Aradune and Rizlona Launch Time!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, May 21, 2020.

  1. tranq New Member

    @Dreamweaver, can you reveal what the new packs will entail?
  2. Neuro Journeyman

    Question regarding the bundles: If I purchase the EQ Celebration Pack, can I then also purchase the EQ Celebration Bundle, and get 2x40 slot bags, 2x20 slot, and all the potions, or is it just two separate items that are listed together for simplicity?
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  3. Worthing New Member

    The 40 slotters are lore. You can purchase both, but you'll only be able to have one of the 40 slot bags on a character. Either use the other bag on an alt, or stick it in the shared bank slot.
  4. Trinost Journeyman

    I like this question. Please answer
  5. Trinost Journeyman

    it might be lore but can be claimed by multiple characters. So still a valid question.
  6. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Not yet.
  7. Worthing New Member

    Sorry, guess the answer was implicit. Thus the statement to put the other bag on an alt.

    Yes, you can buy both. I've done so.
  8. Tuskapoli New Member

    Well, if this package was good, the odds are the next one will not be as cool. An unhappy meal: The potions are all used, the bags all have a hole in them, and when you click on the rez tokens... they take away even more experience. Buy now or be sad ;(
  9. Bard2019 Elder

    Even if you purchased both packs and could claim everything within, you would only end up with 1 x 40 slot bag and 4 x 20 slot bags. Not specifically because the 40 slot is lore, but because in what you're asking, you'd only be obtaining 1, 40 slot bag in the purchase.
  10. Ilshade Augur

    i think the 40 is one per account no per character, while the 2x20 are as many as you want on an account
  11. Talimat Lorekeeper

    Wow thats a really late launch time, that's 2pm cst I don't recall any of the TLP's opening that late before as an offical launch time. It kinda screws those of us who already took the day off work, and now don't even need to because of such a late launch. :/
  12. Talimat Lorekeeper

    So no GM response yet on if you can pre-purchase the bags and claim them on Aradune, or have bags available on launch of the server yet?
  13. Thunderkiks Augur

    Its answered on the previous page.
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  14. Bard2019 Elder

    That's been the standard launch time for TLPs aside form 1 year's offerings.
  15. NemesisOfSeth New Member

    Since we are talking about bundles this sort of ties in but, maybe not?

    I Love that you all released another old expansion to purchase just like you did for HOT. I went to go buy 3 like just like HOT expansion at 40 bucks.

    Was super excited, then I realized it's station cash only. So I am like "oh, I don't have enough".
    Too bad I can't pay cash...

    To be honest that killed it for me, instead of being able to buy 3 expansion's for $120 buck at 40 a piece, Just like you did the sale for HOT. I get one for but first i have to buy SC on 3 accounts to even buy it which leaves me with some left over SC which i don't need...
    Currently I have been literal waiting for my SC to accumulate to buy the expansion. I guess that's nice that it is free... But i much rather give you guys $40 cash right here right now on each account and use my SC for other things.

    Do me a favor. Think about this, HOT is sold at $40 and the next expansion is basically SC only with no $40 cash option. I think the $40 prices is a great standard price for old expansions which are being re-released.

    I am all for supporting the cause, but change it so you can pay 40 bucks real money or SC at 8,000.

    Thanks Hope your all staying safe.
  16. ImaginaryFriend New Member

    Can we get a confirmation on something @dreamweaver-- If I have purchased one of these packs before (as in like a year ago) AND claimed it on a character on Corinav, for example, can I buy a new one and claim it on Aradune when it launches? Some people in my guild are confused and wondering on this, thanks~~!
  17. Minpire Augur

    will the new packs cost more? i had a budget laid out and now the 20$ 40 slotter is being removed into something else, i really hope its not like couple more potions + 40 slotter for 40-50$ a pop
  18. Jaqen New Member

    Awesome, can't wait to get in and play my SK/Clr duo! Good looking out OP
  19. Fornow Lorekeeper

    on the server that allows us to have 2 toons , does this mean we can open 2 windows or do we have to have 2 pcs? cause when i left this game it was blocked from allowing u to enter same server with an active toon on it
  20. Deathcomestoall Journeyman

    Truebox rules so 2 pcs

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