Are discontinued items back in Classic EQ?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Evade, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Evade Augur

    With Mangler starting in Classic, I am wondering will items that are no longer in game, now in game?

    Will the Evil Eye in Lower Guk still drop the manastones for example? Can anyone from any other progression server speak to this?
  2. Trevalon Augur

    Manastones do not drop anymore on any TLP since Sleeper/Combine. Guise's though will be clickable by anyone and drop till about halfway through Kunark where they switch to the BRD/ROG only version.
  3. Protagonist Tank

    Manastone is the only significant example that doesn't return. Prenerf guise, fungi stick, circlet of shadow, etc all drop during their appropriate era then stop dropping during the era they were nerfed.
  4. Tachyon Augur

    Insta-click Circlet of Shadow exists during it's era.
  5. PwnQuest Augur

    For classic:
    No Manastones as mentioned above. Guise is available, clickable by all/all (rather than the nerfed Mask of Deception which was rogue/bard only), Rubicite armor (red plate, wearable by chain classes) drops in Cazic-Thule zone rather than the later 'Ravenscale' which was rogue only. The Rubicite BP is amazing because it has regen and is shammy wearable, it's like a worse Fungi tunic.

    Prenerf circlet of shadow is instant click, whereas circlet of shadows was the 5 second cast nerfed version. Prenerf Fungus Covered Great staff is clickable regen by all/all, whereas the nerfed Fungi covered great staff was druid/sham only.

    After that I think everything for the most part stays in its nerfed form. We don't get Holgresh Elder Beads for example in Velious.
  6. Sebaten New Member

    How about Fungi Robe? Does that drop pre-nerf?
  7. PwnQuest Augur

    No. And that was a retroactive nerf which happened not that long after anyways.
  8. Evade Augur

    Circlet of shadows instant invisy click usable by anyone? Not just necs and sks?