ARADUNE Power Leveling Party 6/24/21 10:00am PST

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  1. Quik Augur

    Alright, I know a lot of people are having trouble with lowbies and getting going so I am going to try to help and we will see how much interest we get.

    I live in Oregon so all times with be PACIFIC STANDARD TIME.

    I do NOT have UBER LEET characters but I do have a 60 Druid and 61 Shaman on separate accounts.

    So, I will plan a PLing group for characters starting around 15. Play any class you want, but bards do make this easier but certainly not necessary. We will get as many as we can up to a full group of level 15ish and I will use my Druid/Shaman combo. We will hit Unrest or ToFS, if available, until about 25ish or 35 depending on how things are going.

    All loot will be rolled as need if you want it, and the first time I hear complaining or bickering I am done so please keep that in mind. I will be using 3-5 hours of my time to do this and not really interested in helping those kind of people.

    WHEN: Thursday June 24th at 10:00am PST (won't be waiting on late people)
    WHERE: Unrest or ToFS through 35ish / Unrest through 25ish / ?? to 30ish
    WHO: Kwikport and Quikbuff (you guess which is the druid and which is the shaman)

    I will be on earlier on one of those 2 or possibly Kwikfist, if you are NEW or RETURNING or simply BROKE send a tell to me earlier and I will help you get some decent starting gear to help out. If you are not broke please don't ask and any donations would be appreciated.

    First people to respond here in the forums get first dibs on a spot but msg me in game and I will write you down also. I have no idea how many people will be interested but we will see. I am happy to help again next week if we get enough interest.


    If group is not full we will ask in game. If 1 day is not enough notice, I apologize for that, I will plan the same thing for next week.

    I had no forum replies last week but I did get a full group quite quickly in game when I asked.

    I would also like to thank a special person who donated generously to help me gear people up so if you reply on the forums what you will be playing I will have gear rdy for you if you need.
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  2. Neemo1983 Journeyman

    Many eu players still on agnarr? I just can't keep up with new tlps
  3. Neemo1983 Journeyman

    I just realised this is not for agnarr nvm
  4. Lanffear Filthy Boxer

    Oregon is currently on Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7), not Pacific Standard Time (UTC -8). ;)
  5. Quik Augur

    My bad you are correct!! PDT not PST