Aura of the Muse vs Aria of the Artist

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  1. shoehorn Journeyman

    Trying to understand these two songs.

    Aura of the Muse is level 70. Play it once and it stays active without having to activate it again. It improves attack speed and casting damage. Don't have to include it in a melody

    Aria of the Artist. Level 76. Also improves attack speed and caster damage. Have to include it in a melody twist. Doesn't stack with ^^^

    Which one to use?

  2. Wulfhere Augur

    Both. The 70 aura is lower effect and level cap but get in the habit as they will eventually combine for more group and pet dps.
  3. shoehorn Journeyman

    OK thanks, I will include it in a Melody as soon as I figure which of the 5 current ones to drop
  4. Wulfhere Augur

    What 5 songs are you playing?
  5. shoehorn Journeyman

    Storm Blade
    Warmarch of Mastry
    Cantana of Restoration
    Zuriks Shenanigans
    Song of Dryads ... dropped for Aria
  6. Shakara Augur

    No do not play both. Play Aura when you have melee DPS and aria when you have casters. Later yes they will gain components that do stack but A) that doesnt happen for a while and B) it doesn't become impactful until much later on. I have done some parses at lvl 90 and they effect of singing both is negligible to just singing one or the other.
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  7. Szilent Augur

    could you post those results in detail? at 90 aura & aria of the composer should have the key triple+flurry boosts that produced these results in 2015 for Sirene:

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  8. Shakara Augur

    It will take me a bit to produce a breakdown as detailed as that, but I will do it. However looking at that parse seems to align with what I saw in testing. So I think what misleads people is the large difference in flurry chance. Where you really need to look is at the triple atk chance since your triples are what determine your flurries. The difference there is so small it is not statistically significant and will often be overshadowed by RNG. It appears at the end of the day he increased his swings by about 5% by singing both. 5% more swings just dosen't seem worth a spot in the melody compared to other things.
  9. Szilent Augur

    The parses summarized are up to 36h in duration, that's nothing if not statistically significant :p

    5% more autoattack damage might be bad, if your teammates are bad, but it ought to be a bonkers return for a song slot.
  10. Shakara Augur

    Statistically significant for the test yes as it does show an increase but in an actual fight you are not going to tell the difference.

    As for its worth in my melody currently I am lvl 90 in HoT and my melody on fight looks something like
    1. Johnthan's Mighty Caretaker
    2. War March of Dagda
    3. Noria's Song of Suffering
    4. Arcane Anthem
    5. DoT
    6. DoT
    7. DoT
    8. Cressendo or my spot to click stuff like epic

    For Burn its
    1. Johnthan's Mighty Caretaker
    2. Nuke
    3. Nuke
    4. War March of Dagda
    5. Nuke
    6. Nuke
    7. Noria's Song of Suffering
    8. Nuke

    With raid buffs my auto attack damage is about 10k DPS (that's probably a little generous) so 5% of that would be 100 DPS. Now lets put that on the best case scenario and say I have Zerk, Monk, Rogue, Monk. Without looking at my parses I think they do about x2 more auto attack damage than me (if this is wrong after I look ill put in an edit) so that's at best 900 total DPS if the stars all align. Every other song on that list is easily putting out over 1k DPS with the first 3 putting out 3-4k a piece. And often I am subbing out the DoTs for some sort of protection or sustain on events that are not big DPS checks.
  11. Trebla7th Augur

    5% of 10k == 10,000 * 0.05 = 500

    If you're assuming 3 other melee in group with twice your raw output, that's a total increase of ~3500 raw melee DPS. (500 for you, 1000 for each of the other 3).

    I can't comment on whether this is worthwhile over a DoT or not as I only play on Aradune (current era: PoRo) and none of this is relevant. In this era, though, playing "Aura" isn't actually taking a song slot, it's just a free boost. So the comment:

    Play Aura when you have melee DPS and aria when you have casters

    ...makes no sense to me. You always play Aura, because it's just fire and forget (and maybe remember a couple hours later when it fades and refresh it). Even if you're in a full caster group because it's zero cost. Maybe this no longer applies at level 100+ and I will someday learn.
  12. Shakara Augur

    Oh you right I did make a math error I still need to go back and adjust my numbers. As for the reason to play Aria is because the Spell damage modifier is significantly better than Aura and in a caster group you do not have to sing your haste song so you replace it with aria.
  13. Trebla7th Augur

    This is the part that doesn't make sense to me (unless something changes later, which it very well could and I'm way off the mark)... you don't ever have to sing aura... it's a permanent* effect. You turn it on, and it just stays on... you don't lose anything just by turning it on. You would never replace aura with aria, because they don't consume the same type of resources.

    * I know, it fades eventually and is very annoying, but for practical discussion about <60second twists, it's permanent.
  14. Shakara Augur

    Ah I see what you mean. Its because Bards get access to two aura's and so you can sing your mana regen aura instead of casters.
  15. Trebla7th Augur

    Gotcha, thanks for clearing itup
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