Any reason not to play on Mangler for a returning player(s)?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Familycat, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. Familycat New Member

    So I've managed to slog it out to mid 40's on Aradune. I had a headstart on a few friends who used to play who also wanted to come back. We're trying to decide if it makes sense for us to just go play on Mangler or wait it out for Aradune's queue to become playable. Basically, is there any reason not to go play on Mangler? They've only been able to get up to level 10 or so over the last week, as they work/have families so the play time isn't unlimited and the queue is making it impossible.
  2. Hinastorm86 Augur

    Low level groups will be hard to come by on mangler, but if you have friends to play with that may not be an issue.

    It really depends what your goals are, if you just want to kill time till aradune is playable, you could go anywhere and do anything. But if you think there is a possibility you'll stay on mangler, I would just advise that you should probably care about/like the game past PoP.

    But ya, why anyone is still on Aradune atm with regular 4 hour queues is baffling.
  3. Familycat New Member

    We enjoy the next few expansions after PoP as much as any, so that is part of the draw of Mangler. If we went to Mangler we would stay there.Our goals are to just play together and eventually each of us would raid at various intensity.
  4. Tyranthraxus New Member

    Manglers not dead by any means. Check it out, I don't know what the low level group game is like, not gonna be tripping over people for camps. But it's extremely easy to even duo level in early eq, and if your a group should be a walk.
  5. SoandsoForumUser Elder

    If you've never done vanilla->luclin it's worth seeing once. If you want to farm up krono easily to play for free stick with aradune. If those aren't applicable I'd find mangler a much better choice currently.
  6. DryalRmog Elder

    Few other plus for Mangler:

    Gates comes out in 2 weeks, with gates comes a BIG exp gain jump, and bezeekers

    So groups will be easier to find then right now, and exp will be flowing

    Plus with a more mature char base easier to get thorns/Temp/ pok books for leveling ect
  7. taliefer Augur

    mangler is in pretty good shape headed in to gates. far better than coirnav was at the same stage. its a healthy server and if you like the post PoP game, its a viable option. Mangler weathered the storm of 2 new TLPs far better than I expected.

    if you have a dedicated group of friends, getting caught up wouldnt be too hard at all. i have no idea what the low level scene is like, but i imagine its pretty much nil. probably actually be a bonus if you come in with a pre made, as youd have your choice of places to go. if you are pugging...probably not so much.
  8. Ebine Elder

    I think Coirnav was better than Mangler during pop. It was somewhere in late pop we started to lose
    guilds. On the other hand now I think we have 3 or 4 raiding guilds on the server. Easy to find a guild on Coirnav. Exp is better than Mangler now. You get auto aaxp. It will be interesting to see where Mangler is around Omens.
  9. Boneshadow New Member

    I started on Mangler and i notice not many low lvl grps , but some nice people thou.. question can you 2 box on mangler with 1 pc ? Even with Daybreaks help i cant get eq to run on laptop .. sigh.. Also looking for friendly casual leveling guild on Mangler if anyone has a recommendation.
  10. Ebine Elder

    Mangler is truebox so 1 pc 1 char. Not sure why you can't get EQ running on the laptop though.
    You might try running it under a different windows version. You also need to make sure you have the correct direct X version that will run EQ. Even though windows 10 uses direct X12 eq still uses direct X9C. So if you didn't install it during EQ installation EQ won't work.

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