Are the Eyes of Life/Decay as good as i think they are?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Weebaaa, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Weebaaa Augur

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this, everyone !
  2. Dropfast Augur

    It completely depends on your class as to if this aug/s are useful or not. To most all classes it's Overpowered as hell. To other classes like Monks / Pure melee, it's totally worthless. It does NOT work on all special attacks as the description would have you believe. It was extremely disappointing to find out after all the work to get this that it works on virtually nothing for monks. Meanwhile, Hybrids, casters, healers got a 10% boost the nearly everything.

    Out of the 10 ish special attacks monk have, it only adds damage to 2 of the 10. AND the 2 it does actually work on, are by far our worst abilities. Most monks only use 1 of the 2 things it works on, so in reality it only adds like 100 something damage to Vigorous Shuriken and about the same for Z-Fang. That's it... All that work to get a WHOOPING 100 more damage for 1 of 10 attacks. It's some bull crap really :mad:.

    So Casters, Healers, Hybrids enjoy your new super OP aug. Pure melee go cry in a corner because you got completely hosed.
  3. Sindaiann Augur

    What the heck is a monk? Lol
  4. Denyu Journeyman

    Bzzzt nope on the Shadowknight bit. Lifetaps are damage spells only, the heal recourse is directly based off the damage done. However the heal can be modified by a few things like pally armor or silken trillium, but thats about it.

    The healing 10% does absolutely nothing for us unless we use Dark Empathy. I think. It may not even work on that now that I think about it.
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  5. Triconix Augur

    It should affect the damage of lifetaps at least since lifetaps are considered detrimental. In that case, it indirectly would help your heals?
    Slot 1: Increase Spell Effectiveness by 10%
    Slot 2: Limit Class: WAR, CLR, PAL, RNG, SHD, DRU, MNK, BRD, ROG, SHM, NEC, WIZ, MAG, ENC, BST, BER
    Slot 3: Limit Max Level: 110 (lose 100% per level)
    Slot 4: Limit Effect: Current Hit Points
    Slot 5: Limit Effect: Current Hit Points Non Repeating
    Slot 6: Limit Effect: Current Hit Points Repeating
    Slot 7: Limit Effect: Skill Attack
    Slot 8: Limit Type: Detrimental (this is the decay portion)
  6. Kongfoo Elder

    It works on every combat ability that does damage, not just Vigorous Shuriken and Zalikor's Fang. This means it will also work on Torrent, Synergy, and Crane Stance. Crane Stance can get some really nice max hits with the 10% aug. The things it will not boost are AAs, procs, and normal melee hits.
  7. Dropfast Augur

    It does not unless they ninja changed it in a recent patch and said nothing about it. I tested out every one of those as soon as I got the finished aug and it did not work on Synergy, Torrent, Flying Kick, Tiger claw, Stunning kick, and Crane stance.

    I did recently get a larger than normal Crane stance kick, so it may be working on that now. I guess i'll go re-test it again, but I know for sure it was not working on any of those as of about a month ago.
  8. Dropfast Augur

    It was not working on any melee dps at all. It was working on only magical damage that doesn't count as a proc. Aka V-shuriken and Z-Fang.
  9. Denyu Journeyman

    Right. Just the damage portion of Decay works for SKs.
  10. Triconix Augur

    Yes, so you don't get the damage + the heal mod on one spell, but the damage mod is giving you a boost in healing. It's still an awesome aug for anyone that's essentially not a warrior lol.
  11. Dropfast Augur

    Ok so I just re-tested it and it is now working on Synergy and Torrent (Probably crane stance as well) but it is still not working on Stunning Kick, Flying Kick, and Tiger claw. They had to have ninja changed it in the past month to month and half. I was very through in testing it the first time. I know for sure it was not on any melee dps before. So praise the gods it's not worthless now but it would have been nice if they had mentioned it in the patch notes at least.
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  12. Kongfoo Elder

    It has always worked like that. At least it did a few months ago when I tested it on my first Eye of Decay.
  13. Eanelder Augur

    I believe these augs are incredibly powerful, but will prove to be problematic, and increasing the level is only going to make it substantially worse.

    For casters / healers, a 10% increase in dmg/healing is about the equivalent increase we see in spell power each level increase expac. So if you are able to acquire the aug you've effectively gained the spell power from a level increase ... without an equal change in mana cost. So what happens during a level increase when the +10% stills applies and the aug doesn't benefit everyone equally? How do you balance that? How does your healing / damage compare to someone 5 levels below you?

    When it comes to raids and you have 2 equivalently skilled toons, one with the aug and other without, who do you think is going to be the first asked to sit? How do you expect new recruits to compare to ventrans with the aug?

    What about guilds, are they expected to farm these events / achievements until level 150? or will we see a new 10% aug each level increase? +10% from the appropriate 54 people is similar to adding and extra group (5.4ppl) to a raid. As a guild, why would you NOT to make sure every raider has that aug?

    For the next expansion, how do you think a guild full of +10% augged raiders will compare with a guild less fortunate? Who will the events be tuned around?
  14. RPoo Augur

    Even harder to get with BROKEN ACHIEVEMENTS!
  15. Iila Augur

    Working as intended.
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  16. josh Augur

    The eye is really good in most cases. Melee classes definitely get screwed over the most but not completely. The only class that gets completely screwed is bards. All of there song modifiers are SPA 413 and are all worn so, unless I'm mistaken, the eye does absolutely nothing for bards, except maybe reflexive retort. This also means that things like the wizard bp that boosts ethereal skyblaze will not stack with it either, it is also SPA 413 and worn.

    For warriors, abilities like stormstrike blades will be boosted by it.

    Slot 7:Limit Effect: Skill Attack

    That is the relevant bit for melee. A skill attack is SPA 193. So basically anything you have that uses SPA 193 should get boosted.

    SPA 413 is much better than a regular focus though as it is applied to the base damage and so boosts your crit damage. the boost from a regular focus (SPA 124) is applied after crit. Because of other factors it will never be a full 10% increase though, but depending on the spell, it will more than likely be anywhere from 7-9%.

    No real data to support this but i would imagine the full increase to dps on an entire raid force getting this aug would probably be somewhere around 5%.
  17. iZealot Journeyman

    thanks for testing!
  18. Warpeace Augur

    Even harder when people don't follow emotes or don't bother to follow a mechanic and cure away from the boss, stay to far away from the boss and so on. Chances its someone in your raid not doing what they are supposed to. There are a few others but you get the idea.

    They need to add a DT when you need to cure under the boss and someone decided to cure themselves away from the boss. Like getting Gift of endless life and curing it.
  19. Sarcogian Augur

    Good to know. Thanks Denyu.
  20. Hellboy007 Augur

    ohh just wish people would stop messing up.. so dont have to do these damn things any more..

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