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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Realitybringer, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Realitybringer New Member

    My wife and I just started playing EQ again after being gone for 5 years. We are enjoying it but I do have to admit I miss going into zones and actually seeing other players. Seems we go into zones now and we are the only people there, luckily we both box. I miss seeing newbies, it is just not the same anymore.
  2. Yruc Augur

    Yes live servers are a ghost town in the low levels zone. You can occasionally find someone leveling an alt, but for the most part grouping on live doesn't start till around 85+ You can improve your odds by finding a guild that helps returning and new players and then have someone to group with.

    If you are all access you can try the TLP servers. Lots of people there especially on the 2 new ones Agnarr and Phinigel, generally easier to get a group.
  3. Fluid Augur

    It is a flavor of the month kind of thing. When ever a new server is introduced there is a mass migration to it. The most recent server would be Agnarr. Lots of reasons why, trying to be first to accomplish something on a server, fresh start, what ever floats peoples' boat. For example if you like playing with other people more then running your developed character, you should try it for a while. You are limited in that Agnarr is Gold account only and I think Truebox. Lots of people seem to circumvent this of course and DB does allow for more then one player per household.
  4. Realitybringer New Member

    Of course I starred playing EQ when it came out in 1999 and played for 13 years. I started on Rodcet Knife server which is now Povar. I love my toons on it but I may try those other servers out to have some fun.
  5. Kcooler Journeyman

    I recently came back myself. Not with a 5 year hiatus, but a decent break.. Im also Vallon zek originally but went to rasp then povar when Vz became Zek. - I will say most all "live servers" are pretty dead, but there is slightly more population on Cazic where i have swapped to, but nothing like 5 years ago... I wish they would merge, but to many old still playing players like the ghost town, and anti-socialness of camps.
  6. Treiln Augur

    Well another thing to look at is, with the game being nearly 20 years old by now, most people are end level. So you'll find them in the most recent content. And with EoK being out for nearly a year, everyone is in the end tiers of the expansion.

    And by now, everyone has found a way to PL their alts up to 80-90-->105 in a hurry, and they do so because they're not in the mood to level 1-80 again for the hundredth time. Thus the empty lower level zones.

    But on another note, welcome back :)
  7. Realitybringer New Member

    Yeah I do the same thing my 2 mains that I box are 105 and I Pl a lot of other toons. Just miss the nostalgia of going to a newbie zone and making full suite of armor for newbies. My wife says I am to sentimental, lol
  8. OldManRob Journeyman

    Small world. This is Hammerr Head one of your old clerics. I'm just starting up again too.
    Im on FV and playing a necro and loving it. It's only been a couple of weeks for me but it's a really different game from when I stopped.
    I flipped when I saw your name lol.
    How are you guys doing?

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