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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by kirk, Feb 11, 2019 at 8:54 AM.

  1. kirk New Member

    for some reason i cant spend points on anything but tradeskill items. this is a paid account that my main has been active since 2003, the character with the problem is not my main just a mage i thought i'd try out and got it to level 60, but even items that say "requirements level 55, no previous ability requirements" I am unable to purchase. just a note that AA seems to functioning just fine for my main character.
  2. CatsPaws Augur

    Which specific AA are you talking about - makes it easier to troubleshoot.

    Is auto grant on?

    Are you on a TLP? Most AA are expansion related and that would grey out ones that are on expansions not yet released on some TLP servers.

    Do you have enough AA in your bank? Are you logging in thru the patcher?
  3. kirk New Member

    any aa, only ones i can spend points on are the ones under the category of tradeskill, i currently have 13 banked, auto grant is on. things like combat agility, which says requirements level 55, no other ability requirements, cost is 3 points, and i'm currently lvl 60, i'm on prexus i dont know what a TLP server is, also i think i'm logging in thru the patcher, i'm guessing thats what its called, when i go to start eq the first thing it does is a file check. its the only way i know how to log in.
  4. CatsPaws Augur

    If your auto grant is on then it already gave you all the AA up to your current level. On the bottom of your AA screen is a tab that says next level - click that and it will show you when you can again level up those AA - but auto grant will do it for you. When using auto grant pretty much the only AA you can buy are the tradeskill ones. Later there might be one or two.
  5. kirk New Member

    Maybe i don't understand how this new system works, but on all my other characters I can still spend aa as I earn them even though the auto grant is enabled. does it give me all the aa's even though i had not earned enough? and shouldnt the lvl requirement be for the aa your purchasing and not the next lvl of that aa? maybe this new system is just too confusing for an old timer like me.
  6. CatsPaws Augur

    When you turn on Auto Grant you get all the AA for each level up to the level your at and continue to get them each time you level. Doesn't matter how many you earned and doesn't affect the ones you already earned. Auto grant are free AA. So when your mage hits 61 he will get whatever AA he is entitled to for level 61 if Auto Grant is still on without you doing anything.

    You can turn off Auto Grant and go back to earning them one at a time if you want.

    There are some AA as you get higher in level that Auto Grant does not cover and that is why some folks bank them - then when they get to those they have enough to buy them. Could be why your other characters are able to buy them - maybe they are ones not included in Auto Grant.

    That's why there are two tabs at the bottom - one for your current level and the other tab shows when the next level will be. If your not on auto grant the way the screen works is it shows up those AA you have not purchased yet in a whiter print so if you are on the first tab you can quickly see which you need to buy.

    If you stay on Auto Grant then it will take care of itself and you don't need to worry about it till later. Maybe keep 10% being earned to AA and buy up all the tradeskill ones for the day you decide to do tradeskills.
  7. kirk New Member

    ok thanks, ya my other characters are higher lvl, 1 98 and 2 110, been long time since i started a fresh character, not since they put in that auto grant button, guess i didn't understand what it was doing, thanks, and naw, i'll take the free aa's and put it back on 100% exp, guess i was wasting my time trying to ear some aa's but thats how i did it on my other toons going back to 2003.
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