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  1. Pelrond Elder

  2. Herf Augur

    I thought that since the cheaper pack is included in the more expensive one that it was bad to buy the cheaper pack: when you get the more expensive one, the bags from the cheaper pack are Lore so you can't get the ones in the expensive pack. So it's money wasted. At least that's how it was in the past.
  3. Barder-mangler Augur

    I think you are right Herf, it used to be that way, I don't remember when they changed it, but the current packs are not lore duplicative, this is the current bag offering for the combo deal (+pots/xp pots etc)
    Outrider's Satchel - One 40-slot 100% weight reduction bag claimable on any server! (Lore)
    Keepers' Knapsack - One 40-slot 100% weight reduction bag claimable on any server! (Lore)
    One Addition- they are also in separate claims, so you could hypothetically save one for future use on a different server or character.
  4. Baldur Augur

    You can claim both, put one in your shared bank and one on you, that's what I did.

    I wish you could buy them more than once, not sure why they have that limit on them, once per account. Take my money!
  5. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    To confirm:
    • You can buy the existing two bundles today pre-mischief, and wait to claim them on mischief
    • You can then buy the two new bundles post-mischief
    • You can buy both the $20 bundle (1 bag) and the $35 bundle (2 bags), and claim them all (3 bags)
      • Lore still applies but as mentioned above, you can drop the 3rd bag in shared bank, on another character, or save
    • You can only buy each bundle once, but bundles are (generally) refreshed with each new TLP launch
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  6. Demetri Elder

    That is mighty concise. Thank you.
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  7. taliefer Augur

    any chance we can get the 1 time purchase restriction on the current bag bundles lifted pre mischief/thornblade launch so we can buy them again for the new servers?

    Insert take my money meme here
  8. Herf Augur

    I just bought the Keepers Knapsack bundle and there's one minor thing to know:

    - the 3 Bottle of Adventure II potions are no trade. Which means my lvl 65, effectively maxed AA warrior on Agnarr will have to waste them rather than passing them on to my alts. I hate it when pots in these bundles are no trade rather than just heirloom. So buy the bundle on the alt that's going to use the XP pots (or as many of the other pots as possible in the Outriders bundle) and transfer the Knapsack to whichever toon you want on that acct. via the shared bank.

    I'm pondering buying the Outriders Satchel but one has to be careful because I suspect at least some of the pots are also No Trade, as they have been in past bundles :(. I.e. my enchanter has no need for a haste pot, but can't transfer it to other toons via the shared bank.
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  9. Barder-mangler Augur

    Ahh sorry, I was thinking in reference to Mischief/Thornblade, no trade isn't an issue there. But obviously, that wouldn't apply to any older server, sorry. Agreed, they should all just be heirloom either way.
  10. Kumiko_Lockjaw Elder

    That is exactly what I did. I mean, basically you need at least 2 x 40 slot bags anyway, better 4 x 40 slot bags for your main. Especially at the beginning of a new TLP, I really want to pick up every fine steel this time without having to port out.

    And if the trader in the EC tunnel also has 2 x 40 lore bags, it is certainly not a mistake :)
  11. Sepulchre New Member

    It remains to be seen if the "no-trade" applies to things like XP pots on the new TLPs, it probably will be no-trade no?
  12. Sepulchre New Member

    Will the crates of mercenary, the current bags on the store, be available on the new TLPs?
  13. Kylo Classic Augur

    So are we ever going to be able to buy more than 2 bags per TLP?
  14. Arclyte Augur

    the outrider bundle isn't available for me :(
  15. Nolrog Augur

    Thanks. I picked up the $35 pack yesterday. I will think about the new ones in the future sometime.

    I was not able to buy the $20 bundle. It told me that this one was unavailable. . . (did this last night)
  16. Lejaun Augur

    Likely means you already purchased or you are at least flagged for having bought one. For some reason, we can't buy more than one. I'm not sure why we can't. They are lore, so you could only have one of each on a server anyways. Flagging the account to only being able to buy one ever means that they lose sales for those who play on multiple servers.
  17. FrozenWater Elder

    I think you mean "one of each on a character". The rest still applies though: people can't buy these for their alts on the same server or characters on another server (for example, someone playing Live + TLP, or someone who quits one TLP to play on another). It's definitely a weird restriction.
  18. aindriuc Elder

    So, if we bought the bag on a previous TLP, we can't buy again on this new one? That doesn't make sense. Players throw money at bags each TLP, and it is their lose if we can't buy one when each TLP goes live.
  19. Numiko Augur

    I also noticed it says the claimed items cannot be transferred to another server.

    Does this mean if I transfer my characters off Phinny to my live server for example they all get left behind or go poof?

    How are they effected by server merge that will eventually happen to the current TLPs that are wrapping up?
  20. Lejaun Augur

    Correct on the correction, and I agree on the weird restriction. Get your money, Darkpaw. Its there without that restriction in place.

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