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  1. Siluett New Member

    So I 3box all allacess and team is 70/72/72 Now. In full defiant and so on, but where do I go now to be able to take next step in gear and xp? Game is scaling big now and mobs hit harder and defiantgear starting to suck. Plan is TBM armor and startingquests when I get 75, but need to get 75 first allready tested a few zones in almars guide like MPG and so on but that gives about 1% in 3-4 kills with xppot, gotta be some other good grindingplace??
  2. Scorrpio Augur

    Are you doing Teek dailies? You can get lvl 65, 70 and 75, do them and stay killing in the 75 zone. Zones where Teek gives tasks are hot zones with bonus xp. Your toons should get up to half level from dailies alone. Elegant defiant should work for a while as it will scale up as you go to 80, Consider doing The Buried Sea and maybe Secrets of Faydwer progression. See if you can start doing something in Seeds (Oceangreen). Seeds Parago stuff is really in a whole new league, about par with T1 HoT.
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    Did you get Jonas Dagmires Skeletal Hand Aug from Buried Sea and the one in Oceangreen Bayles heraldic crest? Those 2 augs are very nice and will hold you for quite a few levels, can easily be removed and put on new armor as you level. They are both long quests so its always a good idea to search out walk thrus on them to make them go faster. As an added bonus you will get exp doing them at your level and there will be some other lessor augs that drop in the zone for you to use for the next few levels.
  4. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    My recollection (pre-TBM days) was that I had my chars in defiant until I hit 80. Elegant Defiant is recommended 80, so that should do. Course, I never had any tanking chars, so that could be an exception.

    Once you hit 80, you can get HoT gear, and at 85, I think VoA was available. For some reason, I think RoF gear, you had to be 92 to equip.

    As for hunting grounds, I remember being able to make pretty decent XP in Fortress Mechanotus, but that may have been more around level 80.

    As far as hunting grounds, you should be concentrating on TSS and TBS. The Jonas Dagmire recommendation was a good one.
  5. Siluett New Member

    thx for all the advices guys, crew is now 85 and just got j5 mercs for all. I guess HoT is the best way to start now? just been starting on the killquests in ferrott the dream and avent moved in to ct yet. I do feel its alittle to much work sometimes with the 3box and think I would like to ditch one and only 2box, is the Mage/SK combo the way to go then ? original crew is mage/sk/shaman with mainfocus on SK wich I think is the most fun
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    I would skip Feerott and come back. Go to the entrance at the House and right in the gate is a little short guy that hands out kill quests (rotdogs and snakes) nice if you have cc. See how your group does there. Many people report that Feerott is harder than the house courtyard or even the grounds.
  7. IblisTheMage Augur

    Or consider IS Boxer.