Any info on crypt robbers?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Derd, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. Derd Augur

    Our Guild is going to attempt this soon and we can't find any info. If anyone could be so Kind as to post a few hints it would be very appreciated.
  2. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    This is a fun raid. It's basically a game of 'Clue' with explosives thrown in. Bring DPS else hope you like stuns.
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  3. Brohg Augur

    dps boss from 100->18% to generate clue opportunities. get the clues along the way, checking them off your list.

    adds pop along the way; killing them stays an efficient strategy for a time, but things get serious around half hp. Spend as little time as you can arrange with the boss between 55%-18% since you will pretty certainly get overwhelmed given enough time
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  4. Metanis Augur

    Roaming oozes hurt, try to avoid. Get your people playing in 3rd person view to help with this. While not a huge thing in this event that situational awareness becomes critical in the next Sathir's Tomb raid.
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  5. Zunnoab Augur

    I'm not sure if anything actually changed, but it "felt" to our tanks like adds were coming faster after the patch. Both ours and another guild on another server got overrun with hexbones at the end Sunday, and we had pretty much our fastest run the week prior. It is possible both of our guilds just had an "off" night, but whether or not the timing of the adds sped up due to some issue they pretty much are the threat the event poses.

    The event is significantly easier than both Cactiikii (*unless you have extremely high DPS which would make both this and Cactiikii a joke) and End of Empire once you learn it.

    Now the event after this one is a disastrous brick wall of an event that pretty much stopped much of any guild progress game wide in the expansion for quite some time. I will spare a rant about the rather dangerous tuning direction the raid game has taken lately, but I will use that to emphasize how worth it getting this event down is. Unless they broke the spawn rate, this event feels pretty much perfect to me.

    Edit: Also, make sure no one hits the coffins. You will know it if they do. :D
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  6. Conq Augur

    And for gawd's sake, check exactly how drunk your clue "turner-inner" is! F'n Orikx is famous for, "oops, sorry guys, had the right one, said it wrong..."
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  7. Derd Augur

    Thank you all for the responses. Currently the hardest raid we've beat is general reparm and skyfire. Hopefully this one will be something we can knock out eventually .
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  8. Act of Valor Augur

  9. Zunnoab Augur

    ...I totally didn't do this Sunday, nope...

    Unless they ninja-tuned him (his ridiculous snails) down, General Reparm is an order of magnitude more difficult.
  10. bbanz Elder

    keep hoping the devs would decrease their hp. Such a long event for us....
  11. Brohg Augur

    General encounter was designed when they were running up against the npc hp limit, I expect. So they stashed a billion each of the hp that might have been on the boss instead on his helpers.
  12. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    If you downed Reparm and Skyfire, you can do Crypt Robbers. No question. Just get the fail mechanics down and for Brell's sake type correctly.
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  13. Maedhros Augur

    There is no need to type. There are blue lines of text to click with your mouse.
    When we were learning this I made flash cards with the 12 possible clues and as we were given the clues I would remove the card and whittle down the pile.
    You will know who to accuse. What they took and their motivation.
  14. Smokezz Augur

    The way I did it to keep track:

    I had a social "ST1"

    [t Smokebane Motives: Riches, Revenge, Undead, LovedOne
    [t Smokebane Coffin: Chalice, Skull, Staff, Necklace

    I'd hit that at the start of the event (and if my tell/channel window scrolled it off, I could easily hit it again just so I know them without having to remember - though by the time you do it a LOT you'll know them)

    As clues are discovered, I would simply do:

    /rs -AC, -LovedOne,Revenge -Chalice,Skull

    The above means Mob A and C have been eliminated. LovedOne and Revenge have been eliminated and Chalice and Skull have been eliminated.

    As soon as the group has been done... say all 3 mobs have been outed, I'd change it up to:

    /rs +B, +Undead, -Chalice,Skull

    And at the end... /rs +B, +Undead, +Necklace

    I preferred doing it this way just in case the offchance I crash/ISP goes down/household medical emergency... EVERYONE in the raid also knows exactly where we were in the clues.

    It worked perfectly, we rarely had clue issues.
  15. Rashod Lorekeeper

    Thanks for all the info guys. We gave it a go last night and I think we mostly have a handle on what's going on, but when can you make your guess? Can you do it at anytime or is it at a certain point? Also... who do you talk to? Is it drusella?
  16. Smokezz Augur

    You can do it early if you want, somewhere around the 30% mark but then you're missing clues. And very prone to explosion. You talk to one of the 4 NPC's around the room.

    Oh, and you only need to get the clues from ONE of the NPC's, not all 4. Just one person can only get one clue. So get your order set before you start and make sure no one goes out of order.
  17. Koryu Augur

    This raid event is a simple elimination puzzle.

    Attack and wear down Drusella Sathir. At 95%, the four named sarnak around the room will be ready to reveal a clue. One person should talk to a sarnak to request a clue, and announce the clue to everybody else (the same person cannot be used for any further clues). The named sarnak will have another clue to reveal every 10% afterwards (85%, 75%, etc.) with the last clue at 15%. If you miss requesting any clue before hitting the next 10% mark on the boss, you have lost that clue and should start the event over because you will be guessing the full accusation at the end, for which an incorrect guess results in a zone-wide death touch.

    Sometimes the clue is "I know that the stolen artifact wasn't the one in there," and a coffin spawns. A Bard or Rogue must get a successful chain of Sense Traps, Disarm Traps, and Pick Lock on the coffin to /open it. If any of those skills fail, you have to start over from the beginning. If you attempt to open the coffin without a successful skill chain or accidentally hit the coffin, it explodes a nasty large-range AE that was usually a raid-wiper at the time.

    Starting at 95%, you will start to get adds spawning around the edges of the room. The adds change every time you get access to a new clue from the named sarnak. Adds come in this order:
    95%: "A vengeful sepulcher spirit" (casts stuns and silences) AND "a bloodthirsty gnawer" (casts a DoT and leaps to random targets)
    85%: "An unstable gnawer" AND a resulting group of "an explosive gnawling." Any interaction with these mobs such as damage or non-damage debuffs causes them to AE a damage/knockback/resource drain, just punt these away (they won't root or snare, but the forced movement still works). They will explode on their own after some time, even if you haven't interacted with them (they sometimes get stuck in the cubbies).
    75%: "A hexbone protector" (casts a nuke)
    65%: Mobile oozes with damaging auras start chasing players. There is a warning emote and the ooze will have that player's name displayed, and so the oozes can be kited away from the raid force.
    55%: Spirits and fight-y gnawers again
    45%: Explode-y gnawers and hexbones again
    35%: Oozes again
    25%: Spirits and fight-y gnawers again

    You should be aware that as you have more of any kind of mob up, it will cast its spells more often. Since the final stretch is two kinds of mobs, you'll have a lot to fight as you're turning clues in, and that selection of mobs will be stunning/silencing. Turn the clues in quickly so you don't get overwhelmed at the end. Hail the named sarnak that you are accusing to start the process. You will know as soon as you make an incorrect accusation because everybody will die.

    Oh, and a final note. There's an extra death penalty effect during any of the three events in that zone. If you die and get Called or Rezzed, or enter the zone while the event is running, you will get Tomb Rot. This debuff causes you to take 40% increased melee damage and lasts for 15 minutes. It can only be cured by specific Remove Detrimental type spells, and will move to the curer if cured. When Tomb Rot reaches 0 duration remaining, it will death touch that player unless they are in a non-combat zone. Successfully beating an event cleanses Tomb Rot, but an event reset will forcibly purge the debuff and probably kill you.

    Have fun.

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