Banable offenses on Rizlona & Aradune

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by mewkus, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. mewkus Elder

    I read in the announcement of the Rizlona and Aradune server launches that absolutely no unintended game play is allowed.

    Does this apply only to those two servers? What degree of intention to play is necessary to avoid getting a strike on your account? Does accidentally logging in the wrong character count as something that was unintended?

    How will this be enforced? How do we avoid being falsely accused of playing without the intention of playing?
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  2. Tatanka Augur

    10/10. Well played, sir!

    Campaign disclosure: My name is Tatanka, and I attended to post this message
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  3. Cicelee Augur

    If you think it is wrong, don't do it. That would be my suggestion initially...
  4. Herf Augur

    You gotta know what's going to happen :). Some botter is going to come in and camp a mob 24x7 and not get GM'd, then you're going to login to camp a mob for a while with an active pet, you get up to take a bio break and don't logout and BANG! busted for unattended play :)
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  5. Herf Augur

    Orrr, you will logout so you don't get busted, then you'll come back and the botter will be back there in your camp :)
  6. Tour Augur

    No one intends to die. Thus, these are actually hardcore rule set servers. Make a mistake and die - account banned for unintended play.
  7. mewkus Elder

    I wouldn't think unintentional playing would be wrong. I've often times logged in the wrong character by clicking the wrong button. I don't want such unintentional acts to cause me to get banned.

    Botting is already something that's banable. I think it always has been.

    I'm more curious about them banning the unintentional playing. How does Darkpaw Games even measure our intention?

    And Tatanka's quote
    , 10/10 right back at cha.

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