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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Bronut, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Tucoh Augur

    I camped it on Memorial day (+50% spawn rate) for a few hours. I was able to cycle through 3 /picks only a minute or so behind respawn. Got 12 kills of the named, 1 aug. Would not recommend.

    I'm planning on camping the Jetsam of the Darkened Sea this weekend (from the Darkness Howls HA), not looking forward to it, did about 15 runs of that instance with zero named spawns.
  2. Covennx Elder

    Just make sure you check the 3 spawn spots for the named. More than a few times I've had no foe message or splash across the screen, but the named was up, and it doesn't show on track.
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  3. Ofearl Augur

    Killed a few times no aug...

    Other one from mission has been on rot status since like 3rd run..

    Ahhh RNG!
  4. TheStugots Augur

    True, but I’m also fairly certain most of us understand RNG and don’t come here to complain about it while also trying to equal time spent camping augs to real life income.
  5. Voxynn Elder

    Yall make me laugh.

    1. Nobody who makes 50 an hr before over time has that much available time to play eq that much in one sitting on a week day in the first place.

    2. Dude just threw a number out there and everyone just automatically thinks they telling the truth.

    That logic does not logic to me.
  6. Kolani Augur

    There's more like four or five potential spawn spots. If you clear the whole area after you do the second step, there's five dark blue orcs that spawn along with the five howlers.
  7. Aurastrider Augur

    To be fair depending on where you live that might not even be that much accounting for cost of living. I make more than that and before a second job and kids I could easily spend that much time playing EQ on my days off if I wanted to working 6 nights on 8 nights off 12 hour shifts. At any rate trying to use time spent doing a hobby as potential lost revenue per hour like a job is bad logic unless said hobby is interfering with ones ability to make money at which point it's a personal problem for being to lazy to turn that time into money instead of playing a game if that's there real gripe.
  8. Voxynn Elder

    Nailed it !
  9. Scorrpio Augur

    Yeah no need to bring income levels into hobby time. Otherwise it's like every night's sleep costs me over a grand.
    I do keep my Charles Schwab open a side monitor when camping stuff, so not all is lost.
  10. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Seemed pretty common to me. Got 4 in like 10 kills over maybe 4 hours. Repair for Pieces, now I only saw 1 every 8 hours or so, still trying to get the dex aug.
  11. roth Augur

    As I recall, there’s three PH, not five.

    And while the NAMER does not appear on track, the PH’s do. So, if you get 2 PH, you know you have one namer. If you get 3 PH, then you know you did not get the namer.

    This holds true in both Darkness Howls, and Ironing Out the Legion.
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  12. Nifty Slacker Augur

    The namer spawns about 1/3 times for me. I've seen him so many times that the aug rots now, but I have run the mission about 60 times I think. I needed the gear for my people :)
  13. Bronut Augur

    i wish i got a t-shirt.

    I've camped and geared plenty of toons, 4 shawls, 2 artisan prize million + AA . I'm not one too shy away from a challenge.

    The time sinks that they are building into the game are somewhat drastic, i don't believe that the items should be given away, there should be a burden of entry into endgame play.

    I'm lead too believe that these time-sinks are heavy handed. I, and many other players would like too min/max alts, and play those classes too. The game more and more linear in that i can't do this, i get stuck on 1 toon till the new expan drops.

    My ideal would be too put the work in, get some alts geared, and then choose too play them. Not trade skill for 1000+ hours mandatory too max.

    I'm in it for the execution, and the play-ability , not the collection side of the game. I don't mind the collection side of the game, but with the time sinks its become a complete hindrance to play-ability, enough is enough. What i would really like to do is master the execution part of the game across the board on all classes

    Daybreak seems to be illusioned into thinking that with out the time sinks players will go inactive. I believe this to be false. People have a list of things they want to do in game they never get to. They run out of things to do they create an alt ect.
  14. Bronut Augur

  15. Mintalie Augur

    Spawned for me in about a half hour and dropped the aug first time.

    Guess I had no idea how incredibly lucky that was!
  16. ZenMaster formless, shapeless

    Floatsam of the Darkened Sea dropped on my first named spawn last night.

    I've also received "Guise of the Gilded Gnomework" on my first Gnomish heritage crate.
  17. Morthakia Augur

    Original poster never claimed that the 19 hours were spent on a weekday nor that they were done all in one sitting.

    I make more than $50/hr and I’ve certainly spent super extended periods of time doing EQ things for small upgrades — like Artisan’s prize skillups.
  18. Bronut Augur

    Thats the median for my city.

    Its also roughly what i make. but that wasn't my point.
  19. Schadenfreude Augur

    I think there's only three TBH.

    I did this HA for a while when the items sold decently and would watch for new spawns on track as the last mob of the previous stage died and only one of two things would ever happen.

    A formidable foe approaches in the distance. Find it to challenge it.

    Grash spawned in one of three possible spots but doesn't show on legitimate track.

    Track shows the following new spawns.

    a bloodmoon scrabbler
    a bloodmoon scrabbler

    No message.

    Track shows the following new spawns.

    a bloodmoon scrabbler
    a bloodmoon scrabbler
    a bloodmoon scrabbler

    I've had Grash spawn in all three spots at different times, never anywhere else.
  20. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    I got lucky and got off my 1st kill. Tried 1st time with ranger/enc with mercs and wiped at 18% then came back with ranger and my wiz with mercs. fight had my blood pumping for sure lol. Ended selling aug as someone was desperate for it on fv for 10m. haven't gone back to trying to kill named again. Just got lucky but is funny got to think I actually got my jetsam aug on 1st kill too.