Aradune Australasian Guild?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Zetzin, May 26, 2020.

  1. Zetzin New Member

    Hey all,
    Just wanted to see how many Australasian players we might have and if we had enough for a decent guild or if there is already one?
    Its pretty hard to group/raid etc when the time difference is so great.

    So if there is a guild already can someone point me in that direction or if there are a few of us is any one keen to form one?

  2. TLP Addict Augur

    I haven't heard of any being formed, not to say there isn't one but they are being quiet about it if so.

    Look up Spectral Shift on Mangler, they are the most current Aus TLP guild, ask them if they are planning an Aradune guild or sticking around Mangler I guess.
  3. Starshape Elder

  4. Zetzin New Member

    Happy to help start one thats for sure. Never run a guild so would be a bit hit and miss. But happy to give it a go if others are interested.
  5. Zetzin New Member

    Spectral Shift are not moving. So if any other NZ/Aussie players are keen..... hit me up
  6. muse New Member

    Hey Zetzin!
    Aussie from Brisbane here. I'll be rolling an Enchanter on Aradune and my girlfriend (first time player) will be rolling a Monk.
    Certainly keen to get involved in an Aussie guild. My old EQ days on Drinal involved raiding throughout the night so I'm definitely keen to avoid that! It was fine when I was 16 but at 33 I don't think I could handle all nighters...
  7. Zetzin New Member

    Sweet I’m based in Christchurch. 3 more and we have a group!
    Any ideas on a name?
    I’ll prob be rolling a warrior.
  8. muse New Member

    I have a mate and his girlfriend also giving it a go for the first time. They never played EQ, they only started mmo'ing with WOW.
    They are rolling a wizard and the other either pally or shammy.
  9. Ninndar New Member

    Im not in Australia/Asia but my main playtime is 5am-9am est. Does that line up with that time zone?
  10. TheDohn Elder

  11. Zetzin New Member

    Ok well there are no Australasian guilds so far. I would love to start one but I know nothing about running a guild, organising raids etc. If someone here wants to start one im totally down. Would be nice to have people on the same timezone.
    @muse wanna be leader?
  12. muse New Member

    I've been away from the game too long to be a guild leader. Let's see how things play out on the server, there might be a player base that suits our gaming time.
  13. muse New Member

    Hi Ninndar, yes that's basically our prime time in East-Coast Australia. That would be 7pm-11pm for me.
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  14. Soran New Member

    I am east coast Australia, id would be keen to group up.
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  15. Halelan New Member

    If I can ever log in and set up I would be up to join. Will be playing a shaman, maybe a paladin. My son also plays so we could bring 4 characters.

    We have a small family/friends guild of australians on FV - called Midnight Comrades (because of the hours we play vs US times) .. if you wanted a name that's one suggestion but no pressure
  16. Soran New Member

    How do we find each other in game?
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  17. Halelan New Member

    Need a char name .. lol .. waiting waiting
  18. Soran New Member

    Ok i will play either Soran, Nukette or
    Singh = Bard
    Soran = Tank
    Nukette = Wiz
  19. Zetzin New Member

    Ill be on after work. Name will be Zetzin if its not taken. I might do a shout out every now and then.
    Prob gonna roll a Nec and something else, undecided
  20. Halelan New Member

    Got in briefly so set up a couple of characters. Paladine is one so if forming a guild hit me up (if we ever get to log in again) .. will have my son's two and another couple myself to add if short of numbers. I haven't raided since 2001 so may not be any use in that regard ( .. was long ago.

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