, means that you get beat on and you get stunned. In reality this means that you are limited to how many mobs you can take on at once. I would imagine you cannot TANK more than 3 at a time ( if that ).

    In summary,
    As I said before, asking other bards to join in won't work. Not only do detrimental songs (damaging songs) do not stack on the mobs.... The beneficial songs also will not stack on people in your group. And while it IS possible for a 2nd bard to sing completely different songs, usually there are not enough songs in our line-up to make it more efficient.

    It has been a while since I played a lower level bard using AE songs. But, I am pretty confident that you will kill faster and have less downtime if you kill monster in a typical way.

    First, take those same 3 ( or 5 ) mobs and find out exactly how long it takes you to kill them all off using your AE songs. Then don't forget to also add in how much time it takes for you to recover before you start to pull the next set of mobs.

    Then, try killing those same 3 or 5 mobs. But kill them 1 at a time. And instead of singing your AE songs, sing your Slow attack speed,Attack speed buff, regeneration, Dexterity, Agility, Strength. If I remember correctly: this method for killing will be faster and less risky than doing those tiny swarms. It used to be back in the day we could AE swarm while running. Which meant we could run around with 50 mobs chasing us and casting those AE songs. Then that simple 26dmg x 50 mobs turns into an astounding 1,300damage per tick!. Sadly though this mechanic was nerfed about 10 years ago. Even as recently as 1 year ago you could do something else amazing called "Charm kiting" where you could game the mechanics of aggro and hate rememberance but, they nerfed that now too so you cannot do that anymore either.

    Back on topic... Go one step further, and kill 1 mob at a time. But this time CHARM a monster to fight on your behalf. And then go in with your melee songs and swords swinging. I am pretty sure this will result in the fastest killing.

    Also at level 26, you can do what is called "Fear Kiting". Basically you run your PBAE fear song which makes the monsters run away in fear. Then also run your Lvl 23 snare so they do not run away at full-speed. And simply beat the crap out of them and you won't take any damage at all. Necromancers are famous for this method of kiting. Only use this in open zones without KOS (kill-on-sight) mobs. A good suggestion would be like in rathe mountains, or karana plains, Blightfire moors.
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  7. The Lucid One New Member

    Still can stack all buffs and we all beat the crap outta mobs haha ty for correction on theory
  8. karmalious Lorekeeper

    Unless they changed the mechanics of this (which is possible).... Bard buffs DO NOT stack. Nor do the detrimental songs stack. Are you positive about what you are saying?

    I have not played in a year, and many things have changed.
  9. Sakuraba Lorekeeper

    If I am remembering my time on TLP correctly....

    Bard Songs do not stack.

    And /melody or whatever that command is makes twisting so easy now that multiple bards are generally unnecessary :/
  10. karmalious Lorekeeper

    Yep, another good change under the direction of SOE.

    While the melody command greatly enhanced bard playability ( I played during this time ), I don't agree that more bards joined the same group when bards had to manual-twist. Afterall, it wasn't like we bards didn't have the ability for chain-singing. Even those many years ago I always kept 4-5 songs running during battle and 3 songs running during the down time. Thankfully, now it is automatic and instead of bards mashing buttons for hours and hours...we can now chat in the group like every other class.
  11. IblisTheMage Augur

    Dear OP,

    You have a bard, one of the most sought after classes in group game (and very popular on raids). You also have a class with a really low direct DPS, your value in the group comes from what we call aDPS, or added DPS, and your ability to pull/CC, simply put. Since all other classes benefit so much, they love having a bard in the group, and they will gladly provide tanking, healing, and DPS, if you provide aDPS, mana regen, and pulling CC.


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