[Aradune] Broken Oath -->Raiding Tues, Wed, Thurs 8pm EST

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    About Broken Oath
    Official Raids start at 8:00pm EST on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and officially end at 11:00pm EST. Official Raids currently include Underfoot events. Offnights are on Sunday and may vary.

    If you are looking for a fun, laid back, and casual atmosphere that still values progressing through content in era, this is the place for you. We understand that people have lives outside of EQ and all Official raids are non-mandatory and occur on weekdays because of this.

    Officers: Hutar, Rachael, Cadoc, and Purrotic

    Application Process: Reach out us in discord --> https://discord.gg/RnnrDWZ6YU or in game to get a Guild Invite. Applicants will choose their main toon and must attend 3 Official Raids to become a Main Raider. We DO allow non-tank boxes on Official Raids with their Main Character. Must be level 85 to Raid

    Additional Information: To maintain raider status we only ask that 30 day raid attendance doesn't reach 0%. Once the 30 day attendance reaches 0% the player (and their box) will be set back to 0 DKP while also being moved to Friends and Family status. The player must then go through the app process of raiding 3 full raids before becoming a raider again (more information on Discord)

    Loot: We are a DKP based guild with open bidding. Boxes with raid attendance of 50% within 30 days are able to bid up to 10 DKP against main raiders. If no main raiders bid and there is more than 1 box bidding 10 DKP it will then be open for them to bid freely (more information on Discord)

    Class Needs: (if interested reach out to us regardless of your class)
    Bard: Medium
    Beastlord: Low
    Berserker: High
    Cleric: High
    Druid: Low
    Enchanter: High
    Magician: Closed
    Monk: High
    Necromancer: Low
    Paladin: Closed
    Ranger: Low
    Rogue: High
    Shadowknight: Closed
    Shaman: Medium
    Warrior: Closed
    Wizard: Medium

    *** Looking for a warrior that can make most official raids, if interested please reach out to an officer :D ***
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    Broken Oath is going for the long haul in Aradune!
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    Updated current official raids to Demi Plane and PoR. Anguish will be moved to offnight events now :)
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    Glad to see some new faces, always looking for more!
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    Enchanter need has been moved from low to medium
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    DKP Decay for TSS has been done! Now is a great opportunity for new members raiding in our guild since the DKP field has been leveled a bit :D also "About Broken Oath" info has been updated. We are currently entering and flagging for TSS and changing Demi Plane to our Sunday Offnight event.
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    Druid Class has been Closed. Shaman Class has been moved from High to Low, and Cleric class has been moved from High to Medium ;) If interested you should reach out regardless of your class!
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    Grats Broken Oath Team on Completing TSS
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    Wanted DPS :p always looking for more mains to join the crew!
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    We have done some Monday alt nights in Anguish and its been fun!
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    Only a few more weeks before TBS launches, perfect time to join us! DKP decay will be happening giving new members time to catch up ;)
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    Beastlord Class is now closed
  14. Cleric Rachael Elder

    Enchanter and Magician Class is moved to Closed. Necromancer moved to Low from Medium. Enchanter moved to Low from Closed. Regardless of your class if you are interested please reach out! :D
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    Great Job Broken Oath Team on Completing all of Solteris this week! Completed 10/20/2022
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    Hope everyone is enjoying all this bonus loot!!
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    We may have an opening for One Raid Geared Warrior, must have approval from officers/leadership
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    Looking for warrior who can make most official raids (Tues, Wed, Thurs). Please reach out to one of the officers if interested :D
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    Hope everyone is enjoying all the awesome gear SoF has to offer :D it has been a fun and interesting expansion so far!
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    Grats Broken Oath Team on completing SoF!! Also want to give a shoutout to LD3 who donated 8 flags to our guild :D