Ashengate North Raid DZ

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  1. Littletroll Journeyman

    It appears it is broken and has been for some time. (

    I am not personally flagged yet but working on it to request it, had some people who used to request it back in the day and were dumbfounded that they could not longer request it or it appeared to be broken. When telling Jenray "We're ready" or "ready" nothing happens.

    This task begins with Master Drizzlorn Un. In order to get to him, you must first tell Jenray, Envoy of Ro, that you are "ready".

    You say, 'We're ready'

    Jenray, Envoy of Ro says 'Come with me, _____.'

    A stone statue will appear in the lavafall next to Jenray's tent.
  2. Orbital101 Augur

    I just did this and was able to request Ashengate north on Xegony. Make sure that you do not wield weapon when talking to Jenray...
  3. Nniki Augur

    I actually tried it with weapons, and he still walked over to do his magic after saying "ready".

    You say, 'ready'

    Jenray, Envoy of Ro says, 'Come with me, ______.'

    Jenray, Envoy of Ro begins to conjure elements from all around him.

    Jenray, Envoy of Ro says, 'There, across this bed of lava lies what you are looking for. I wish you well, . You are on your own from here.'

    ^ Bug in text. Missing player name after "I wish you well, ".

    But, he does warn you if you hail him while wielding weapons. You do need to be fairly close to hail him; otherwise, he'll just turn to look at you.

    You say, 'Hail, Jenray, Envoy of Ro' (1st hail)

    Jenray, Envoy of Ro peers down at your weapons with a glaring eye, 'You had best sheath those weapons before I take them from you, ______.'

    You say, 'Hail, Jenray, Envoy of Ro' (2nd hail)

    Jenray, Envoy of Ro says, 'I warned you, ______! Now, die like the dog you are!'

    Jenray attacks you for a second and then drops aggro.